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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1981

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1981

The destruction of the Yamaguchi Corporation left The Dark Sun completely speechless, and the eradication of Shin was driving them insane.

How is this possible? As powerful as Robed Slayer is, there’s no way he can defeat those two powerhouses!

Regardless of what they wanted to believe, they had no choice but to accept the fact for what it was.

“As of now, Robed Slayer’s full strength remains unknown. In fact, we don’t even know if he has a trump card up his sleeve! Us remaining six forces must work together to prevent him from picking us off one by one! We can’t afford to lose this battle!”

“Yeah! We can lose our lives, but we cannot dishonor The Dark Sun and Raysonia!”

“We cannot let Levi barge into our country and do as he pleases like he did in Zarain!”

“From now on, we have to stop underestimating Robed Slayer! We have to do whatever it takes to kill him!”

The Dark Sun’s remaining forces banded together as per the Watanabe family’s suggestion, and the five Ancient Warrior Families were a terrifying force when united.

Word about Robed Slayer destroying four of Raysonia’s powerful organizations had spread like wildfire all over the world, and his popularity was slowly replacing that of Levi’s.

Meanwhile, The Manifest Court of The Cardinal Hall had updated the Gem List and moved Robed Slayer from the fifth to the second place, overtaking Southern Emperor and Zoey in one go.

What he did was simply too influential, and the people of Erudia found comfort in knowing that he could take Levi’s place as the pillar of support for the country.

Robed Slayer simply let out a wry chuckle when he heard the news.

“Man, who would’ve thought my greatest moment in life is all a fake?”

Levi smiled as well. “Greatest? You can’t call this the greatest! Not until we destroy The Dark Sun completely, at least!”

News about Robed Slayer continued to spread, and even Bruce began to notice and investigate him.

However, his investigations yielded nothing of significance.

“Continue to keep a close eye on him! I’m going to check on the results of the experiment!”

That day marked the start of the experiments for Jared’s restoration, and the first experiment had ended in success.

Although nine out of the ten participants had died from having their bodies explode, one of them survived.

Although the subject was a weak version of Jared’s body, it was still considered a successful experiment as the subject would still be very hard to kill.

Bruce and the scientists in the Lab of Gods cheered excitedly.

All they had to do was improve and continue the tests in order to perfectly recreate Jared’s experiment.

“By the way, have you guys found the people I asked for?” Bruce asked as he suddenly thought of something.

“Yes, Mr. Johnston! We’ve brought them all here!”

Bruce broke into a sinister grin and said, “Good. Continue to strengthen their bodies! I want them all to succeed in this experiment! I’m sure you know what you need to do, right?”

“Yes, Sir! We’ll get it done!”

Bruce couldn’t help but smile as he thought of his plans for the future.

“Oh, Levi… It’s too bad you weren’t able to witness Jared’s body of pure energy, nor the ones I’m about to recreate later on! How I wish you would come back from the dead and have a fight with these pure energy bodies! I want to see how long you’ll last against them!”

Levi was on the way to The Dark Sun’s headquarters with Robed Slayer when he sneezed all of a sudden.

“Is that you, Bruce? Don’t worry, it’ll be your turn soon!” he said with a smile.

The Dark Sun had focused all of its forces, and all the powerful warriors in Raysonia, including those on the Solar Rankings, were headed for Edojo.

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