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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1973

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1973

While Delano and the forces in Raysonia thought that they were a step ahead of Robed Slayer, the reality was that Levi and he were actually miles ahead of them already.

Never would they expect Levi to be alive, and even heading to Raysonia to take revenge.

In fact, Delano was the one who offered to bring them there.

Soon, Levi and the rest made their preparations and followed Delano to Raysonia.

During the journey, the Raysonian forces contacted Delano and said that they had prepared everything.

Upon thinking that Robed Slayer would soon die in his hands, Delano became extremely excited.

His position in the organization would be higher!

Meanwhile, Levi and Robed Slayer had already fabricated a flawless story about his old friend in Raysonia.

Even if Delano were to investigate it, he would not find anything.

Yet, they did not know that news about Robed Slayer going to Raysonia had already spread far and wide there.

Many forces in Raysonia were getting restless, wishing to witness the downfall of the Erudian legend.

After landing at Ulmrich in Raysonia, Delano had prepared some cars to transport them around.

The cars drove out of the bustling city center and toward a more remote area.

Naturally, Levi and Robed Slayer knew what he was up to.

“This isn’t right… The route is wrong!” remarked Levi on purpose.

Delano laughed. “I have a present for Master.”

“Okay, I want to see what you have for me!”

A look of anticipation crossed Robed Slayer’s face, as if he did not suspect anything.

A small smile formed on Delano’s lips.

No matter how powerful his master was, his weakness was that he trusted his disciples too much.

Soon, the car arrived at a remote hill.

The sky darkened as a murderous aura filled the air.

“We’re here, Master. I’ll get the present first!”

Delano gave an excuse to leave the car.

Still sitting in the car, Levi exchanged a glance with Robed Slayer.

“It’s coming!”

Levi chuckled.

Robed Slayer was already monitoring the people Delano contacted in Erudia and Raysonia. In fact, he had also discovered the various spies and relevant addresses in both countries.

Delano’s death trap had exposed too much information.

The forces backing him up were oblivious to the fact that they were being spied on right now.

As a result, Levi had already garnered a lot of information about the forces backing Delano up.

His next step was to take revenge on all of them, not letting a single one of them off the hook.

Both of them got out of the car.

Soon, more than a hundred fighters suddenly surrounded them, sealing any paths of escape.


A huge clock was moved over and smashed heavily on the ground.

Looking at Levi and Robed Slayer, Delano laughed sinisterly. “This is my gift for you, Master! This means that your time is up! I’ll be sending you away on your last journey in this world.”

“A-Are you going to kill me?”

Like a skilled actor, Robed Slayer feigned a look of surprise.

“That’s right, Master. I’m going to kill you! Also, I’m the one who poisoned you… I’m from Raysonia!”

Delano exposed all of his secrets.

In his opinion, it was impossible for Robed Slayer and Levi to survive.

Revealing all of his previous deeds gave him a weird sense of satisfaction.


Robed Slayer pretended to be dumbfounded.

All the forces in Raysonia, especially those in the martial arts world, were paying close attention to this scene.

Delano thought that his status would rise significantly after killing Robed Slayer.

“I’m sorry, Master. Hahaha!”

A twisted look of menace suddenly appeared on Delano’s face. “Attack! Kill them!”

The fighters whom the Raysonian forces had dispatched were all going to target the injured Robed Slayer.

No matter what, his death was certain.

However, after Levi exchanged a glance with Robed Slayer, they revealed a meaningful smile.


More than a hundred fighters charged toward both of them.

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