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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1965

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1965

The Annihilator became Zarain’s superhero after appearing in public for the first time, and the one who benefited the most was Bruce!

He received a generous reward for killing Levi.

Initially, he was just a spokesperson for the Lab of Gods, an individual of a lower hierarchy.

But after killing Levi, he was promoted to be one of the core members of the Lab of Gods.

He obtained the right to access multiple training bases of the Lab of Gods and mobilize ninety percent of the equipment and labor of the Lab of Gods.

Bruce had never experienced such excitement.

Because now he could access more fundamental technologies, mysterious secrets and command more powerful people, not just The Annihilator.

He could now make use of individuals stronger than The Annihilator.

Having been rewarded heavily by the Zarain, Bruce was not intrigued by the power and wealth. His goal was to become a crucial member of the Lab of Gods.

Levi died, and his goal was achieved. He killed two birds with one stone!

“You have my eternal gratitude, Levi! I would never have thought that I would one day become the core member of the Lab of Gods!” Bruce looked up at the sky and smiled.

Bruce immediately began Jared’s experiment on energy transformation. No one could stop him now.

The Raysonian forces were as delighted as Bruce.

If Levi were still alive, he would continue suppressing the Raysonian Bushido and directly affecting them.

Now that Levi perished, their plans could be carried out…

Levi’s death caused various reactions for many people. Some people mourned, some were crazy about it, some were excited, and some were furious.

Some people even got promoted and made a fortune!

Levi’s death caused a devastating impact on Erudia.

During his time, he thwarted numerous enemy schemes and conspiracies.

At this moment, Goldenport Island was about to be flattened by the arrival of countless strong individuals looking for clues.

However, apart from the damages caused by the battle, there was only a pool of blood. Even then, the puddle of blood was a fabrication of the Half Phantom.

They couldn’t find anything.

“Comrades, please remember these two names, Bruce and The Annihilator! I vow I will make them pay!” The Sword Fiend exclaimed.

“We must avenge our Master!”

“Make them pay!”

The Seven Fiends and the followers all shouted.

“Also, remember! Even though our Master is no longer with us, we must never forget everything our Master taught us and abide by it!” the Sword Fiend ordered.

Levi conquered them with strength, but he also won their hearts with his charm.

“What? Levi is dead?”

Coincidentally, the Sacred Organization sent the Eighteen Dark Angels to look for Levi.

Halfway on their journey, the news of Levi’s death broke out.

They were all in shocked.

“So the genius meant to be the leader of the Sacred Organization is gone just like that?”

Everyone was stunned.

“Maybe everyone was fooled by Levi and he is not really dead?” The strongest member of the Thirteen Fiends under Cyrus, Death Fiend, spoke.

“According to the data we have collected, there have been several instances where Levi did not die and deceived everyone!”

“Before this, it is acceptable that Levi faked his death. Levi’s corpse was destroyed this time, and Bruce witnessed his demise! Everyone knows how cautious Bruce is, right?”

Everyone became quiet when another one of the Eighteen Dark Angels came up with this theory.


The Sacred Organization knew Bruce well enough!

If anyone else says he’s dead, it could be fake. But if Bruce is the one to declare it, it must be true!

“Okay. Let’s return!”

The Eighteen Dark Angels turned back halfway through their journey.

After several days of silence, there was no news of Levi, and the Half Phantom never found Levi’s corpse. He gave up as he had no clue where the corpse was.

“I did everything I could!”

But where did Levi’s corpse actually went?

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