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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2088

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2088

What’s So Great About This?

Mitchell heard this and felt the chill in the air.He nodded immediately.

“I understand, Ms.Stanton.”

Nicole looked at Yasmin and smiled gently, “Thank you, Yasmin.I’ll send you a thank you gift when I get back.”

“You’re welcome, Ms.Stanton.Chatty is a cute kid, sono one can bear to see her get hurt!”

Yasmin looked at Nicole sincerely.

“I’m glad that the child is okay.”Nicole thanked Yasmin from the bottom of her heart.

Nicole was not paying attention for a while and almost lost her child.She was still drenched in cold sweat thinking about it.

Before this, Nicole was a little wary of Yasmin because of Yasmin’s strangeness.

But after this incident, she let down her guard.

Nicole retracted her gaze, carried Chatty, and looked at Fischer.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

Fischer glared at Chance and Yasmin before he turned around and trotted away with Nicole.

Mitchell patted his chest in fear and looked at Yasmin.

“Thank you.”

Yasmin smiled.

“It’s my duty.Chance just stared blankly at Nicole, who pushed the door open and walked away with Chatty.

His eyes were a little lost and confused.

Yasmin asked Chance to push Chatty, but he did not want to.

When Chance saw Chatty falling into the water, he wanted to save her.

Nicole carried Chatty into the car.

Her heart ached when she saw Chatty’s listless expression. “Baby, are you feeling unwell? Tell Mommy, okay? Mommy will give you whatever you want!”

The little girl blinked and raised her eyes.

“I want Ultraman!”

Nicole was speechless.

Fischer, who sat beside Nicole, pulled Chatty’s arm and said, “I have it! 1’ll give it to you!”

Chatty happily curled the corners of her lips.


Nicole was speechless.

Levi, who was sitting in front, did not say a word and stayed silent.

Nicole thought Levi was blaming himself for what happened to Chatty.

“Leaf, Chatty is fine.Do you want to talk to her?”

Levi blinked his eyes that were slightly red.

“Auntie, I shouldn’t have brought Chatty here.”

Nicole’s heart softened.

“Chatty is still young, so she needs to be watched by an adult if she goes out to play.You can’t take care of her yet, so you can’t take your sister out without telling us again.”

Levi nodded solemnly. Nicole touched his head.

“It’s alright.I know that you’re a good boy, so I don’t blame you this time.”

Levi sat there with his eyes lowered.

“Chance said he wanted to meet Chatty, so I brought her here.”

Nicole frowned slightly.

A fleeting thought flashed through her mind, but she did not seem to catch it.

When they arrived at the Stanton Mansion, Nicole asked the butler to take the two children for a warm bath make them some ginger tea.

Floyd was so distressed that he almost cried.

However, Jay was very calm.

“Your granddaughter is tough, and there are so many people there.Even if someone wanted to target her, they wouldn’t choose to do something at the Ferguson kid’s birthday party.That would’ve been too obvious that they wanted to provoke relations between your families.”

Floyd snorted coldly and looked at Jay coldly for the first time.

“You’re saying that because your grandson didn’t fall in!” Jay rolled his eyes speechlessly.

“My grandson jumped in!”

Floyd looked at Fischer and felt that the kid was such a charmer.

“Good boy! What reward do you want for saving my granddaughter?”Fischer blinked, pointed to Chatty, who was playing with her toys on the carpet, and said, “I want Chatty!”

Floyd choked.

Jay raised his head and laughed.

Nicole also laughed and shook her head.

No one took this joke to heart.

Amusement park.

Mitchell was not in the mood to continue the party after Nicole left and was hesitating whether he should tell Eric the truth.

Eric was on a business trip and did not know about what happened.

Just as Mitchell was deliberating, Yasmin came over timidly.

“Mr.Crawford, Mr.Ferguson is already on his way here.”

Mitchell was surprised.

Nathaniel came over and sighed.

“So what if my second uncle found out? He’s not unreasonable.Yasmin, you did a good job, so my second uncle will definitely be grateful to you.”

Yasmin nodded with a smile.

“Then let’s wait for Mr.Ferguson to cut the cake?”

Chance sat there listlessly without saying a word.He was like this since Nicole and the others left. Twenty minutes later, Eric finally arrived.

Everyone saw Eric’s livid face as he looked at Mitchell.His eyes were slightly cold, and his tone was solemn.

“Mitchell, when have you started calling the shots about my affairs?”

As soon as Eric came in, he questioned Mitchell.

Mitchell trembled, gulped, and knew that Eric had found out about what happened.

That was because this was Eric’s territory, and the people here all worked for Eric, including him.

Naturally, someone would report this incident to Eric.

“I’m sorry, Mr.Ferguson.It’s my fault.”

Eric’s eyes were cold.

“Since you like to make your own decisions, you don’t have to stay here.There’s another role in Africa that suits you better.”

Mitchell quickly raised his head.He was startled.His heart sank when he saw

Eric’s determination.He felt like he was struck by lightning.

Mitchell opened his mouth, but nothing came out.He deserved it.

If he had not begged Nicole to come, how could Chatty be in danger? Yasmin mustered up her courage and said, “Mr.Ferguson, this isn’t Mr.Crawford’s fault.It’s just an accident.Ms.Stanton’s daughter is fine, and it’s the young master’s birthday today, so why don’t we cut the cake first?”She asked someone to bring the cake over.Then she pulled Chance up from the chair and said with a smile, “Daddy came back specially to celebrate your birthday.Aren’t you happy?”  Before Chance could respond, Eric slapped away the knife handed to him and said coldly, “What’s so great about this birthday? Someone almost got hurt on your birthday, yet you still have the mood to celebrate? I told you before that I’m only raising you out of obligation, so don’t even think about getting more.”

After Eric finished speaking, his face turned cold, and he left.

The room suddenly fell silent.

Mitchell moved.He was a professional, so he got someone to tidy up and sent everyone else home safely before he left.He looked at Chance, sighed, kept quiet, and left by himself.

At first, Chance was blaming himself for what happened to Chatty and Nicole.

Now, he felt listless and sad because of Eric’s attitude.His life felt bleak and gloomy.

After everyone left, Yasmin said goodbye to Nathaniel and brought Chance into the car.

As soon as she got into the car, her expression changed.

“You’re so useless! You’ve been here for so long, yet your father doesn’t even want to look at you!”

Chance sat there dumbfoundedly with panic and horror in his eyes.

Yasmin was so mad that she pinched Chance hard.Her eyes were cold and fierce.

“Your father feels ashamed of you because you can’t speak! It must be why he’s like this.You should cry and scream! Chance’s tears suddenly streamed down his face, but he just could not make a sound.

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