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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1955

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1955

The man that had been hiding all this while finally made a move.

He was The Dark Archer from Lab of Gods.

It was said that his arrow was able to pierce through everything in this world.

Even the aerospace-level material could not hold up against it.

In fact, Lab of Gods had conducted numerous experiments on him.

He was found from a tribe village in Adrune, and his strength was beyond imagination like no ordinary human.

As he shot his arrow, the speed was so fast that one would not even see it coming.

Not to mention, its accuracy was more spot-on than a professional sniper.

No preys which he had his eyes on could ever escape.

Not even someone as strong as Levi.

He would not stand a chance if he got targeted by The Dark Archer.

Moreover, Lab of Gods even used genetic technology and super serum to enhance The Dark Archer’s capability.

He also possessed other techniques, such as the most powerful Invisibility Technique and Assassination Technique.

The scariest part was that the Lab of Gods specially created all his weapons.

All the materials used were top class, especially his arrow.

It was no ordinary arrow, as Lab of Gods had invested an enormous sum of money in creating it.

As it used the hardest existing alloy, it would pierce through aerospace material effortlessly.

Most importantly, it had a secret design within it.

The arrowhead consisted of highly pressurized energy. When it pierced through a human body, it would explode and destroy everything.

That was the most terrifying part of this weapon, and the most expensive part as well.

A single arrow would cost more than a million.

Hence, The Dark Archer was bound to make every shot count.

As The Dark Archer was initially from the tribe village, he also knew how to add Strange Arts onto his bow and arrows.

With the Strange Arts, the arrow would be faster and stronger, with higher accuracy.

Besides, the Strange Arts boosted his physical attributes, making his strength and reflexibility increase exponentially.

His speed was able to reach seven times faster than the speed of sound.

All in all, The Dark Archer’s weapon, accuracy, and power were all at the top of the line.

Hence, he was the perfect choice in order to kill the top-class enemy.

Initially, Bruce did not want to reveal the existence of The Dark Archer this soon.

But it looked like it was his only option in order to eliminate Levi.

And The Dark Archer had been hiding in the dark, waiting for the opportune moment to attack.

The best timing was not when Levi got surrounded by enemies and was severely injured.

Even though he might look like he was struggling for survival, The Dark Archer knew the former’s awareness was at the highest during that time.

He might even be putting up an act to lure The Dark Archer out.

The Dark Archer knew very well that the best timing was when Levi defeated Ghost Samurai.

No matter how cautious Levi was, he would let off his guard by a little due to the satisfaction of killing Ghost Samurai.

And The Dark Archer’s prediction was right.

The battle between the tops was indeed more to the battle of the minds.

At that critical moment, The Dark Archer finally made his move as he shot out five arrows at once.

To put it more precisely, it was not the arrows but the money that he was shooting.

Yet, they were not targeted toward Levi, but Sherrie.

That move put Levi in a rather disadvantageous spot.

In the nick of time, Levi rushed to rescue Sherrie.

Even after five arrows with speed faster than sound, The Dark Archer was still worried as he fired another shot.

In fact, the first five were merely a distraction.

With that, this last arrow pierced directly into Levi’s body as blood spurted out instantly.

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