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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1932

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1932


No one heeded Levi’s warning. Instead, they laughed mockingly at him.

They didn’t see him as a threat at all. If anything, they thought he was a joke.

“That punk is probably buying some time. I bet he’s thinking about fleeing now. That is why claimed that he would give us a day to prepare.”

“That is possible. He won’t show up tomorrow. He will leave Goldenport Island as soon as he set foot out of the gates!”

Everyone assumed that Levi was going to flee.

“Boys, keep an eye on the guy and don’t let him flee Goldenport Island! I want to see what are the consequences he was talking about,” commanded Johannes.

With that, a few powerful fighters left immediately to spy on Levi.

Terrell stepped forward and grinned before claiming, “Tomorrow is such a good day, Dad.”


“Well, for starters, it’s the day the heir of the Cryptic Stream Corporation comes to visit. It is also the day when Xenotoph will return from his training, and now, it is the day when the punk dies,” replied Terrell.

Johannes laughed boisterously and agreed, “That’s true. Tomorrow is such an auspicious day. Let’s invite Xenotoph over, so we can all watch the show together!”


Everyone laughed.

Sherrie’s father, Manny Hilton, laughed and pointed out, “Even if the punk has incredible powers, he would still die tomorrow!

After all, the Hilton family, Xenotoph, the Cryptic Stream Corporation’s forces, and all other powerful organizations on Goldenport Island would be here. “He is just a punk, so we won’t need anyone to help, though. All that is just hypothetical.”

Johannes was delighted as well. He pointed out, “Well, he told us to gather our best fighters, so I guess he’s getting his wish granted.”

Johannes regarded the ordeal as something entertaining.

What Johannes didn’t realize was that he would actually need all those fighters when Levi came knocking on his door the next day.

By then, Levi had already returned to the place where the West Sky Lord prepared beforehand.

“Master, why didn’t you just break through and rescue the guy right away?” asked West Sky Lord curiously.

“It might be all for naught if I attack that directly.

“You see, not many are aware of the fact that the Half Phantom was locked up. The older generation’s reaction showed that he had since fallen and had become a forbidden topic. That meant that he would be locked up in an obscure place, and I might not be able to find him. “In fact, I might not find him even if I turn the place into rubbles.

“There’s also the issue of them reacting irrationally. They might kill the Half Phantom if I were to force them to a corner,” explained Levi.

Revelation hit West Sky Lord after hearing all that.

“That is why you gave them a day to prepare. You wanted them to lower their guards. Heck, the God of Gamblers might even send someone to go check up on the Half Phantom. That would reveal where they locked the guy up!”

Levi nodded and replied, “That’s right. I’ve already had my people infiltrate the Manor of Ultimate Dragonite. I will learn where the Half Phantom is as soon as the God of Gamblers went to check up on the guy.”

“I am impressed. No wonder you are the boss,” exclaimed West Sky Lord.

It was just as Levi had predicted.

Johannes went to check up on the Half Phantom that same day.

The Manor of Ultimate Dragonite actually had an underground facility, but its entrance was extremely well-hidden and secretive.

Even within the Hilton family, less than three people knew of its location.

It got to the point where neither Terrell nor Manny knew where the entrance was as well.

Johannes, his personal guard, and the butler were the only ones who knew of its location.

All three of them approached the entrance and entered the underground facility.

What they were unaware of was that someone was spying from the dark.

A secret room was located underground.

The door was made of a special alloy and was so strong that even an explosion couldn’t open it.

Hence, the room could only be accessed with Johannes’ biometric scans.

Even the most powerful fighter would not be able to open the door.

That was why Johannes locked the Half Phantom there. He wanted to make sure that no one could rescue the guy.


Johannes’ biometric scan unlocked the door and prompted it to open slowly.

A nasty smell of decomposed meat ambushed everyone.

It was nauseating.

The room was small, and a guy was chained in there.

Dead rats and pests were lying all around.

Johannes scoffed and asked, “So, how have you been? Is the food to your liking?”

Johannes was referring to the dead mouse and pest that he had his people toss into the room every day.


The chain moved, and the guy tilted his head up.

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