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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1978

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1978

Levi didn’t mind it one bit, though.

It was a perfect opportunity for him as everyone would be focused on Robed Slayer instead.

The elimination of the Matsugami Corporation and Kameda family had caused a huge uproar within Raysonia.

Although the Kameda family was the weakest of the Ancient Warrior Families, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

That meant Robed Slayer was a lot more threatening than they had thought, and The Dark Sun couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss about everything that had happened.

Why are our members the ones being eliminated? We could easily assume it was a coincidence with the first one, but two in a row? Hmm… Seems kind of odd… Of course, we still can’t rule out the possibility of it being a coincidence unless proven otherwise…

Levi and Robed Slayer were about to leave when they bumped into the warriors sent by The Dark Sun.

Those men were much stronger than the ones Delano hired, and even so, none of them walked out of that encounter alive.

That was when The Dark Sun fully realized the seriousness of the situation.

Robed Slayer is simply too powerful! What on earth happened to him? Why is he so powerful all of a sudden?

The Raysonian forces weren’t the only ones with those questions, though. The Erudian people were also puzzled by how Robed Slayer was stronger than when he possessed the Divine Sword.

“I remember now! Robed Slayer was treated by an Erudian doctor! Looks like the doctor not only cured him of the poison but also helped recover his strength!”

“I heard Levi was that doctor! Judging by what has happened, it’s possible that Robed Slayer is avenging his death!”

Some of the Erudian people were quick to figure out the reason Robed Slayer had regained his strength.

Delano too, arrived at that conclusion and reported it to the Watanabe family.

Due to their nature of being military strategists and advisors, the Watanabe family suspected that Delano’s actions had exposed them, and the elimination of the Matsugami Corporation and Kameda family confirmed their suspicions.

“It seems Robed Slayer has set his sights on you long ago. He knew you were planning on killing him, but pretended to not know so you’d lead him straight to all of The Dark Sun’s members!”

“If my guess is correct, all members of The Dark Sun have already been exposed by now. He’ll be coming for us one by one!”

Delano broke out in a cold sweat when he heard that.

So, Master had been acting the whole time? I can’t believe he played me like a fool!

“What do we do now? Robed Slayer is unstoppable!” Delano asked worriedly.

The elders of the Watanabe family burst into laughter.

“We would truly have to fear if Levi was the one seeking revenge, as he could very well wipe out all of The Dark Sun. But that’s not the case now that he’s already dead! With the biggest threat out of the picture, it’s only a matter of time before Robed Slayer dies here in Raysonia!”

“Even with the weakest of our ten key forces eliminated, any of the other eight stronger ones could still squash Robed Slayer like a bug!”

Delano had no reason to doubt those words at all.

Those that have been eliminated were indeed the weaker ones of the bunch, and the remaining ones were all incredibly terrifying forces to go against.

The Yamaguchi Corporation and the underworld tyrant had tons of powerful warriors on their side. In addition to that, they were also in constant contact with Zarain’s major forces.

As for the Watanabe family, anyone who so much as offended them would find themselves surrounded by men from the other Ancient Warrior Families within minutes.

Because the eight remaining forces were more or less similar in strength, messing with any of them was practically digging one’s own grave.

That was the reason why they weren’t the slightest bit worried about Robed Slayer.

“By the way, where are they headed next?”

“If I’m not mistaken, they should be going after Yamaguchi Corporation!”

“Hahaha… Those fools are dead meat! Inform the Yamaguchi Corporation and tell them to be prepared!”

The Watanabe family’s message soon reached the Yamaguchi Corporation, and they quickly prepared their defenses. Within minutes, all of their strongest warriors had gathered around and were waiting for Levi and Robed Slayer’s arrival.

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