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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1948

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1948

The warriors that the Lab of Gods had sent glared intently at Levi.

They were filled with animosity for him.

In fact, Levi was the enemy of everyone in Zarain.

Back then, he had humiliated all of them.

Therefore, everyone in Zarain hated him by default and couldn’t resist tearing him apart.


Levi had noticed that The Death Swordsman was holding a broken sword in one hand.

It was the same sword that he had stabbed into the ground at Zarain’s border.

The message Levi wanted to convey then was simple. He wanted to leave his mark to show them that they were powerless to stop him from entering their territory.

Bruce forbade the sword from being pulled out so that it would remind everyone of the humiliation.

But on that day, they brought the sword along to be returned to Levi.

They also wanted to demonstrate that they were there to redeem their pride after being disgraced.

“We’re here to return the favor by taking your life!” The Death Swordsman proclaimed as he hurled the broken sword at Levi.


The sword tore through the air, forming a shockwave behind it.

It was launched with such power that it broke the sound barrier, resulting in a sonic boom.

Even if one was an elite on the Gem List, one’s hand would be obliterated if one tried to grab the sword.

After all, it was travelling at frightening speeds.

Sherrie was stunned to see how fast it flew.

Just that move alone was enough to decimate everything.

To her, The Death Swordsman was frightening indeed.

However, Levi extended his hand and caught the sword without breaking a sweat.

He had caused the devastating power of the flying sword to dissipate at once.

Levi’s ability to catch the sword had shocked his opponents too.

Given that they were from the Lab of Gods, they didn’t take Levi seriously at all.

In fact, they even wondered why so many of them were sent when two would have been sufficient.

After Levi’s demonstration, no one dared to underestimate him anymore.

No wonder Bruce insisted on us killing Levi regardless of the cost.

“Why don’t you dispense with the pleasantries and attack all at once?” Levi sneered with the broken sword in his hand.

Back then, he fought his way out of Zarain with that sword.

Hence, he was going to fight his way out of Goldenport Island too.

Pointing the broken sword outward, he wondered who dared to make the first move.

Meanwhile, Bruce and the Raysonians were watching the scene through a live feed.

“Very good, Levi will be handicapped by that girl’s presence. Luck is on our side!

“Our objective is to kill him regardless of the methods used. Therefore, anything goes!”

“Do you see the girl by his side? You should attack her with full force. Levi will be forced to defend her, making him prone to mistakes which we can exploit to our advantage!

“We have three master assassins hiding in the shadows. Once the opportunity presents itself, they will definitely kill him!”

Bruce was directing the battle from behind the screen while there were three assassins hiding in a corner

At that moment, Levi had only noticed two of them and had missed the last one.


The Undead Warrior charged forward.

However, Levi wasn’t his target.

Instead, it was Sherrie.

“Die! Die! Die!”

Suddenly, his body began to expand, and he turned into a fearsome beast.


He unleashed a barrage of punches that caused the ground to split open.

The punches were so devastating that they broke the sound barrier.

Levi pulled Sherrie behind him before meeting Undead Warrior’s attack head-on.


When both their fists smashed against each other, the ground shook and cracked at the same time.

The sea not far from them turned turbulent while the bridge in a distance shook violently.

Their clash felt as if lightning had struck the ground, causing a rumble to echo throughout.

If not for the fact that they had been sealed off, Goldenport Island would have ended up as collateral damage.


Levi unleashed another punch that sent Undead Warrior flying backward.

After crashing to the ground, Undead Warrior stood up as if it was nothing. Not only was he unhurt, he actually enjoyed it.

Evidently, all his pain receptors had been removed.

Hence, he couldn’t feel any pain at all.

Furthermore, he was only the first opponent and yet, terrifyingly strong.

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