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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1967

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1967

This sudden revelation dropped upon them like a bomb, engulfing them in utter panic.

If news about this got out, the entire world would be in chaos.

A look of disbelief appeared on Death Fiend and the other members of the Eighteen Dark Angels’ faces.

How is that possible? Bruce watched his corpse dissolve!

“Wait! It’s possible that what everyone saw was nothing but an illusion! Isn’t Goldenport Island the hometown of Erudia’s master of magical techniques? Perhaps, an extremely powerful master has intervened. What everyone saw was merely an illusion!”

Death Fiend suddenly realized what was going on.

“Even if that’s the case, how can he conceal it from so many experts? Someone exposed the details of the battle and confirmed that Levi had been defeated.”

The Eighteen Dark Angels started discussing amongst themselves.

They concluded that Levi had definitely died, but a master of magical technique might have rescued his corpse afterward.

The Dark Emperor’s stately voice sounded again. “The person I’ve set my eyes on will never fail. However, what surprised me was…”

He paused mid-sentence.

Everyone was even more confused about what the Dark Emperor was trying to say.

Did Levi do something that went against his expectations? No way! It’d be a miracle if Levi’s still alive.

However, judging from the Dark Emperor’s tone, it sounds like he won’t be surprised if Levi is still alive.

Something else has surprised him…

“I hope that it’s just a coincidence! A coincidence…”

The Dark Emperor’s consecutive sighs echoed across the castle like a thunderous boom.

However, everyone became even more perplexed.

Is there something about Levi that can scare the Dark Emperor?

It was obvious to the Eighteen Dark Angels how powerful the Dark Emperor was.

To them, his highness was like their divinity.

Not even the most extreme subject from the Lab of Gods could compare to him!

Meanwhile, a figure appeared in The Manifest Court of The Cardinal Hall.

He bowed slightly in front of The Manifest Court to show his respect.

“Why are you here?”

A surprised voice sounded from within.

“I’m here to confirm if Levi has died or not,” replied the visitor.

“Indeed, you’re the only one who remains doubtful about this… Haha!”

Laughter rang out.

“What’s the answer?” asked the visitor again.


The only response from The Manifest Court was laughter.

“Alright, I understand.”

The person turned around and left.

Robed Slayer lived in a house in Oakland City.

Aside from his martial abilities, Robed Slayer was also an extremely rich man.

He had six houses within Oakland City alone.

All of them were located in the city center, with any random house costing hundreds of billions.

He had six of those houses, excluding other properties that he also owned.

Furthermore, Robed Slayer never stayed in a single spot. He had properties in other places as well.

At that moment, he was sipping some tea to calm himself.

He could not accept Levi’s downfall.

After all, Levi was not only his most powerful opponent but also his savior.

Even though Levi had appeared, disguised as a doctor, Robed Slayer still recognized him.

He had been wishing to find an opportunity to repay Levi’s favor, but it seemed impossible now.

Robed Slayer heaved a deep sigh.


At that moment, Robed Slayer’s ears detected a noise outside.

“Who’s that?” he exclaimed in shock.

He was the only person in the house after instructing his apprentices and butler to leave.

Not even the sounds of a bug could escape him.

Why did I hear a noise?


Robed Slayer appeared in the courtyard as quickly as a bolt of lightning and hurried toward the source of the noise.

Someone stood in front of him.

“Who’s that?” asked Robed Slayer coldly.

His intense gaze landed on the person’s face.


When he caught a closer glimpse of the person, a look of utter terror crossed his face.

He could barely believe his eyes.

“It’s you?”

Robed Slayer swallowed hard.

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