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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1953

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1953

Levi too had gotten a clear look at how Ghost Samurai looked like.

He was clad in a special black suit while his face was hidden underneath a biochemical mask.

On his back was a load of samurai swords where Levi had quickly counted sixteen of them.

Standing there, he exuded a fearsome aura.

Every time he exhaled, he would let out a terrifying sound which made him sound like a beast.


Suddenly, there was an explosion and Ghost Samurai vanished in a pile of smoke.


The next moment, Ghost Samurai surrounded Levi again. This time, there were eight clones of his.

Boom! Boom…

All eight of them launched a strike in unison.

This time, it was even harder to tell which was the real one as every single clone attacked with similar intensity.

It felt like all the eight figures were real.

With a consecutive sixteen palm strikes, the attacks piled on relentlessly. Every attack was stronger than before.



The ground beneath them began to shatter.


Levi intercepted the sixteen palm strikes with a punch of his own.

However, as the palm strikes layered upon each other, their power increased with every attack.

Finally, all sixteen of them were headed in Levi’s direction.




Upon the impact of every single strike, Levi would be pushed back a step. At the same time, the hairline cracks in the ground beneath his legs kept expanding outward.

The destructive power was astounding.

After Levi was pushed back sixteen steps, cracks could be seen on a massive swathe of the ground.


With a huge explosion, the entire area began collapsing into a huge crater.

Anyone who saw it would assume that it was caused by a crash from an alien spaceship.

“That’s so powerful!”

The crowd exclaimed in awe when they saw Ghost Samurai’s attack.

All this while, they had assumed he only focused on assassinations.

Hence, they didn’t expect him to be even stronger at melee combat.

“Not bad! Was it you from before?”

Levi recalled that someone was watching him at the Gamma Tech training base.

After giving it more thought, he realized it was none other than Ghost Samurai.

“What are you gawking there for? Attack!” Ghost Samurai bellowed.

The Death Swordsman and his other teammates regained their senses and blitzed Levi together.

Recombining his eight clones, Ghost Samurai joined his teammates in the attack where both sides fought valiantly.

Levi had to protect Sherrie while fighting against a host of elite warriors at the same time.

Moreover, he had to stay vigilant against any surprise attacks.


Ghost Samurai split into his eight clones and attacked Levi again.

He was backed up by The Death Swordsman and the others.

At the same time, the witch used her witchcraft to confuse Levi, causing him to fall into a dangerous predicament.

As he pulled Sherrie along while trying to avoid their attacks, wounds began to appear all over his body.

The attacks on him were simply relentless.

“Continue the assault! Don’t allow Levi the chance to catch his breath!” Bruce ordered.

The Death Swordsman and everyone else unleashed all their ultimate techniques while the witch incessantly disrupted Levi’s thoughts and emotions.


At that moment, Ghost Samurai’s eight clones split into two each, resulting in a total of sixteen clones.

That was his ultimate attack which struck fear into anyone who saw it.

He had also reached the limit of clones he could produce.

It was a total of sixteen.

In other words, he had just doubled his strength.

Given that eight clones were enough to pressure Levi, sixteen of them were capable of doing unpredictable damage.


Under the enemies’ relentless attacks, Levi’s defenses began to crack.

When Ghost Samurai pierce him with his sword, blood splattered out at once.

If not for Sherrie being a burden, Levi wouldn’t be in that situation.

“Press on and kill Levi!”

Everyone was thrilled to see Levi being cornered with no escape.

Hence, they intensified their attacks further.

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