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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2022

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2022

when he heard Angie’s words, he felt a little inexplicably Not right. It seems that something is about to break out of the ground.

That feeling is the pleasure that can’t be brought by being caught in the net.

what exactly is it?

Eric calmed himself down. He didn’t speak.

Angie didn’t mind either. Her voice was light, with a bit of cruelty and warmth: “I can let anyone die for you, but why can’t you see my heart for you?”

Eric said, “Are you sick?

Angie clicked his tongue: “This time is different from the past. There is no more strife in this world, but Angie will always be there.”

She smiled and hung up the phone.

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Eric looked at the darkened screen, his face stiff and cold.

There was always a bad feeling.

When Clayton put Angie back, did he make a deal?

Clayton was on the boat at the time and wanted to kill her.

How could he let her go?

What made Clayton let Angie go?

If Eric can know the answer, then all the problems will be answered.

Eric threw the phone angrily, his face gloomy and ugly.

Father Ferguson’s funeral was scheduled for the end of this month.

Mitchell’s preparation was very grand, and it was also in line with Mr. Ferguson’s preferences during his lifetime.

Nicole and Clayton received a call from Floyd and got on the plane ahead of time.

Mr. Ferguson’s reputation in the shopping mall was very high.

If they didn’t show up, there’s nothing to said.

What’s more, the relationship between the two was attracting attention, and the absence of it would cause unnecessary speculation from the outside world.

So Nicole must went back.

Clayton packed all the things she bought in the past few days and brought them home.

Fortunately, it is a private jet, otherwise it will be noticed again.

When Nicole returned home, Mr. Anderson couldn’t close his mouth with joy. “Have you forgotten that you have a daughter when you go out to play?”

Nicole was still very happy even though she was being scolded.

She took Clayton’s hand and walked up the steps, smiled and looked back at Mr. Anderson: “Tell me that the children must think of me eight hundred times a day!”

Mr. Anderson laughed: “You think beautifully!”

Clayton chuckled lightly and let people bring in all the gifts that were prepared.

Grant just went downstairs after talking with Floyd, and was stunned when he saw this scene.

Clayton nodded, “Dad, big brother, we’re back.”

Floyd nodded happily, “I just talked about you, you arrived early.”

Nicole smiled and walked over and hugged him and said, “Because I miss you so much.”

Floyd knew her rhetoric, but he couldn’t help but be elated: “I believe in you!”

Nicole smiled.

Grant raised his eyes with the silver frame and looked at Clayton below.

The two exchanged glances and understood everything.

Clayton’s actions are nothing but apologetic.

Only Grant knew about Nicole’s injury.

Grant didn’t tell Floyd and Clayton felt like he had escaped a catastrophe.

Naturally, Clayton have to thank his brother-in-law.

Nicole ran to the toy room and said that the children were really immersed in the world with Levi and could not extricate themselves.

She ran over, hugged, talked about the little girl, and gave her a few kisses.

Talking about the child frowning and leaning back:

“Mummy, don’t…”

Her grandmother’s small voice almost melted Nicole’s heart.

Nicole ignored the last two words she said and looked at her in surprise:

“Let’s say the children will be called Mommy?” Said the children looked at Nicole without surprise and joy, and continued to pull brother Levi. hand playing game.

Levi obediently called out “Auntie”, and Nicole couldn’t bear to leave him in the cold.

She hugged him and kissed him a few times before letting go.

Levi wiped her face and sighed softly.

Powerless rejection, powerless acceptance.

Nicole’s enthusiasm was just like the teachers and aunts he met outside.

The servant who came to take care of them came in, smiled and nodded: “Miss is back!”

Nicole replied, “Tell me you will be called Mommy, when will you be?”

The servant smiled and said, “It’s just these two. God, Mr. Sloan told us on the phone before. Let’s start teaching how to talk and talk, saying that we want to give you a surprise. I have only ever seen a man who wants his child to call him first, but I have never seen Mr. Sloan so considerate.”

Nicole paused, it turned out to be a surprise prepared by Clayton?

Really, the best gift she’s ever received.

The servant walked over and looked at Levi with a smile: “Little Master, your mom has called, can you go take a call?”

Levi nodded when he heard the words. Then he let go and talked about the children, and happily ran out.

Lonely said that the child watched his brother leave in disappointment.

Nicole picked her up and sighed, “Let’s talk about being steady and dignified, and not panicking. He’s really someone who does big things!”

The servant was stunned and didn’t know how to answer.

Clayton did not know when he stood at the door.

Hearing her words, Clayton couldn’t help laughing. He coughed and eased his emotions: “I don’t know if she will do something big, but I know that my wife does something big!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and looked at the person in her arms when she saw Clayton, She clapped her little hands happily: “Daddy…”

Clayton walked over with a smile and took over his precious daughter:

“Tell me about my little friend, I’ve gained weight again!”

The little girl said and nodded happily and stretched out his fleshy little arms: “Strong!”

Nicole watched the two of them get close without any jealousy.

Originally speaking, Clayton spent more time taking care of her after she was born.

Therefore, it is normal to talk about relying more on Clayton.

Clayton smiled and put the talking child on the ground.

“Let’s go, Kai is here with Julie and is clamoring to see you.”

He reached out and took Nicole’s hand and walked out.

Nicole was surprised and delighted. She was abroad during this time, and she really missed Julie so much.

Just two steps away, she suddenly thought of her daughter.

Said that the children were waving two small arms like lotus roots and following them step by step.

Although it is still not stable, it is completely able to walk on its own.

Nicole glanced in admiration:

“Genius, really genius.”

Clayton looked at her, and then looked at the children: “It’s all inherited from your high IQ, I heard from my father that when you were young, I’ll be walking in only two or three months…”

Nicole heard the words. and gave embarrassed smile.

“That’s all rumors, you can’t believe them.”

It was all Kai, in order to cover up the fact that he accidentally dropped her while he was taking care of her.

So he made up this thing to deceive Floyd.

Floyd actually believed it.

This incident was said by Kai once when he drank too much. At that time, he felt heartbroken and was beaten severely by Nicole.

The two went downstairs without even talking about the children.

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