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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1989

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1989

“Elder! We need you!”

“Elder! We need you!”

The remaining members of the Yagyuu family all called out.

The family was on its last leg at that point.

If the elder did not come out, it would be all over for the Yagyuu family.

Suddenly, there was a sharp ringing sound.

Hearing that made that the whole Yagyuu family ecstatic.

The elder is coming!

At the same time, a volcano erupted not far from where they were.

The thick smog covered the sky as molten hot lava came gushing out.

Even though it was a small one, the eruption could still strike fear into people’s hearts.

That said, from afar, it looked magnificent.

“The elder’s coming!”

“It was rumored that the elder was suppressing the volcano all on his own. It’s actually real!”

“I wonder how strong is the elder.”

“He’s definitely stronger than Robed Slayer! If Levi was here, maybe they would stand a chance. But without him, no one can stop the elder!”

No one would believe something like a man capable of suppressing a live volcano as it was very much an outrageous statement.

No matter how small the volcano was, it should have been impossible.

On top of that, from what the Yagyuu family members said, the elder had been doing it for decades.

Even thinking about it would send chills down people’s spines.

Nevertheless, Levi knew that the elder of the Yagyuu family was using the volcano to train himself in order to surpass his limits.

Soon enough, a silhouette appeared on the battlefield.

The old man actually looked younger than Tenfu. The impression he gave off at the moment seemed to be that of an average Joe. There was not even a sense of intimidation from him.

Nonetheless, Ikken Yagyuu was merely restraining himself.

And that was the most terrifying about him.

He had a sword that was covered in volcanic ash and magma residue.

The men there instantly understood that it was a sword that Ikken forged within the magma.


The sword shook all of a sudden, and the ashes on it dispersed, revealing a majestic blade.

The sword was shimmering like fire, and it seemed to have a killing intent of its own.

A sword that could shake the very foundations of the earth had appeared.

“Elder Ikken, Kenkage is dead. Please lend the family a hand and avenge him for us!”

“Please take charge for us, Sir!”

Everyone in the Yagyuu family went on their knees and roared in agony.

“What? He’s dead?”

Ikken’s expression changed drastically.

Kenkage was his favorite as well as the family’s future.

Ikken taught him everything he knew and had high expectations for Kenkage to surpass him one day.

Never could he expect Kenkage to die while he was training in seclusion.

Seeing Kenkage’s body, Ikken was immediately infuriated.

“Who was it?” Ikken roared.

“It’s him! Robed Slayer from Erudia, Drew Leeson!”

Everyone turned their heads towards Drew.

“Robed Slayer from Erudia? I understand! Now, I shall use your blood to feed my blade!”

He swept his hand over the sword, immediately giving it an edge.

“This is a sword now edged! And its name shall be Godslayer! You’ll have the privilege of being its first prey, Robed Slayer!”


Robed Slayer was starting to tremble before the enormous pressure Ikken was exuding.

He knew he was no match for Ikken just from his presence alone.

Robed Slayer did not expect to see such an ancient person on Raysonia.

He should be around the same level as Southern Emperor, the number one on the Gem List. Stronger, even. He thought.

Robed Slayer figured he would not even stand a chance against Ikken even if he was not injured at the moment.

“Kill him!”

Everyone in the family shouted.

Kenkage’s death dealt quite a blow to the family, so everyone wanted Robed Slayer dead.

“Come at me! Let me see what you got!”

Even though Robed Slayer was injured, he did not want to lose to them in spirit.

“Step aside! I’ll handle this!”

Levi suddenly appeared in front of Robed Slayer and pushed him away.

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