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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 54

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 54

Ingrid Ferguson finally left the jewelry store in shame and anger. Yvette hurriedly took the card over and looked at it left and right. She said in surprise, “ How did you get this card?“

Nicole pursed her lips and said, “My third brother gave it to me on my 18th birthday. He told me to bring it wherever I go. I didn’t expect it to come in handy! “

“Why didn’t God give me a ‘Third Brother’?“ Yvette held her forehead in envy and jealousy.

Nicole laughed and gave it to her. “If you like it so much, I’ll give it to you.“

“No way! This card is valid for life. It’s invalid once it’s transferred, so you keep it…but you can buy me what I like…“

Nicole nodded and liked this idea.

After buying the necklace, Yvette happily dragged Nicole around for a while before  they left the mall.

Nicole was in a good mood when she went back to the office. Samantha Lindt had been making small moves, but Nicole did not care about it and let her be.

She knew that whatever Samantha did could not be hidden from Grant’s eyes and ears. Since Samantha was digging her own grave, Nicole had no intention of stopping her.

After work, Nicole was about to walk out with her bag on her arm when Julie Nixon called her.

Once she picked up, Julie hurriedly spoke and cut to the chase. “Emergency! There’s a charity dinner tonight and my company’s artist, Roman, needs a female companion. I ‘m not in the country now, so can you please attend in my stead?“

Nicole looked at the time. “Alright, I have time anyway.“

“Thanks, love! I’ll get him to bring you a dress. He’ll be there soon.“

After she hung up, Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘How is Jules so sure that I’d attend?’

Nicole informed Logan of her last-minute schedule and went downstairs to wait for the guy. Roman was a model and was relatively reputable. If people in the company saw her, they would inevitably start gossiping again.

Thus, Nicole wanted to avoid more scandals.

In less than ten minutes, a stylish sports car appeared at the office entrance conspicuously. Nicole was speechless when she saw Roman waving at her from the car as soon as she walked out, then she hurriedly got into the car. However, Roman even took off his sunglasses and sent a flying kiss to the

crowd gathered at the entrance before driving off.

Nicole was exasperated and regretted it immediately. She wanted to get out of the car this instant!

She knew that tomorrow’s headline would be about her again.

Nicole did not say a word, so Roman laughed and turned to look at her. “Ms. Nicole, we haven’t met but we already know of each other. Thanks for your help.“

She flashed a perfunctory smile and did not want to say more. “I ‘m not helping you. I ‘m helping Julie.“

“No wonder she was so certain that you’d help. You should be very good friends, right?“

“Yes.“ Nicole did not bother to say more.

Roman saw that Nicole was not in high spirits, so he did not try to make conversation again. They arrived early at the venue of the charity dinner, so Nicole found a room to change into her dress while Roman waited at the door.

This private charity dinner was not exclusive to artists, but also a place where many celebrities and dignitaries would gather. Nicole saw many familiar faces. Once she entered the venue holding Roman’s arm, she saw Quinn and Ingrid Ferguson among the people in the hall.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. Since these two were present, Eric Ferguson must also be present.

‘This family is really out to haunt me!’

The focus of this banquet was the charity auction session. Nicole did not intend to participate, but Roman was in high spirits. He tried to make a bid for almost every product in the auction but did not manage to get anything.

Nicole was a bit perplexed and leaned closer to ask him in a whisper, “Are you here to raise the bid?“

‘Why else would he raise the price and not place the final bid?’

Roman pursed his lips and smiled mysteriously. ” Julie asked me to increase my exposure and told me that doing so would definitely attract attention.”

Nicole was speechless.

In the blink of an eye, the last piece was soon up for auction. The picture of the item appeared on the large LCD screen. It was an antique tobacco pipe with emeralds that had a high clarity and brilliance.

Nicole squinted and thought that this object looked familiar . She seemed to have seen it in the memorial hall at the Ferguson Villa. Nico le was shocked when she recognized it. ‘Is this not Old Master Ferguson’s most treasured object that had been passed down as a family heirloom for generations? Old Master Ferguson protects it with his life and won’ t even let others take a look at it, so how did it show up here as an auction item?’

Her brain spun quickly and her eyes swept around the room. She did not see Eric anywhere, but Quinn and Ingrid were in front looking at each other with a smug look, enjoying the attention of the crowd.

Nicole suddenly understood something. Her smile deepened and thought, ‘So it’s a charity trap… ‘

Only a few people present knew about the Ferguson family heirloom and thought that this was just an ordinary emerald tobacco pipe.

Quinn and Ingrid must have stolen it for the auction and bid for it later. By the end of it, they would gain both money and fame…

”This is the charity auction item provided by Mrs. Ferguson and Ms. Ferguson from the Ferguson Corporation. They are very generous to donate such a precious item. Now, let the bidding begin! The starting price is three million dollars…”

‘Three million?’

Nicole laughed lightly. ‘Old Master Ferguson’s precious family heirloom was only worth $3 million?

Quinn raised her bidding paddle. “$3 million!”

“$4 million…”

Nicole lowered her eyelids and waited for a few seconds. Afterward, she raised her bidding paddle without hesitation. “$10 million!”

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