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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1952

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1952

That was where the real danger lied.

The moment Levi was pushed back by Armored Titan’s punch, the assassins in the shadows took action.


One by one, their figures flashed before Levi’s eyes.

The next instant, Levi was surrounded by five black figures who were all charging toward him at breakneck speed.

Levi knew that they were not mirages conjured by the witch. Instead, they were very real.

In truth, they were clones created by the enemy’s frightening speed.

This was Ghost Samurai’s special ability.

Watching the fight, the Raysonian chieftain clenched his fists. Ghost Samurai was their ultimate trump card.

He wasn’t just the best swordsman in Raysonia, he was also an excellent ninja with special skills. Combining all his knowledge, he was able to elevate his speed and techniques to an extreme level.

In fact, his ultimate skill was generating phantom-like clones.

After biding his time in the shadows, he finally found the perfect opportunity to strike.

Ghost Samurai’s five clones attacked Levi concurrently.

All of them thrust their samurai swords at Levi at the same speed, causing Levi to be unsure which of them was the real one.

If he made the wrong decision, it would either cost him his life or result in grievous injury.

The Ghost Samurai rarely attacked. But whenever he struck, it would definitely be a fatal blow.

All his clones moved at breakneck speeds, to the extent no one was able to tell which of the five was the real one.

In a blink of an eye, the five clones charged at Levi.

At the very last second, they combined into a single figure.


The very instant the clones combined, he pierced his sword into Levi’s throat.

Everyone was stunned.

Ghost Samurai is really amazing!

He has killed Levi in his first attack!

It’s really terrifying how easily he stabbed Levi’s throat.

“We did it! We have succeeded!” The Raysonians exclaimed in triumph and celebrated.

However, Bruce’s expression remained grim as he noticed that something was amiss.

“Something isn’t right. Even if the attack is powerful, it would only wound Levi and not pierce through his throat. It might be a trap so be careful!” Bruce reminded at once.

In fact, Ghost Samurai was the first one to realize something was off as he didn’t feel any resistance from his sword.

Although the sword was plunged through Levi’s throat, he felt as if it went through thin air.

Oh no!

The next second, Levi disappeared in front of him.

It too was a clone and not Levi’s physical being.

His speed was so fast that he could fool his enemies with his residual image.

Hence, the one being pierced by the sword was one of those images.

Levi had long left the position by the time everyone realized what was going on.

Shadow Clone!

It was a powerful technique that Levi had often deployed.

Given that he was growing stronger, the level at which he could execute it was equally elevated.


The moment Ghost Samurai realized he had been tricked, Levi launched a punch that caught Ghost Samurai directly.



The Death Swordsman and the rest charged fiercely at Levi.

At the same time, the armored warrior ignited his jet pack and swooped in to rescue Ghost Samurai.

Everyone was so astounded that no one dared to underestimate Levi anymore.

He was unbelievably powerful to have caused so much damage upon them.

“Ghost Samurai has been exposed. One of our key weapons has been lost!” Bruce couldn’t help but lament.

“No, he hasn’t shown what he is truly capable of,” the Raysonian calmly replied.


Just when Bruce was stunned, Ghost Samurai began to get serious.

“Levi, I have been waiting to fight you for a very long time now.”

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