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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1947

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1947

All of them were terrifyingly powerful.

In fact, the samurais’ skills were on par with Robed Slayer.

Together with the elites from the Lab of Gods, they formed a formidable death squad.

Moreover, Levi could still feel that there were other Raysonians watching him.

He wasn’t just faced with formidable opponents in front of him, he had to also contend with the assassins hiding in the shadows.

It was a terrifying situation.

As a matter of fact, Levi had sensed that one of the two hiding in the shadows was Ghost Samurai who was extremely strong.

The other one was The Dark Archer from the Lab of Gods.

His arrows were known to be able to pierce through anything.

No matter how powerful one was, one would be killed if struck by his arrow.

Both of them were master assassins.

In other words, the warriors who were in front of Levi were just a distraction.

Those two hiding in the shadows were the key to killing him.

Meanwhile, Bruce was on a video meeting with the chieftain of Raysonia.

“Our men are in place. This time, we have deployed all our trump cards. In fact, I have sent the best men within my authority. If we can’t kill him this time, I can’t think of anything else.”

“Exactly. We have even sent out the Ghost Samurai!”

The Raysonian shrugged with his hands spread out.

This was their last chance at killing Levi.

At that moment, one of Bruce’s subordinates came to see him and whispered into his ear.

Bruce’s serious expression turned into one of delight.

“Haha… That’s wonderful!”

His subordinate had successfully replicated Jared’s experiment and was ready to conduct further tests.

They had managed to recreate the superparticle that Jared had discovered.

Furthermore, they even managed to produce substitutes.

That way, they possessed even more superparticles than Jared created the first time. Hence, they were able to conduct more tests and create more forms of pure energy.

Bruce was thrilled by the news.

“Begin at once! Choose two men to start the experiment as I want to the results as soon as possible!”

Bruce couldn’t wait for a second longer.

“Understood! We have chosen a hundred candidates for the experiment and can begin at any time.”

Just when the subordinate was about to leave, Bruce thought of something and called him back to his side.

“Go and capture these men… Bring them back here for the experiment.”

Bruce whispered a list of names to his subordinate.

When he was done, the subordinate flashed him a thumbs-up sign. “Mr. Johnston, you have lived up to your ruthless reputation. This is an incredible idea!”

Meanwhile, the Raysonian chieftain was watching them through the screen. He asked curiously, “Mr. Johnston, do you have any good news?”

Bruce laughed. “All I can say is if we fail to kill Levi this time, I still have another way to do it!”

Bruce was confident that he could create another pure energy being just like Jared. With that, Levi’s death would be inevitable.

Furthermore, Bruce planned to mass-produce them and create an entire army.

Would Levi still be able to survive? Never!

“Is that so? That’s wonderful indeed! In that case, please provide reinforcements when we are in trouble next time.”

There was no way Levi could imagine that the next attempt on his life had been planned even before the current one was over.

That was how ruthless Bruce was, let alone the Lab of Gods themselves.

Sherrie tugged at Levi’s sleeve as she looked at their attackers in fear.

Their terrifying aura had shocked her to the core, causing her to tremble.

All of a sudden, Levi laughed when something occurred to him.

He was wondering whether the Half Phantom had gone into hiding because he had foreseen what was going to happen.

“Levi, so what if you’re top of the Gem List? We will still kill you!”

Given how fearsome his enemies were, Levi looked like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

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