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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2089

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2089

Suffer in Vain

Clayton looked at the information gathered from the investigation that was placed on his desk.The name “Yasmin” was written on the paper.He raised his hand and tapped on the table, staring at the document with dark eyes.

Roland stood there.

“Mr.Sloan, this is the information you asked for.According to our investigation,

Yasmin is indeed from the countryside.She has a brother who was beaten to death at a street fight half a year ago.This news didn’t get to the countryside, so she still doesn’t know about it.” Clayton’s gloomy eyes flickered. “What about her photo? Any pictures of her growing up?” Roland stood there in a pickle.

“Mr.Sloan, the traffic access into her village is blocked and they have a very poor network.She didn’t have a registration file at school, nor did the police have any records of her.So, we can’t find any photos of her.”

Clayton looked up at Roland.His deep features were very handsome.

“So, no one can prove that the current Yasmin is the same person as the one from the countryside?” Roland was a little confused.

“Do you suspect that there’s something wrong with her? But didn’t Shane say that Angie is in Southeast Asia and has been quite well-behaved?”

There was a slight chill and impatience in Clayton’s eyes.

“Well-behaved? Have you ever seen a wolf in a cage being well- behaved?”

Roland fell silent as soon as he heard this.

“Do you suspect that the current Yasmin is Angie?”

Clayton was silent.He was unsure at the moment, but there was something familiar about the current Yasmin.

Clayton could feel a sense of contempt for life from the current Yasmin.Not long after, Nicole called.She told Clayton about what happened earlier.

Clayton’s expression changed.

“Alright, I’ll go over right now.” He took his coat and went out.

“Mr.Sloan, where are you going?”

“To the Stanton Mansion. Someone hurt his daughter, so how could he sit still? Grant brought Levi home.

Judging by Grant’s temper, Levi probably could not escape from a scolding.

Luckily, Chatty did not take the incident to heart.

When she saw Clayton walking in, she forgot about what happened to her earlier

EDm#]xKL happily went to ask for a hug.

Nicole and Clayton coaxed Chatty and did not go back home until the evening.

Floyd wanted Chatty to stay at the mansion, so Nicole went home with Clayton.

The netizens were lamenting about Kirsi’s withdrawal from showbiz.

That was human nature.

When Kirsi was in showbiz, she was criticized for various things and scolded for being a mistress.

However, everyone expressed their regret when Kirsi said she would quit showbiz.

Some even thought Kirsi was innocent.

Nicole glanced at the comments and said nothing.

Clayton did not seem to be in a good mood.He just held Nicole’s hand tightly without speaking.

Nicole looked at him for a while, then leaned over gently.

“Are you still worried about what happened earlier?” Clayton answered.

His voice was deep, and his heart softened when he touched her hair. “You must be frightened too, huh?” Nicole blinked.

“I watched the footage.It looked like Chatty accidentally fell in.It’ll be difficult to find a reason to investigate this matter if we want to pursue it.”

Clayton’s face was cold.His gentle face seemed extremely calm in the dark.

“I won’t let my daughter suffer in vain.”

There was a bit of coldness in his voice.

Nicole sighed and said nothing.She was afraid to link Tina’s and Zach’s deaths with what happened to Chatty today.

Nicole was inexplicably afraid.She told Clayton about Yasmin and asked how they should thank her.

Clayton did not say anything and only smiled.

“Don’t worry.Just leave it to me.”

The next day, Nicole found out that Clayton asked someone to send a few luxury products and a bank card to the Fergusons’ Residence.

However, they were returned with the packaging intact.

Clayton looked at those things and pondered.

Nicole looked at them.

“Yasmin is too polite.She deserves all these!”

Clayton hooked his lips into a somewhat mocking smile.

“A woman who came from the countryside would need money the most.What does it mean if she returns all the money and things I sent?” As soon as Clayton hinted at Nicole, she realized where the problem was.

Yasmin should not refuse these gifts, not decisively at least.It made it seem like Yasmin did not care about money at all.

If Yasmin could work as a nanny at Eric’s house for survival, why did she not accept the thank you gifts from Nicole and Clayton? Was it because Yasmin wanted Nicole and Clayton to feel bad? Or was it because Yasmin wanted to eliminate Nicole’s and Clayton’s prejudice and doubts against her? However, this backfired.

Nicole did not doubt Yasmin’s motives at first, but now, Nicole started to think deeper into it.

Tina’s and Zach’s divorce was not finalized, so they were still legally married.

Although the police had yet to conclude the case, their funerals could not be delayed any longer.

Tina’s family set a date for her funeral.

Nicole received an invitation and went with Clayton.

Tina’s parents were sorrowful.Back then, they did not agree to Tina insisting on being with Zach.Now that Tina and Zach were dead, Tina’s parents had to organize their funeral.Nicole and Clayton left after a few minutes.

Out of the corner of her eye, Nicole saw someone familiar in the crowd.Nicole tugged at Clayton’s arm.

“Isn’t that Kirsi?” Kirsi’s belly seemed to have gotten bigger after not seeing her for a few days.

Clayton narrowed his eyes. “Yeah.” Nicole sighed.

“How could she come here? If Tina’s parents find out that she’s the mistress who destroyed Tina’s family, they’ll chase her out with a broom!” Clayton laughed lightly.

“She won’t be so stupid.” Nicole raised her eyebrows.


After a while, Kirsi came out.Her complexion was good, and she looked energetic.It seemed that quitting showbiz was not bad for her.

After all, Kirsi inherited almost all of Zach’s assets.Thus, Kirsi could enjoy life leisurely.

Kirsi smiled when she saw them.

“Ms.Stanton, Mr.Sloan.What a coincidence!”

There was no trace of sadness on Kirsi’s face.Clayton did not want to talk to Kirsi.

Nicole thought about what happened before and looked at Clayton.

“You can wait for me in the car.I’ll meet you after having a few words with Ms.Makinen.”

Clayton frowned but nodded in agreement.

Kirsi looked enviously at Clayton’s departing back and sighed.

“Mr.Sloan is so obedient.You’ve trained him very well, Ms.Stanton.”

Nicole said, “Ms.Makinen, did you quit showbiz to take over Zach’s company?”

Kirsi was stunned.Then, she laughed.

“His in-laws are here, so it’s naturally not up to me.His company isn’t worth much anymore, and I have enough money to support myself and my child.I’d like to thank you for letting me go, Ms.Stanton.”

Nicole pursed her lips and watched as Kirsi touched her belly with mixed feelings.It was shameful for Kirsi to be a homewrecker, but Nicole was surprised that Kirsi did not abort the child immediately.

“You’re welcome, Ms.Makinen.Take care.”

As soon as Nicole finished speaking, Kirsi’s expression changed as she looked behind Nicole in horror.


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