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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1927

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1927

The cab driver had never met anyone who was brave enough to walk right to the Hilton family’s home.

Levi’s outfit also suggested that he was just a regular dude, so it felt like there was no way he’d be connected to the Hilton family.

If he is actually a powerful man, why would he need to get a cab?

All those points made it so that the cab driver was certain that Levi wouldn’t leave the place in one piece.

He will likely die from this trip.

Levi saw the manor some distance away and started making his way toward it.

Unfortunately, he had already caught many people’s eyes by then.

They watched as he slowly approached the manor’s front door.

That was just how strict the security guards stationed there were.

They had to be sure that danger would remain far away from the manor.

Hence, they wouldn’t even let a poisonous spider get through.

Someone like Levi was, therefore, definitely out of the question!

“Hold it right there! What are you doing?”

Someone shouted, and over ten bodyguards zipped over. They had Levi surrounded.

“Who’s the head of this place?” asked Levi, who didn’t bother answering the guy’s question.


Everyone was taken aback for a moment before they laughed aloud.

“You don’t even know where you are, punk?”

“Listen up, dude. This is the Manor of Ultimate Dragonite, and this is where the God of Gamblers lives. Naturally, the head of this place is the God of Gamblers himself!”

Levi nodded upon hearing that. He demanded, “Okay, then have him come meet me now!”

Wow, he’s just going to be that blunt? Levi’s words got everyone stunned in place.

They turned to one another as the same thought ran past all of their minds… Is this guy a retard?

He’s actually demanding that the God of Gamblers, who is like the king of this island, come to him?

He’s either so sick that he’s delusional or he is just a lunatic.

“What are you still standing around for? Go get him over already! The guy’s name is… uh… Johannes Hilton, right? Get him to come to me now! You will have to bear the consequences if there are any delays,” ordered Levi.

Johannes Hilton? Who the hell is that?

The bodyguards were all stunned.

It had been years since anyone regarded the God of Gamblers by his real name.

Even influential figures had to regard the guy as the God of Gamblers instead of calling him by his name.

It got to the point where the others couldn’t recall his name when it was uttered all of a sudden like that.

“T-that is the God of Gambler’s name, right?”

“Oh, my gosh. You are crazy, punk! How dare you call him by his legal name? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

It didn’t take long before everyone else came around.

Anger donned their faces.

“You ignorant punk. Are you here to cause trouble? Demanding that the God of Gamblers come to you like this… You must have a death wish.”

“Geez, I can’t believe you came to make a scene and call the God of Gamblers by his real name. You’d have to be a fcking lucky ashole to survive this!”

The security guards started making a fuss.

Levi, however, simply scoffed and warned, “Here’s some genuine advice. Get the God of Gamblers to come to me now, or I will attack! It will be bad for everyone if that occurs.”

Hearing those words further infuriated the guards.

Levi was, in effect, taunting them repeatedly.

They simply couldn’t hold their anger in anymore.

It had been decades, and no one on Goldenport Island ever dared to come and make a scene there in the God of Gamblers’ house.

And to think that this punk is the one doing this all alone now. He is so stupid… brave, but stupid!

“Quit wasting your breath on him. Kill him and feed him to the sharks.”

Levi shook his head in exasperation. He tried to be civil, but it didn’t work, so he had to resort to violence.

Let’s go then. I’ll make this a quick battle so I can get to the God of Gamblers quickly and learn where that master of magical techniques is.

“Attack! Kill that punk!”

They were about to attack when a melodious voice came.

“Hold on, don’t attack just yet!”

Sherrie happened to be in a car and heading back into the house. She had just parted ways with Priscilla and the others.

Even from a distance, she could tell that someone was making a scene at the front gate.

“What’s going on?” demanded Sherrie.

“This punk came to taunt and cause trouble. He even demanded that the God of Gamblers come to see him in person! He went as far as claiming that he would fight his way in, if that is what it takes,” reported the security guard right away.

“What? I can’t believe something like this happened. D*mn the guy. How dare he taunt the Hilton family?”

Sherrie’s expression had taken a sharp turn, and her aura turned as icy as a snowstorm.

Just then, Levi turned around.

The two of them looked into each other’s eyes.


Sherrie blurted in astonishment.

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