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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1920

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1920

“Which idi*t called our master a demon?” demanded a feminine voice. An angelic figure descended from above.

It is the Warrior Princess, Jessica Nolan!

Her regal and pure aura flabbergasted everyone.

Josephine and Yasmin were instantly star-struck.

Their reaction was understandable since Jessica was the idol they admired the most.

“Yeah, who insulted our master?”

Two tall figures showed up as well.

They are the renowned Twin Meteorites!

It didn’t take long before the top-ranking members of the Stone List came running in. Sixth, seventh, eighth…

A few hundred warriors barged into the place.

What the hell? The top fighters in Erudia have all gathered here!

“T-that’s the Twin Meteorites who ranked the first and second on the Stone List! And is that Jessica, who is ranked number three on the list? Number five…”

The crowd behind Josephine and Yasmin had incredible social networks, so they recognized the more popular warriors on the Stone List.

Trenton, in particular, recognized and knew all about them.

That was not surprising since the warriors of Erudia were all his competitors.

Hence, he knew them better than anyone else.

“What are they doing here?”

That question was the same one everyone had in their minds.

Why did so many warriors suddenly show up here? Is something wrong?

Trenton was about to voice out his question when all those warriors queued up and stood behind Levi. They bowed simultaneously and greeted respectfully, “Master Garrison!”

Their voices boomed, and their combined aura could frighten even the dragons.

The echoes could be heard in every corner of the mansion…

Trenton and everyone else on site were flabbergasted.

Even Josephine and Yasmin dropped their jaws.

When the f*ck did Levi become their master?

It was pin-drop silence after that.

Several minutes passed before Josephine and the others could react to what had just happened.

They just stared at Levi in disbelief.

Confusion donned their faces.

They wanted to know what was going on as well.

The Twin Meteorites were standing at the front. One of them scanned the entire place. “Which idiot called our master the demon?”

“Your master? You must’ve made a mistake. That is the Fiery Demon’s heir, and he is the most evil person there is. How can he possibly be your master?”

“He’s right. You must’ve made a mistake. Why would you come here to look for your master?”

Jessica scoffed upon hearing that. She challenged, “You insist on calling Master Garrison a demon. What sin has he committed? Give me just one example.”


Hearing those words made the others feel the need to list out all of Levi’s evil deeds.

However, they couldn’t.

For as long as they could remember, they were only ever told that Levi was the Fiery Demon’s heir. They actually never heard anything specific.

They never questioned the source of the information.

Being challenged like that prompted them to think, and they were all surprised.

“I-it seems like there is no example to give.”

“Y-yeah, I don’t think there is.”

A chill ran down everybody’s spine.

The demon never actually committed any sin or crime?

Jessica sneered and replied, “Well, then let me share what Master Garrison has actually done in the past…”

Jessica told everyone the truth.

“W-what? He’s the one who rescued Erudia twice?”

“A-and he is actually the Genius Doctor?”

“He even converted the Fiends and got them to be righteous! He made it so that the Blood Fiend no longer drinks human blood and Venom Fiend has stopped his inhumane experiments!”

The crowd was going insane one by one.

Who would’ve thought that Josephine and Yasmin were actually right the entire time?

Levi actually is a saint!

“Dig deep and ask yourself this. If Master Garrison truly is a murderous demon with a taste for blood, would he have let you live?”

Jessica looked right at Trenton as she asked that question.


Trenton’s expression changed drastically. He mumbled endlessly but still couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

She’s right! If Levi were evil, a powerless guy like me would’ve already died a thousand times. There is no way I could’ve survived and escaped in one piece. Not even in my dreams!

Everyone learned the truth at that moment.

Josephine and Yasmin’s family were especially proud of their daughters.

Being friends with a powerful figure like Levi is a blessing!

Levi planned on leaving after settling the matter but…

“Master Garrison, wait. I need to discuss something urgent with you.”

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