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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2086

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2086

Like You That Much

Nicole arrived at the amusement park.Nicole remembered that Eric paid for this place.Eric had also been in a car accident here before.

There were a lot of people at the entrance.When Nicole arrived at the entrance, someone recognized her.Mitchell walked over in surprise.

“Ms.Stanton, I didn’t expect that you would come over today.It’s such an honor to have you here!”

The corners of Nicole’s mouth twitched.

“My daughter, Levi, and Fischer are all here, right?” “Yes, they’re here.They’re all playing inside now.Don’t worry.There are no outsiders here today!”

Mitchell almost raised his hand in a swearing gesture.In fact, Mitchell would not

be able to afford the consequences if any of the Stanton family’s children got into an accident.

Thus, he was extremely careful in terms of security.It was also so that poor

Chance could be happy for one day.

Chance was looking forward to this birthday party for a long time.

As they spoke, Nathaniel and Yasmin came over from a distance.

Nathaniel looked as carefree as always when he smiled at Nicole.

“Nikki, your precious daughter is such a little bully! A group of big kids can’t even beat your little one.”

Nicole smiled perfunctorily.

“If she loses one hair, I’ll make you bald!”

Nathaniel patted his head sheepishly and did not dare to speak.

Yasmin went over and gently said hello.

“Welcome, Ms.Stanton.Ms.Sloan is very lively and cute.The kids like her very much.I’ve been playing with them for a long time now.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows.

That was more like it! Yasmin said with a smile, “Let’s wait in the room.The children are there. Nicole paused.

“I’ll go and take a look first.After all, it’s Chance’s birthday.I ought to wish him a happy birthday and give him his present!”

She took out a small gift box from her bag.

Earlier, Nicole randomly took an unopened toy from home before she went out.

Fortunately, Chatty’s playroom was big enough that she would not notice one or two missing items.

Yasmin’s face stiffened, but she nodded with a smile.

“Sure.I’ll take you there, Ms.Stanton.” Nicole nodded.

She then glanced at Luca, who immediately understood AEj+]xMJ followed her.

Yasmin’s eyes flickered.

“This is…”

Nicole smiled.

“My bodyguard.”

“Ms.Stanton, it’s very safe here.You might frighten those children if you bring him in.”

Yasmin frowned slightly as if she was put in a difficult position.

Nicole glanced at her and flashed a friendly smile.

“Oh, if they get frightened, I’ll be sure to compensate them for any mental

trauma. After she spoke, she walked inside on her own.

Yasmin froze for a moment.

Nathaniel laughed and said, “Nikki is getting more timid.You should let him in.Otherwise, the party will have to end if she gets angry.”

Mitchell nodded immediately.

“That’s right.We’ll do whatever Ms.Stanton says.”

He looked at Yasmin indifferently and said bluntly, “You’re only responsible for

taking care of Chance, so you don’t need to worry about anything else.”

Yasmin nodded, looking embarrassed and aggrieved.

Nathaniel felt heartbroken for Yasmin.

He looked at Mitchell and clicked his tongue.

“She means well.Don’t scare her.Otherwise, I’ll complain to my second uncle!”

Mitchell smiled and walked in without saying anything.

Yasmin took a deep breath and looked at Nathaniel.

“It’s okay as long as you understand my intention.”

Nathaniel immediately nodded.

“Of course, I understand you!”

Yasmin smiled shyly and reassuringly before she turned around and walked inside.

When Levi saw his Aunt Nicole coming over, he immediately stood up. “Auntie, we…”

Nicole glanced at him, feeling angry yet helpless.She could not blame Levi for making such a reckless decision.

How could a toddler know the dangers of the adult world? Nicole was glad that she came in time and nothing happened to them.

Chatty was happily surrounded by other kids.She was the youngest there, but she was not at all timid.She stared at the aquarium and cheered with the crowd.

Fischer was running happily around Chatty.

When little Chance saw Nicole walking over, his eyes lit up with joy.

Chance ran over, looked up at her with a smile, took out a pen and paper, and wrote crookedly, “Hi, Auntie!”

Nicole smiled.

“Hello.Happy birthday!”

Anyhow, Nicole did not have a grudge against Chance.

Chance was so excited because he did not expect Nicole to attend his party.He suddenly thought of something and fished something out from his pocket.He held something in his palm carefully and handed it over.

Nicole saw that it looked very familiar.She thought, ‘Isn’t this the earring that I lost in the hospital? Why is it with Chance?’

When Nicole went back, she completely forgot about the earring.She did not expect a child to be so attentive to keep it with him.

Nicole picked it up and smiled.

“Thank you.Turns out you found it for me.I’ve been looking for it for a long time!”

Chance lowered his head and smiled shyly.It felt really good to be praised by Nicole.

Nicole gave Chance the gift that she prepared, and Chance was so elated that he hugged the toy.

Levi held Chatty’s hand and walked over.

He said with a smile, “Chatty, why don’t you wish Chance a happy birthday?”

Chatty wanted to throw herself into her mother’s arms when she saw her.

Nicole squatted down with a smile, held Chatty in her arms, and rubbed her cheek affectionately.

Levi helplessly looked at his clingy little cousin, but Chance looked at Chatty gently with an indescribable joy in his eyes.

Nicole looked at Chance’s expectant gaze and smiled.

“Chatty, wish Chance a happy birthday!”

Chatty could already speak in full sentences, but it depends on her mood.

Chatty tilted her head to look at Chance and blinked her large eyes, looking very cute.

“I wish Chance…”

Everyone was waiting for her next words, but there was nothing.

Chatty had already looked away. However, Chance was so surprised that he smiled with squinted eyes.

Levi could not help but laugh.He went over to hold Chatty’s hand and said, “Let’s go and see the dolphins!”

Chatty nodded excitedly.

Fischer was even more excited as he ran over and grabbed Chatty’s other hand, clinging to her and refusing to let go.

Chance was about to follow them when he heard light footsteps coming from behind.

The expression on his face stiffened slightly, but no one noticed this subtle change.

“Young Master, you haven’t taken your medicine yet.Come here!”

Yasmin held two tablets in her hand and handed them over with a glass of water.

Chance froze for a moment, looked up at her, and obediently ate them.

Yasmin smiled with satisfaction.

“Go on and play.Take good care of your friends!”

Chance nodded obediently before he ran away.

In an instant, Yasmin and Nicole were the only ones left.

Nicole raised her eyebrows.

“Yasmin, you adapted quite well at the Fergusons’ residence, huh? Chance likes you so much.”

If Chance did not like Yasmin, why would he obey a stranger?

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