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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1959

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1959

The Undead Warrior held onto Levi, determined not to let him loose.

If an arrow goes through me, it will hurt Levi as well! Imagine how much damage it will cause if The Dark Archer fires all of them!

He was determined to kill Levi at all costs, even if it meant perishing together with the latter.

Levi’s invincibility had forced his enemies to make a desperate move as such.

With that, The Dark Archer used up all his remaining arrows, firing at them.

Even though the power was not as much after going through Undead Warrior, they still could cause massive damage toward Levi.



Arrows by arrows were fired.

Lab of Gods had made sixty arrows in total for The Dark Archer.

At normal times, The Dark Archer just needed to fire one to kill one enemy.

Sixty arrows were supposed to be able to last for a lifetime.

After all, he was seldom needed, sometimes only once in a few years.

But today, The Dark Archer seemed to have lost his mind as he finished firing all his arrows.

I need to kill him no matter what! As long as he isn’t dead, everyone won’t have peace of mind!

The Undead Warrior’s body almost shattered into pieces after numerous arrows went through him.

His self-recovery ability could not catch up with the pace of The Dark Archer’s attack.

In the end, even his brain got blown out completely. With that, there was no chance for him to recover from such damage.


With the last arrows shot, Undead Warrior’s life ended while his blood spilled all over Levi.

By then, countless arrows got pierced into Levi’s body, making him look like a porcupine.

Even though those arrows were not as strong, they caused irreparable injury to Levi.

The Undead Warrior had sacrificed his life to achieve this outcome.

Even though it seemed utterly insane, it was their last resort to stop Levi.


Levi let out a shout at that moment while all the arrows on his body got blown away.


Levi spat out a mouthful of blood as his body nearly fell to the ground.

The remaining power of those arrows could not be ignored after all.

“Go to hell!”

Again, Levi moved swiftly like lightning toward The Dark Archer.

The Dark Archer stood still on his spot, without any intention to move.

He had completed his job and he got no arrow left.

His lips curled into a smile as he closed his eyes slowly.

Deep down, he knew Levi would not survive through today, as they still had a secret ace card with them.

Meanwhile, Levi had exhausted all his strength and options.

I’ve done everything. I can rest now…


Levi showed no mercy as he swung his palm at The Dark Archer’s head.

Blood spewed out of The Dark Archer’s head as his life ended right there and then.

They’re all dead! Every single one of those top masters is dead! There’s no one left!

The forces of Raysonia and Bruce were at a loss.

It’s outrageous how formidable he is! He’s the biggest threat to us as long as he’s alive. We must find a way to get rid of him!

Levi sat down on the ground after ending The Dark Archer’s life.

After so many rounds of battle, he had gotten beyond his limit.

After all the enemies got eliminated, he finally could catch a breather.

“Are… Are you okay?”

Sherrie asked nervously.

She could feel Levi’s breath becoming shorter and weaker.

Right at the moment, her heart filled with guilt and regret.

Levi let out a smile. “I’m fine. But if another elite appears now, I’ll be dead!”

Levi was being utterly honest.

“Hold on a second… No way…”

In an instant, a dark expression loomed over his face.


As soon as he finished his sentence, a strong wind started blowing.

Not far away, a figure was standing steadily.

It was the last ace card of Bruce.

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