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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2023

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2023

The carpet was thick and sharp, and was wrapped with a soft protective layer. So there was no need to worry that she would fall and hurt.

It is said that there was a tenacity in the bones of children.

She followed Daddy and Mommy without crying or making trouble, climbing the stairs one by one, steadily.

Floyd glared at the two people in front of him, ran over and hugged Clayton in his arms: “We talk about it is really good, it’s a genius to be able to climb stairs at such a young age!”

Clayton paused, thinking that, Familiar!

Julie ran in and hugged Nicole happily.

“You’re finally back, it’s too sudden for you to go on vacation, I don’t even know!”

It was indeed sudden.

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Nicole smiled, but some things couldn’t be said clearly. “Isn’t this a private space for you and Kai?”

Kai sat on the sofa in the living room, looking up lazily. “You think about the two-person world yourself, and use us as an excuse. I’m really wronged!”

Julie tutted, and Kai consciously shut up.

Nicole smiled, she really deserved it.

Everyone is there, it’s not Nicole’s turn to look at the children.

So she went to drink tea with Julie in the flower room outside.

Julie was there, lowering her head and tidying up the tablecloth. Hearing Nicole approaching, she sighed:

“I haven’t returned to Mediania for almost a month, nothing happened, right?”

“Miss Stanton is well-informed, are you asking me more than necessary?” Julie shook her head and smiled and asked.

Nicole pursed her lips: “Clayton will always pick up good news when he is recovering from an injury abroad and say that I didn’t notice it for a while. I was wrapped in his sugar-coated cannonballs, and all I heard was filtered news.”

Julie’s body froze, turned to look at her with a look of astonishment on her face: “Recuperate? Are you injured?”

She took a step forward, her eyes full of surprise and worry.

Nicole smiled, “It’s all healed, it’s just a minor injury, don’t let my dad know and worry again.”

Julie frowned slightly: “Why is this happening? Didn’t you go on vacation? How can you be injured?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows: “Isn’t it because of those bad things? Don’t worry now, Liliana has already been arrested.”

Julie fell silent.

Nicole quickly changed the subject: “Is everything going well with Yvette? I am most worried about her.”

Julie rolled her eyes at her: “It’s not going well, it’s not like you don’t know her temper, how could those people be caught?

And…she is pregnant, Lance wants her to come back, but she refuses and saying that she would rather not have children, and she will never come back.”

Nicole paused and followed in her heart sink.

This is really Miss Quimbey’s bad temper.

Be strong and not admit defeat. But it’s also easy to hurt.

She sighed and sat aside: “Wait for the company to go there for a business trip in a few days, and I’ll go take a look.”

“I don’t know how to persuade me. I want both my children and my career, but it’s really conflicting right now. Yvette hasn’t established a firm foothold yet, and she’ll be planted as soon as she leaves. After a few somersaults, everyone is waiting to see the joke.”

Nicole nodded and smiled: “Let’s see if you have time, let’s go together?”

“Okay.” Julie agreed.

She lowered her head and took a sip of rose water, suddenly remembered something, and turned to look at her: “You know what? The most powerful news that has been spread recently is that Angie and Eric’s son have arrived at Eric’s side. But Angie is not here, so the son was thrown over to occupy a seat?”

Nicole glanced at her calmly and shook her head. She didn’t understand what Angie was thinking at all. If she understood, she would not be trapped in her hands.

Thinking of this incident, Nicole responded with lingering fears.

Julie didn’t know about it, and continued to gossip with Nicole: “The famous ladies in the circle were all jealous of Mrs. Eric’s position before, but now when my son comes out, there are more than half of them.”

Nicole smiled indifferently. She feel a little bit wanting to laugh.

Julie leaned forward: “I heard that Eric’s son don’t speak and always in silent mode.”

Nicole finally stiffened, slightly shocked.

Julie sighed: “Eric didn’t take this son very seriously, he didn’t show up with him, and he didn’t let him live at home. Instead, he found a boarding school and threw it there, which is really pitiful. Angie beheaded Eric’s father, and her elder brother killed Mr. Ferguson. He used his mother and sister to blackmail him. Eric is now forced to recognize his son, which is extremely miserable. If it were me, I don’t know what to do with this son who came out of nowhere. “

The son is innocent. But the son is f*cking outrageous.

If Eric could accept it peacefully, it would be really shocking.

Nicole paused and pursed his lips: “Mr. Ferguson’s father’s funeral is at the end of the month, and there are still For a few days, I was thinking about whether Clayton should go?”

Julie knew and thought about it. For Clayton and Eric’s identities, it is indeed embarrassing. It makes sense for her to be present as Stanton’s family.

But when Clayton went, he was afraid that Eric would attack on the spot and it would not end well. Everyone’s faces were ugly.

The two thought about it for a while, but there was no result.

Nicole sighed: “Master Ferguson was also a famous person back then, and it’s a pity that he just disappeared.”

But it’s just a pity.

When she married into Ferguson’s family, Mr. Ferguson’s dissatisfaction and making things difficult for her, she couldn’t forget it.

Fortunately, it’s all over.

When it was almost noon, Aida came and said, this meal was quite enjoyable.

But after the meal, Floyd handed Clayton to the study. He didn’t come down for a long time.

Nicole waited absently below.

Talking about the children holding toys for her to play, she was not in the mood.

So it is said that the children can only go to their brother to play again.

Aida came back from the phone call and looked at Grant: “Are you really going to send Levi to a boarding school?”

Grant raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t we all discuss it? At his age, he can just cultivate a sense of independence.”

“That will make him think we don’t love him.”

Grant smiled, “No, we will talk to the school, pick up once every two days, and three days next year, which will give him a buffer time.”

Nicole’s eyes widened, “Boarding school? How old is Levi?”

Aida sighed and rubbed her brows: “I thought so too, but your brother, insisted on doing this!”

Nicole looked at Grant, “Brother…”

Grant explained patiently, “Both Aida and I are very busy, even if I stay with my father, he can’t let Levi learn more, so it’s better to leave it to him. A servant, nanny, governess, might as well let him integrate into the collective life.”

Nicole frowned, it sounded quite reasonable. Seeing that she was shaken, Grant paused: “Actually, you can go now, just to be a companion!”

Nicole was taken aback.

Aida, who had always been elegant and reserved, couldn’t help but rolled her eyes speechlessly.

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