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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1982

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1982

The Solar Rankings of Raysonia were similar to the Gem List of Erudia, albeit a little weaker.

Even so, it consisted of the strongest of samurais and priests, and they had all gathered together after being invited by The Dark Sun.

The Dark Sun’s own forces were pretty solid as well, with the Watanabe family, Taiin Shrine, Kitajima family, Hattori family, Nogawa family, and Kuno family in one place.

The Yagyuu family was not in participation, which was perfectly understandable as they were simply too powerful.

In fact, it wouldn’t even be an overstatement to call them the strongest in all of Raysonia.

The Yagyuu family was also called the Blademasters because of their extraordinary skill in swordsmanship.

Their ancestors were all remarkable swordsmen, and they had passed down their skills in swordsmanship to the latest Blademaster, Kenkage Yagyuu.

Despite only being in his thirties, Kenkage was so terrifyingly powerful that he made it to the top of the Solar Rankings and was dubbed the Sword Saint.

Most of the Raysonians often compared him with Levi and wondered who was the stronger one.

Even without Kenkage, the Yagyuu family was still insanely powerful and owned about half of the warriors on the Solar Rankings.

That was why nobody dared order the Yagyuu family to participate in the battle. The Watanabe family could only inform them of the situation and discuss their plans, but the Yagyuu family refused to take action.

They found working with so many forces to be a disgrace and insisted that they could handle Robed Slayer by themselves.

In fact, they were so confident that they believed Kenkage alone was more than enough for the task.

Kenkage had once arrogantly boasted that he could kill Levi all by himself, and the proud Yagyuu family didn’t send a single one of their men to help with the mission to kill Levi on Goldenport Island.

Almost all of the powerful warriors had gathered at The Dark Sun’s headquarters, providing them with the strength of the entire Raysonian martial arts world.

“We’ve just received confirmation that the Yagyuu family will not be joining us for this battle!”

“Yeah, we expected for that to happen!” the members of the Watanabe family said with a chuckle.

“By the way, Mr. Johnston sent us a message asking if we need his help. He also called himself our eternal ally.”

“Tell Mr. Johnston that we are thankful for his kind offer, but we can take care of this little problem by ourselves. We might as well die from dishonor if we can’t even handle something so trivial!”

“We will now wait for the arrival of Robed Slayer! I swear he won’t be walking out of here alive!”

The warriors present at the scene held their breaths in anticipation as they eagerly waited for their chance to fight Robed Slayer.

“According to the information provided by our spies, The Dark Sun’s remaining forces have all banded together and are waiting for us. However, the strongest one called the Yagyuu family has yet to make a move! Our sources say they disdain working together and intend to kill us themselves!” Robed Slayer said as the two of them arrived in Edojo.

“Which side is stronger, I wonder?” Levi asked while stroking his chin.

“As of now, the Yagyuu family is the stronger one! Not only do they have Kenkage on their side, but one of their ancestors is still alive. He’s known as the Raysonian Blademaster, and all of The Dark Sun’s forces combined are no match for those two!” Robed Slayer explained.

Levi gave it some thought and said, “All right, change of plans! We’re going to take out the strongest one first! Take us to the Yagyuu family!”

Robed Slayer was stunned.

Seriously? This guy makes all of this sound like a walk in the park!

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