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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1972

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1972

When Levi spoke, he spoke in fluent Raysonian.

Robed Slayer was an experienced man and had fought with a swordmaster in the past. Hence, he understood some Raysonian.

However, he was still stunned when he heard Levi speaking it.

It was as if Levi had grown up in Raysonia.

Even Delano was shocked.

As someone from Raysonia, he knew how fluent Levi was.

Including his tone and accent, Levi was like a native of Raysonia.

On the other hand, this was not actually tough for Levi.

When he was training with the special forces in the past, learning the languages and customs of other countries had already become a foundational skill.

The more knowledgeable one was about it, the lower the chances of dying.

Hence, every one put in a lot of effort in mastering that.

Usually, Levi could not be bothered to learn about foreign cultures, but his missions left him with no choice.

Surprisingly, this skill came in handy now.

What Levi said was very simple.

He came from Ulmrich, an island in Raysonia. Robed Slayer’s old friend, who was also a descendent of one of his disciples, had sent Levi to pick him up.

Delano and his other disciples knew that Robed Slayer had traveled extensively around the world.

It was not surprising that he had a few disciples in Raysonia.

More importantly, Levi’s fluent Raysonian and accent gave no reason for Delano to doubt him.

“I see!”

Delano laughed and said, “Master, you should’ve told me if you’re going to Raysonia. That’s my turf!”

After all, the persona which Delano had created for himself was one who knew Raysonia well.

Upon meeting Levi’s gaze, Robed Slayer immediately agreed. “Okay, go and prepare now.”

“No problem, Master!”

Delano left excitedly.

After everyone left, Robed Slayer asked confusedly, “Mr. Garrison, we’ll no longer have control now. Although I do have disciples in Raysonia, we’ll have to fabricate more lies now. I’m afraid that our true intentions will be exposed.”

However, Levi laughed. “Don’t be scared!”


Robed Slayer was confused.

“Because he wants to kill you!”

Robed Slayer shuddered when he heard that.

His expression changed as a realization dawned upon him.

“Delano doesn’t care what reason you have. The main point is that you’re going to Raysonia! This is an amazing opportunity for him to prove himself to his master. If he manages to kill you, it’ll be a huge blow to Erudia’s martial arts world. Once you leave Erudia and go to Raysonia, it’ll be a great chance for him to kill you. He’s probably sending a message to his master now. Once we enter Raysonia, there’ll be a death trap waiting for us!” explained Levi with a smile.

Although Robed Slayer was unwilling to admit it, that was the truth.

He had been blind enough to accept Delano as his disciple.

“However, he didn’t know that you’ve regained your full powers, and is even stronger than before. Furthermore, I’m with you!” assured Levi again.

“This is a good thing! Through Delano, it’s easier to find out who has been manipulating everything behind the scenes,” he added.

Robed Slayer had a sudden revelation.

Levi is right.

Meanwhile, Delano had already sent a message to the forces in Raysonia, saying that Robed Slayer would be heading there immediately.

The forces in Raysonia were like Delano—they were not interested in why Robed Slayer wanted to go to Raysonia.

Furthermore, as Levi had already convinced Delano, the latter did not suspect anything.

All they cared about was the fact that Robed Slayer was going to go to Raysonia.

“That’s great! The fighter who topped Erudia’s Gem List has just been killed. If Robed Slayer, who used to be in the second place, is killed as well, Erudia will suffer a huge blow!”

“Mobilize the men! Although Robed Slayer has been cured of the poison, he is much weaker now. We can kill him without sending out many fighters.”

A death trap was waiting for Levi and Robed Slayer at that moment.

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