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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1986

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1986

The Yagyuu family home was located on the empty plains on the outskirts of Edojo.

Due to the family’s nasty reputation, the area around the house was completely uninhabited.

The Yagyuu family’s warriors were present in the main hall as a precaution due to Robed Slayer’s recent activities.

Although they had refused to team up with The Dark Sun’s forces, they still decided to gather their own people.

Tenfu Yagyuu was both Kenkage’s father and the patriarch of the Yagyuu family.

“Do you guys think Robed Slayer will come after us?” he asked as he sat down in front of his men.

Everyone around him burst into laughter upon hearing that.

“Heh, I bet he wouldn’t dare to even challenge us!”

“Unless he’s crazy or has a death wish, that is!”

“Everybody knows we’re much more powerful than all of The Dark Sun’s forces combined! It’s suicidal to mess with us!”

The Yagyuu family were insanely confident in their strength and believed they couldn’t possibly lose with their Raysonian Blademaster still around.

“By the way, has anyone seen Kenkage? I told him we’d be having a meeting. Where is he?” Tenfu asked.

Because Kenkage was strong and loved by the elders, he ended up becoming so spoilt and undisciplined that even Tenfu could only sigh helplessly whenever he misbehaved.

“Mr. Kenkage has yet to come home. I think he went to the nightclub again…” replied the butler.

“Damn it! We have a crisis, and he’s still out partying?” Tenfu shouted angrily.

Despite what he said, he was actually concerned about Kenkage’s safety.

Robed Slayer had struck fear into everyone’s hearts, after all.

“Don’t worry, Sir! I’m sure Mr. Kenkage will be fine!”

“If anything, it’s the ones who run into him that should be worried!”

“In fact, he would save us all the trouble of killing Robed Slayer if he went after Mr. Kenkage!”

Tenfu smiled and stroked his mustache upon hearing that. They’re right. The only people we should worry about are the ones who would be unlucky enough to run into Kenkage whenever he’s out there! Although I am dissatisfied with his attitude and behavior, I have no doubt when it comes to his strength! I mean, he is at the top of the Solar Rankings while I rank second! Who in their right mind would dare pick a fight with him? It’s not even an exaggeration to say he’s as powerful as the entire country! Any other member of The Dark Sun would’ve been a much better target than Kenkage!

Suddenly, a voice was heard coming from outside, “Drew Leeson from Erudia is here to pay the Yagyuu family a visit!”

The voice sounded as loud as thunder and echoed throughout every corner of the mansion.

“What? Drew Leeson? As in, Robed Slayer?”

“He actually came? My goodness, this guy sure is a bold one!”

“I can’t believe he chose us over The Dark Sun’s headquarters!”

Instead of getting agitated, the Yagyuu family members were laughing in amusement.

“Sir, shall I inform the other members of The Dark Sun that Robed Slayer is here?” one of the men asked.

Tenfu shook his head. “That won’t be necessary! We’ll can tell them that after we’ve killed Robed Slayer ourselves. That way, they’ll see just how powerful we are, and that we do not need to team up with them! Come on, let’s go check it out!”

He then led a huge group of warriors toward the front door.



The hundreds of security guards stationed at the door were sent flying all over the place, and the front door of the mansion had also been kicked open.

Robed Slayer was in front and slowly made his way toward the Yagyuu family’s warriors while Levi followed behind with Kenkage’s corpse in tow.

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