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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1937

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1937

“How can I trouble you just to finish off a worthless brat?” Johannes and his sons squeezed a smile to conceal their embarrassment.

If Xenotoph ended up giving them a hand in defeating Levi, the Hilton family would surely become a laughing stock for everyone.

As the overlord of Goldenport Island, everyone would be astounded at their helplessness against an ordinary young man.

What a great shame for us! How can we still be able to keep our heads up on Goldenport Island then?

“Go ahead and finish him off now!” Johannes gestured to the eight men standing behind him.

Other than Erudian, there were even Raysonian and foreigners among them. What was more, they were all elite fighters with mighty combating skills and were known as The Eight Guardians of the Hilton family. In other words, they were the family’s trump card! Johannes had finally made up his mind to assign his mightiest fighters, hoping to finish Levi off right away.

The Eight Guardians nodded respectfully at Johannes and prepared to strike at any time.

Xenotoph mocked, “Imagine the Hilton family has to mobilize The Eight Guardians just to combat the brat! He surely is one of their mightiest foes so far!”

Soon, Levi and The Eight Guardians were having a hand-to-hand fight.

The Eight Guardians consisted of martial artists, men with superpowers, Raysonian samurai, and others. Undoubtedly, they should be undefeatable due to their good understanding of each other.

Even so, they were still nothing to Levi. Even though the eight of them joined forces with each other, they could not even reach the Robed Slayer’s standard. If so, how could they be comparable to Levi’s?

“Not powerful enough! Not quick enough!” Levi commented from time to time.

“Not enough of that! Gear up your speed and power!” Unbelievably, Levi was even giving The Eight Guardians guidance on improving their skills while combating them!

It seemed fighting against the so-called elite fighters was easy as rolling off a log for Levi. He was not paying much attention while combating them.

Subsequently, The Eight Guardians and the Hilton family were boiling with anger because of his carefree demeanor.

“You’re asking for it!” The Eight Guardians who were blinded by fury attacked Levi with full force.

“Ah! Finally, I’m starting to feel your power. Nevertheless, it’s time for me to put everything to an end!” Levi uttered casually.

The next moment, a wave of exceptionally unrivaled energy emanated from his body.

In the twinkling of an eye, The Eight Guardians were sent flying one by one by Levi’s powerful kicks.

Everyone was overwhelmed and went ashen-faced at the sight of The Eight Guardians severely injured.

Xenotoph and the others started to get worked up. They used to look at Levi with utter disdain in their eyes, but things had turned the other way around.

Now that even The Eight Guardians could not defeat him, alarm bells started to ring in their heads.

He could be a threat to us at any time!

“My goodness! Who is he?” one of the bigwigs asked.

“Among the young generation, anyone who can defeat The Eight Guardians of the Hilton family… I bet he is among the top three on the Stone List!” Another man deduced.

“But he’s neither Jessica the Warrior Princess nor one of the Twin Meteorites. Who could he be then?” someone asked doubtfully.

Everyone’s curiosity was piqued, and they were curious about his real identity.

“All of you, attack him with full force! The Hilton family should never be humiliated!” Johannes waved, signaling all the elite fighters to strike simultaneously. With this, all the trump cards were sent to take Levi out.


Even so, all of them shared the same fates as The Eight Guardians. Moments later, they ended up wailing in pain on the ground. None of the elite fighters of the Hilton family was left standing.

Levi wiped off the fighters of the Hilton family all alone! Everyone from the family was glued to the spot.

Their eyes widened in disbelief as the punk turned into an undefeatable warrior who wiped off the bodyguards of the entire Hilton family!

The influential family had used all the trump cards and assigned all their elite fighters; yet, nothing could stop Levi.

“H-He…” Freddie’s voice quivered; he was covered in cold sweat.

See how he had turned the place into a living hell! If I dared to provoke him on the ship earlier, I might have infuriated him and ended up finished off by him as well! It was a blessing that I did not act impulsively at that time!

Sherrie and Priscilla could barely shift their beautiful eyes away from Levi.

I can hardly believe that such an ordinary man can be as powerful as this! Are we seeing things?

At that very moment, Sherrie was thankful that she did not chase Levi down from their ship earlier. If not, she doubted if they would still be alive after enraging the young man.

The atmosphere tensed up as time elapsed.

In the meantime, Jefferson from Cryptic Stream Corporation stood forward.

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