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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1946

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1946

“I think it’s-”

Before Sherrie could finish, something suddenly happened.


A beam shot down from the sky.

Levi pulled Sherrie aside at once.

Boom! Boom!

After the earth-shattering rumble was heard, a crater was blown out from the ground.

“We’re under attack!”

Levi led Sherrie, who had turned pale, to take cover.

Even though she was a martial artist, she was cognizant that she would have been killed if Levi hadn’t saved her.

“I’m sorry to have gotten you involved. These men are targeting me.”

Sherrie was apologetic about it.

Levi responded with a grim voice, “No, they’re here for me. You aren’t that important yet!”

By then, Levi could sense the presence of the formidable fighters in the surroundings.

Every one of them was capable of destroying Goldenport Island and was more powerful than Xenotoph.

Hence, there was no reason for such powerful fighters to be looking for Sherrie.

Feeling awkward, Sherrie was dumbfounded.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, they could hear the wind howling as a gale was beginning to form around them.


Levi was stunned.

This is a powerful spell!

They were suddenly surrounded by a wall of wind, sealing them off from the outside world.

The hurricane-like cage had them imprisoned inside.

No one could see what was going on from the outside.

Furthermore, no one was able to interfere.

Suddenly, Levi had an epiphany.

Someone is trying to kill me! Bruce! The Lab of Gods!

Those two suspects flashed in his mind.

Jefferson must have reported my location to Bruce after I released him.

Given that I have foiled Bruce and the Raysonian’s plan multiple times, there’s no way they’re going to allow me to live.

Taking a look at Sherrie, Levi sighed when he realized she was going to be a burden.

“Levi, time to meet your maker!” a voice barked, followed by the appearance of multiple figures.

In their lead, was a burly man with an expressionless face. As if he had walked out of hell itself, he emitted the aura of a beast.

His call sign was The Undead Warrior.

Beside him was a vivacious lady clad in a black leather jacket. There was a strange look in her eyes while she too exuded a frightening aura.

She was a witch sent by the Lab of Gods, similar to Erudia’s master of magical techniques where they wielded magic power.

Crack! Crack!

Behind them was massively built man. He was wearing a mechanical armor suit that covered his entire body.

It was the most advanced battle armor developed by the Lab of Gods and was two generations more advanced than the one worn by Bruce.

He was an armored warrior whose call sign was Armored Titan.

Tack! Tack! Tack!

Along with the sound of footsteps, another figure appeared.

Wearing a black battle suit and a devil’s mask, one couldn’t tell the warrior’s gender. With two swords sheathed on the warrior’s back, he or she too emitted a murderous aura.

It was The Death Swordsman.

The four of them were extremely terrifying and were obviously a threat to Levi.

They were a lot stronger than Robed Slayer.

Furthermore, Levi could sense that someone else was watching him from the shadows, preparing to launch a fatal strike at him.

The five of them were absolutely frightening.

Evidently, Bruce had thrown the kitchen sink at Levi.

Furthermore, this was only the beginning.


An insidious laughter rang out.

On a bridge nearby, there stood a dwarf who was 1.3 meters tall.

He was ugly and had a weird laugh.

However, he had a samurai sword on his back and a few more of varying length by his waist.

Levi squinted his eyes, “A Raysonian samurai?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground suddenly shook.

Some distance away, a massive figure emerged. He had a giant sword on his back.

“I’m surprised to see a Raysonian that’s this tall,” Levi sneered.

The next moment, tens of Raysonian samurais began to emerge around him.

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