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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1923

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1923

The heirs looked icily at Levi before they left.

They behaved like they were heavenly deities who were looking down on mere mortals.

For people whose family was almost as wealthy as the God of Gamblers, commoners were nothing more than just maggots.

Levi, however, never gave a sh*t about the spoiled brat’s threats.

Plenty had threatened him over the years, but how many of them actually succeeded in hurting him?


Even Bruce and the entire country of Zarain couldn’t do anything to him.

Hence, what could those punks really do to him?

Sherrie was quick to leave.

She didn’t want to deal with annoying issues, so she allowed Levi to stay on board.

However, she wouldn’t care if Levi died after he got off the ship.

That was why she wouldn’t stop Freddie from doing anything to Levi afterward.

After the slight delay, Levi returned to read about the master of magical techniques that the Twin Meteorites talked about.

He truly is a legend.

He was born a cripple and didn’t have a left hand or a right foot. His right eye is also blind, and his left ear is deaf.

Legend has it that he is the man blessed with heavenly foresight. That is why he is born crippled to compensate for the gift he is blessed with.

Levi continued reading on and learned all the mysterious achievements the guy had accomplished.

The more Levi studied the materials, the more he found the guy to be incredible. It also boosted his confidence.

This is good. It means that Zoey has a good shot at recovering!

Sherrie and the others were gathered in the first-class cabin.

“Your marriage will be arranged once you return, Sherrie. It looks like you won’t be able to get away from it this time,” commented Priscilla.

Sherrie seemed calm when she replied, “That is my destiny, and I have no choice but to accept it.”

Ronald grinned and replied, “Don’t be sad, Sherrie. I’ve met your husband-to-be, and he is the heir to the incredibly wealthy Cryptic Stream Corporation. His powers and the family background are both legit and incredible! Hence, you are definitely marrying one of the best guys there is.

“And you want to know the most important bit?”

Ronald deliberately lowered his voice and tilted his head down to get everyone to gather around.


His gangs stared curiously at him.

“Guess which organization is backing the Cryptic Stream Corporation up?”

“Which one?”

“It’s the legendary Lab of Gods from Zarain! It is the most mysterious and most terrifying lab there is. I’m sure you’ve heard about this organization, right?” replied Ronald.

Everyone nodded simultaneously as fear oozed out of their eyes.

Yep, that was the organization that supported Bruce from behind the scenes.

Hence, the mere mention of that name was able to instill fear.

This laboratory has grown so big that it could regard itself as a divine creature that rules over humanity!

“Of course, I’ve heard of it. We’ve even bought secret weapons from the Lab of God before. I never realize that the Cryptic Stream Corporation is their alliance,” replied Sherrie in astonishment.

“It would be more accurate to say that the Cryptic Stream Corporation belongs to the Lab of Gods! As the most advanced laboratory, it needed an incredible amount of funds and resources. That is why the Cryptic Stream Corporation is the best cash cow for them,” shared Ronald.

Priscilla and the others gasped before she asked, “Is that really the case? Well, I guess it’s good if all that is true. Sherrie, you’re really going to marry really well. My grandpa told me that even the slightest connection to the Lab of Gods would allow us to rank at the top in the world. Being an actual part of it will be even more incredible. If Sherrie marries the guy, there is a good chance that she can join them!”

“Exactly! Sherrie, this is a great opportunity. I’ve heard that the Lab of Gods actually controls every vital part of the world. Hence, they truly are at the top of the food chain.”

Everyone stared at Sherrie enviously.

Even Sherrie couldn’t help feeling better about the arranged marriage.

Her marriage had always been destined to be a loveless arranged marriage that stemmed from mutual benefits. Hence, the brighter the future it offered, the better things were for her.

Sherrie grew up in a family that valued profit above everything else, so it was only natural that she wanted to be at the top.

Under those circumstances, the Lab of Gods was simply too attractive to her.

If Levi actually heard the conversation, he would probably be shocked as well.

Just how terrifying was the Lab of Gods?

The ship sailed all day and night before it reached Goldenport Island.

Just before they got off the ship, Freddie grinned and said, “I almost forgot about that punk. Wait for him here!”

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