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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1931

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1931

Johannes suddenly laughed aloud.

Terrell and the others were grinning as well.

“I thought that you are his heir or family or something. I can’t believe you’re just a random nobody,” chuckled Terrell.

Naturally, Levi knew what they were truly laughing about.

When Levi first mentioned the Half Phantom, Johannes and the others assumed that Levi was the Half Phantom’s disciple or family.

That was why they were scared.

They worried that he was there to rescue the guy or to seek vengeance.

Knowing that Levi was only there to ask for the guy’s help had extinguished the fear in the Hiltons.

Meh, we’ll just kill him. We cannot let anyone know that we have the Half Phantom locked up, so he must die.

Johannes was about to issue the kill order when Levi beat him to it. The latter warned, “You’d better hand the guy over without making a fuss. Don’t make me fight you.”

Levi was fearless and would destroy any obstruction in his path just to save his wife.


Levi’s words stunned everyone there.

When has the Hilton family ever been threatened before?

“You are gutsy, punk. You actually threatened us.

“Fine, then let me make this clear to you. I will never hand him over, so you can forget about it. You are a rather skilled guy, so I will give you a chance. Kneel and beg for forgiveness now, and I may just let you go!” replied Johannes.

He didn’t make that offer out of kindness, though.

A man like Johannes only had eyes on profits and gains. Hence, a human life meant nothing to him.

Unfortunately, he was going through a cleanse lately.

A spiritual and superstitious friend told him that it was best if he avoided any bloodshed for the time being.

That was why Johannes was letting Levi live.

If that wasn’t the case, he would surely have Levi killed because the latter had learned such a huge secret.

“What the hell are you waiting for? My grandpa is being merciful and letting you live! Get on your knees and apologize already,” urged Sherrie.

Everyone else on site also praised Johannes for being merciful.

Levi, on the other hand, was delighted.

They want to kill me? Hah! Like they have the power to do so?

“How about this? I will give everyone here a chance. Hand the Half Phantom over in twenty-four hours, and I will pretend that none of this has ever happened.

“If I don’t see the guy by then, you will have to bear all the consequences that came with it. I will topple the Manor of Ultimate Dragonite and search for the guy myself!” warned Levi grimly.


Everyone was stunned for over ten seconds after hearing what Levi said.

It had been decades! No one had ever dared to taunt the Hilton family, and certainly never had the guts to threaten them.

That was the first time it had happened.

And he actually gave us the time and date at which he will make good on his threat!

Shame! Complete, utter shame.

Every member of the Hilton family was so angry that their faces reddened upon hearing that insult.

Levi had truly crossed the line that time, so there was no way anyone could suppress their anger!

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The crowd chanted.

Terrell waved his hand and ordered, “Kill him! Anyone who threatened the Hilton family must die!”

The skilled bodyguards were just about to attack when Johannes ordered, “Wait! Let him go today. I’d like to see just what he can do if I don’t hand the Half Phantom over tomorrow.”

Johannes was smiling brightly at the time.

As far as he was concerned, Levi was nothing more than an ant.

He may be a somewhat good fighter, but he is nothing compared to a powerful family like the Hilton family.

Still, things have gotten interesting. No one has ever threatened me like this before, and this is such a new and exciting experience!

Johannes was intrigued and curious. He wanted to know what Levi meant when the latter said that there would be consequences.

That was why he let Levi go.

So what if I don’t set the guy free tomorrow? What can this punk really do? Will he really come back to tear down the Mansion of Ultimate Dragonite? Ah, this is so exciting!

The Hilton family and the entire Goldenport Island had been too quiet over the past few years.

Nothing had happened after Xenotoph went away to train.

Hence, Johannes wanted to stir up some drama.

Terrell and the others immediately knew what Johannes was thinking.

“Alright, we’ll let him go.”

Before Levi left, he warned, “You only have one day, so you better get all your best fighters together to gang up on me.”

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