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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1971

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1971

Although he initially planned on going alone, he did not mind bringing Robed Slayer along.

Firstly, Robed Slayer was very powerful.

Secondly, he had already faded from everyone’s attention.

“Right, when we fought earlier, I realized that your technique is slightly wrong…”

Levi had inherited a lot of knowledge from his master, which was all-encompassing and comprehensive.

In fact, it was the most foundational knowledge of any martial arts in the world.

As all techniques were related in some ways, Levi could notice some flaws and mistakes in Robed Slayer’s techniques.

When faced with Levi’s guidance, Robed Slayer did not dare to be arrogant at all. Instead, he listened attentively.

“I see! No wonder… I get it now.”

“What? I can do that?”

“Oh my God? This is possible?”

“I’m going mad!”

Robed Slayer’s exclamations resounded through the house for the entire night.

After receiving Levi’s guidance, Robed Slayer was able to resolve many of the doubts he had regarding martial arts.

His abilities soared rapidly, reaching a new level that surpassed his past self, even when he had the Divine Sword.

If he fought with the experts whom Levi battled a few days ago, he might defeat all of them.

Of course, The Annihilator was an exception.

Not even Levi knew how powerful he was.

In the past, Levi thought that Robed Slayer was not powerful enough. However, he had now found an assistant whose abilities were up to standard.

Both of them were energetic the next day.

For Robed Slayer, it was because he had achieved a breakthrough and reached a higher league.

For Levi, it was because his wounds had healed significantly after a night’s worth of treatment.

He was already two-third healed.

Soon, he would recover completely.

“Why don’t you go to Raysonia after you’ve fully recovered, Mr. Garrison?” asked Robed Slayer.

He was mainly worried about Levi’s injuries.

“No! We have to go now, as soon as possible. I want to catch them off guard and kill them!”

Levi was firm.

Robed Slayer nodded. “Okay, I’ll arrange for it now.”

Soon, he finished all the arrangements.

“I need to disguise myself. You can choose if you want to put on a disguise or not—it doesn’t matter.”

Levi used an ancient disguise technique in front of Robed Slayer and swiftly transformed into another person.

Robed Slayer did not even recognize him.

“I’ll disguise myself too, Mr. Garrison. It’s more convenient that way.”

Robed Slayer laughed.

Just when Levi was about to change Robed Slayer’s appearance, a voice sounded. “Master!”

“Oh no! It’s Delano!”

Robed Slayer’s expression changed drastically when he realized that it was Delano’s voice.

As someone who was wary of everything, Delano was able to conceal his identity and stay by Robed Slayer’s side.

More importantly, he was from Raysonia.

Robed Slayer was worried that he might notice something abnormal after seeing Levi.

The only solution is to kill Delano, but I can’t do that now.

He still serves a purpose alive.

Delano has already finished his mission and ruined me, but why is he still roaming around Erudia?

Firstly, he’s still oblivious to the fact that his identity has been exposed.

Secondly, he probably had a new mission.

While Robed Slayer was thinking about it, Delano and the rest had already entered.

When Delano saw Robed Slayer looking prepared to go out, he immediately asked, “Where are you going, Master?”

Robed Slayer had already regained his composure by then.

“I’m going to Raysonia!” he replied calmly.

Meanwhile, he quickly thought of a way to deal with Delano.


Delano and the rest were shocked.

“Why are you going to Raysonia, Master?” asked Delano.

“I’m going to visit an old friend!”

Before Robed Slayer could explain further, Delano’s gaze landed on Levi.

“Who is this, Master?” asked Delano.

A few of Robed Slayer’s disciples glanced at Levi too.

At that moment, Robed Slayer was at peak of anxiety, afraid that Delano would notice something.

However, Levi’s reaction to the situation gave Robed Slayer a huge shock.

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