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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1958

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1958

Levi’s hands were in bad shape; his body suffered severe injury.

His whole body was covered in blood, while a big hole formed on his left shoulder.

Not to mention, there were countless minor wounds from his shoulders distributed throughout his back.

Even though he successfully killed all the enemies in his sight, he had paid an enormous price for it.

Looking at Levi, whose body was dripping blood, Sherrie’s heart twitched in pain.

She blamed herself for making Levi become like this.

Nonetheless, it was hardly her fault, as it was just a coincidence that she walked into this terrible place.

And in Levi’s eyes, Sherrie’s existence was still worth some value.

After all, she had told Levi many secrets of Lab of Gods.


Just when Sherrie was about to ask Levi, Levi suddenly spoke, “Shhh! Don’t talk!”

At that moment, he needed to gather all his focus to search for The Dark Archer.

There was no room for any distraction or extra sound.

With that, Sherrie immediately shut her mouth, not daring even to breathe.

“We’re all counting on you now!”

All the chieftains of the Raysonia forces were praying diligently at that moment.

“It’ll be fine. We still have one ace card in hand. He’s the one I plan to use to take Levi’s life.”

Even at this point, Bruce still displayed a composed expression.

He had never expected those men to be able to kill Levi.

He knew that was hardly realistic based on his understanding of Levi’s power.

Since the beginning, he had been betting on his hope for this particular man.

Right now, Bruce was also overwhelmed with anxiousness, as Levi had shocked him again and again.

Even though he knew Levi was top of the line, the latter still managed to shatter his anticipation.

He was way too strong! Does he have any limit? Not only does he have strong power, but he is intelligent and full of schemes!

Bruce would never have thought of using the enemy’s weapon against the enemy.

Levi was able to defeat all enemies singlehandedly with his strength and wisdom.

“He must die!”

Just then, Bruce got all tensed up as his breath shortened.

Cold sweat flowed incessantly from his body.

Without a doubt, he was the most nervous person at this moment.

Meanwhile, Levi was carrying Sherrie while wandering everywhere, scanning for The Dark Archer’s whereabouts.

The atmosphere could not be more tense.

At that moment, Levi’s lips curled into a smile. He had managed to scope down the large area to the size of a football field.

With this pace, he would find The Dark Archer before long.

“We’re doomed. He’s about to be found!”

The chieftains from the Raysonia all froze on the spot, overwhelmed with nervousness.

I’m getting closer and closer to you!

A few seconds later, Levi scoped down the area by half again.

His confident smile gave an invisible pressure to The Dark Archer.

Swish, swish, swish…

Four arrows appeared swiftly in the nick of time, flying toward Levi.

Finally, The Dark Archer revealed himself.

He figured it was better to face head to head with Levi rather than wait to be found.

At such a close distance, the four arrows locked on Levi.

But Levi, who had predicted it evaded them in a blink of an eye.



All four arrows flew past Levi and exploded into four small mushroom clouds.

The Dark Archer escaped to a corner.




He kept switching his position while firing a few more arrows.

All the shots were powerful and swift but lacked a bit of accuracy.

With that, Levi successfully avoided all of them.

At this point, The Dark Archer had lost all his advantage, as his expertise was in the field of assassination.

As his whereabouts got exposed, he was in deep trouble without aid from others.

Especially that his opponent was Levi.

“Are you still thinking of escaping? That’s impossible!”

Right then, Levi moved like lightning and grabbed The Dark Archer instantly.

The Dark Archer was beyond panicked.


But at that moment, Undead Warrior suddenly attacked Levi.

His whole body clung onto Levi tightly.

“Shoot me!”

The undead warrior shouted loudly.

The Dark Archer came to the realization immediately.

Swish, swish, swish…

The Dark Archer fired all his arrows toward Undead Warrior and Levi after another.

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