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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1930

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1930

The younger generation felt nothing when they heard about the name.

However, the elder generation shifted their expression sharply because Levi mentioned the topic that had since been forbidden on Goldenport Island.

There was a reason he was known as the “half” phantom, and it was because he was neither kind nor evil. See, the guy was incredible at geomancy.

Hence, many rich and famous on Goldenport Island used to consult him whenever they planned anything major event, such as starting a business or throwing a wedding.

Anyone who consulted him would end up having a fruitful adventure.

Even powerful figures such as the God of Gamblers had turned to the Half Phantom for a consultation.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost everyone on the island went to him, and it was accurate to claim that every powerful figure on the island owed their power to the Half Phantom.

That was why Levi was shocked when he looked through the guy’s folder.

It was incredible! The guy was practically responsible for the glorious growth on Goldenport Island, and his influence lasted decades.

Everything grew from him, and he was the root of all that success.

Unfortunately, his sins were just as terrifying and as long-lasting as his achievements.

At first, everyone called him the Half Phantom because he was born with physical defects and was not aesthetically pleasing.

That had since change.

The Half Phantom suddenly became a forbidden topic, and the mere mention of his title inspired endless fear.

Unfortunately, the higher-ups in Goldenport Island completely sealed off all records of what happened next.

That was why the younger generation of Goldenport Island and the citizens outside the island had no idea who the Half Phantom was.

It was also why the information provided by the Twin Meteorites was off.

Levi knew that he came to the right place when he saw the expression that Johannes and the others were wearing.

Thank the heavens that I came straight to the God of Gamblers. If I had gone to anyone else, I would have wasted my time.

It seems that Sherrie and the other youngsters have no idea who the Half Phantom is because they are staring strangely at Johannes and me.

“Yeah, you guessed it right. I came to look for the Half Phantom!” confirmed Levi.

Anger crept up on Johannes’ face. He shouted, “Leave! There’s no one here who goes by that title, and I have no idea where he is.”

Johannes’ response was unexpected.

The intruder is so rude and is babbling some nonsense about the Half Phantom… Why would the God of Gamblers let the guy live? Why is he simply chasing the guy away? Does it have something to do with the Half Phantom?

“Huh… Are you sure you don’t know where he is?” Levi tried his luck again.

Johannes insisted, “I am sure! You should stop looking for him as well. Leave Goldenport Island now or you will die a horrible death!”

“Does he really not know?” muttered Levi to himself. He was on the verge of giving up and leaving when he received a message from the West Sky Lord.

The message read: The God of Gamblers has imprisoned the Half Phantom.

Levi’s expression changed after he finished reading that message. He slowly tilted his head up, and his gaze locked in on Johannes.

Guilt rose up on Johannes when he saw how Levi was staring. The former threatened, “Leave now! I will make sure you die a horrible death if you don’t!”

Levi scoffed and replied, “Why are you looking so guilty? I bet you have the Half Phantom locked up.”

His words sent a wave of surprise once more. Johannes, his siblings, and his sons looked even worse off. Disbelief donned every single one of their faces.

“H-how did you know that?”

Terrell instantly turned pale, and he panted heavily.

That was what Johannes was about to ask.

It was at that moment that everyone started paying attention to Levi and taking the guy seriously.

So he knows all along that I have the Half Phantom locked up! That is why he came here.

Sherrie and her friends were still confused. They had no idea what was going on.

“W-who are you and how do you know him?” asked Johannes with a hint of fear in his voice.

Levi grinned and replied, “I have never met him before, and I only came to ask for his help. Hand the guy over. I will not partake in the personal vendetta you guys have against each other. I just want his help.”

Hearing Levi’s words got Johannes to calm down by quite a bit.

“So, you don’t know him?”

“That’s right,” replied Levi.


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