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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1939

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1939

Slap! Levi slapped on Jefferson’s face again without uttering any words.

Jefferson shrieked in pain once again. The insolence of his subordinates was apparently adding fuel to the already burning fire.

“You dare to inflict any harm on Mr. Jefferson again!” They freaked out and yelled apprehensively.

“Ah! You are the ones who ask for it!” Levi put on a subtle smile.

Slap! In a split second, there was another slap on Jefferson’s face.

“Ouch!” Jefferson yowled in pain.

One of the subordinates fumed, “Damn it! You’re asking for trouble! How dare you…”

Slap! Before he could finish chiding, Levi slapped on Jefferson’s face again.

Jefferson started seeing stars. It seemed that he could barely sustain any more of the slaps.

“You brat…” Jefferson’s subordinates were about to rebuke Levi again.

All of a sudden, Jefferson shrieked hysterically, “Keep your mouths shut! Don’t you know that I will be beaten to death if you dare to make any noise again!”

“Get loss! All of you are useless thrash! I will finish you off later!” Jefferson unleashed his wrath at his subordinates.

How foolish are they! They are all useless! Didn’t they realize that I will be beaten again if they continue to say anything?

The other fighters from Cryptic Stream Corporation could only look at them quietly. They feared adding insult to injury if Levi tended to be further infuriated by their movements.

Jefferson wiped off the blood trickling down from his mouth and glared at Levi. “Fine! You really have the audacity. I hope you won’t regret being on bad terms with Cryptic Stream Corporation! Let’s see how you…”

He was slapped by Levi again before he could finish his words.

Pfft! The impact of the slap was so hard that Jefferson lost all his white teeth in an instant!

“I hate Cryptic Stream Corporation and Lab of Gods the most!” Levi roared.

“Ah! I shouldn’t have mentioned the name!” Jefferson regretted blurting out the words recklessly.

He had warned his subordinates to zip their mouth; but, he forgot to remind himself to do the same!

At the moment, Levi was just like a man who had lost his sanity. If anyone dared to threaten him bluntly, he would surely beat them up without a second thought.

In order to appease him, Jefferson held his tongue at once. His subordinates also exercised restraint and remained silent.

Levi turned to look at Johannes and the others who were rooted to the ground.

Meanwhile, hundreds of influential figures from Goldenport Island saw red and glared at him.

“Young man, just put it to an end. No doubt, we know that you are undefeatable. But are you sure you want to take the risk of burning the bridge with all the influential families in Goldenport Island? Will you gain anything from going against the Hilton family, Cryptic Stream Corporation, and Xenotoph?” said a man.

“He is right. No matter how powerful you are, you will only end up ruining yourself by provoking all of them. Just top it!” someone tried to advise him.

“Stop it right away! You have done something wrong! Wake up and don’t continue with that!” Another man tried to rectify the situation by voicing up his point of view.

Levi chuckled and refuted, “Hmph! They are not qualified to be my enemies yet.”

Talking about that, Bruce and Lab of Gods are truly my enemies. Other than that, I don’t even want to waste time sparing another glance at the others!

My goodness! He is an arrogant and domineering guy who does not spare any glance at anyone.

Everyone mocked inwardly; yet, they did not dare to say much.

After all, he was still the most courageous of all.

Cryptic Stream Corporation was mighty, with Lab of Gods backing them up. Even so, it was the most cowardly of all, defeated without a hand-to-hand fight with Levi.

In the meantime, there was a glint in Sherrie’s eyes. Somehow, she had spotted something unique on Levi.

Ah! There are still elite warriors in Erudia! This young man who is not even on any of the lists is definitely one of them!

Freddie was petrified; his entire body was trembling. He used to think that Levi was just a coward, yet he realized that he was the one!

Levi looked at everyone from the Hilton family and scoffed, “I mentioned that you would have to bear the consequences, didn’t I? Do you still have any doubts on that?”

All of them were ashen-faced. Their reputation gained a few decades ago was tarnished within such a short span because of an ordinary young man!

What a humiliation! Anyway, we won’t just give up like that! For the time being, Xenotoph is our only hope!

“Xenotoph, please give us a hand for the sake of Goldenport Island!”

All the members from the Hilton family turned to look at Xenotoph hopefully.

“Oh, all right,” he replied briefly.

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