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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1944

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1944

“I can try.”

Levi smiled at the knowledge that there was hope.

However, the Half Phantom remarked, “Be forewarned that you will have to pay a price. Are you willing to do so?”


Johannes was infuriated when he heard it.

The Half Phantom obviously knew all that.

As long as he used his powers, one would need to suffer the equivalent retribution.

However, he didn’t tell them beforehand, causing all of them to play into his hands.

If Johannes knew that he would have to pay a price for whatever he wanted, he would have chosen differently.

And yet, the Half Phantom was forthright with Levi about the cost of using his powers.

Levi replied calmly, “No problem. As long as she is cured, no price is too big to pay.”

Levi didn’t want Zoey to see him as her enemy their entire lives.

Therefore, he was willing to accept the cost.


Upon Levi’s agreement, a powerful energy blast ignited from within the Half Phantom, breaking the chains that had bound him.

Johannes and the rest were stunned.

He could have escaped if he wanted to?

“Y-y-you…” Johannes stammered in shock.

Only then did he and his men realize that there was no way they could’ve imprisoned the Half Phantom.

He wasn’t just a master in geomancy, but also a powerful warrior.

“Why did you let us capture and imprison you here for so many years?” Johannes probed.

He couldn’t understand why the Half Phantom didn’t resist and allowed them to lock him up for years.

Why? Is he mad? No! There must be a reason.

The Half Phantom didn’t answer his question.

Instead, he left together with Levi.

Before they went on their way, Levi informed Johannes, “Once we’re done, I bring him back. You will have to decide whether you want to keep him imprisoned after that.”

Johannes and the rest reacted with a grim expression.

After all, they didn’t have the capability to do so even if they wanted to.

It was now evident how shockingly powerful the Half Phantom was. In fact, he might even be more powerful than Xenotoph, who was the top master of magical techniques in Goldenport Island.

How are we even going to lock him up?

Meanwhile, Levi was delighted.

The more mysterious the Half Phantom’s power was, the higher chance of success he had in curing Zoey.

He didn’t care what it was going to cost him in return.

Come what may!

“Mr. Garrison, I’ll need to go off for a while. I’ll meet up with you later.”

After that, the Half Phantom went off by himself.

With that, Levi waited for him so that they could head to The Cardinal Hall to see Zoey.

Meanwhile, Bruce was on a video call with the Raysonians.

“My men have informed me that Levi has appeared on Goldenport Island. He doesn’t have the Seven Fiends with him while Goldenport Island doesn’t have anyone from The Cardinal Hall there. This is our best chance at killing him!” Bruce declared.

“Really? It is the perfect opportunity then! Mr. Johnston, both of us need to send out our best men to ensure that we annihilate him once and for all!”

“Don’t worry, I understand. A chance like this is really rare to come by.”

“In that case, let’s move at once. There’s no time to lose as Levi may leave anytime!”

A few hours later, Levi was still waiting for the Half Phantom.

He was puzzled as to where the Half Phantom had gone.

Despite looking calm, a murderous atmosphere descended upon Goldenport Island.

The evening before Levi fought Robed Slayer, Bruce and the Raysonian had sent out their trump cards to wear him down first.

But this time was different. Their objective was to kill Levi.

Therefore, they had sent out their best warriors who could pose a threat to Levi’s life.

Bruce was someone cautious. He wouldn’t reveal his trump card until the crucial moment.

However, killing Levi was one of those moments.

Meanwhile, Levi’s right eyelid began to twitch suddenly.

“I have a feeling something terrible is about to happen!”

Levi’s expression drastically changed at the premonition as he was unsettled by the strange atmosphere.

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