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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2018

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2018

Even if there is a delay of one second, Eric is not willing to wait.

Ingrid’s stomach was like a ticking time bomb.

Once the accident happened, Ingrid gave birth to a child, and his Ferguson family was completely turned to a joke!

He is not selfless enough to raise children for others.

“Yes.” Mitchell responded and immediately got up.

The phone call was made to the person guarding Ingrid.

“Miss Ferguson is at home?”

“Yes, he hasn’t been out.”

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“Okay.” Mitchell let out a slow sigh of relief. He went straight to the hospital and waited.

Ingrid went to the hospital obediently and didn’t cry or make trouble along the way as if thinking about it.

After being pushed into the operating room, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The operation took about half an hour. Mitchell asked them to take a rest and waited here.

When the time was almost up, Mitchell asked Eric to come over.

But he didn’t expect that, within ten minutes of advancing, there was a sudden noise of things falling in a panic.

Mitchell stood up suddenly.

The doctor inside ran out, his face pale and frightened:

“Miss Ferguson, she…”

Before she finished speaking, Ingrid stood there with her stomach outstretched, a scalpel in her hand, and looked at them with red eyes.

Mitchell frowned slightly, “Ms. Ferguson…”

Ingrid sobbed and took a deep breath: “I won’t kill my child. Once the child is gone, Liliana will never return by my side.”

Ingrid gritted her teeth. The scalpel was sharp, and no one dared to approach it easily.

The doctor was so frightened that his face turned pale just now.

Mitchell stood there, pondering: “Miss Ferguson, calm down, I will tell President Ferguson right away and ask him to come over and talk to you.”

Ingrid sneered, “I don’t care, he will only think of himself.”

Ingrid held the scalpel and ran outside and afraid that someone would be guarding by the elevator, so she ran to the stairwell and quickly escaped.

But just after she got down to the first floor, she suddenly twisted her feet and her legs became weak, she fell to the ground, and rolled down the stairs.

Bleeding down her body in next second.

A miserable cry resounded throughout the hospital building.

Mitchell informed Eric of the incident, and Eric rushed to the hospital.

After the rescue, Ingrid had come out of the emergency room, her face was pale and she was fainting.

The doctor stood there tremblingly: “I’m sorry, Mr. Ferguson, I’m really sorry for what happened in our hospital.”

No matter what, she’s also Eric’s sister. If you really want to pursue it, they can’t afford it!

Eric stood there, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked inside fixedly.

The slightly raised belly finally flattened.

His heart was like a stone falling to the ground.

“It’s okay, I have to say thank you.” Eric said coldly and casually.

The doctor was stunned and stood there puzzled.

Mitchell came over after completing the formalities, glanced at the doctor, and smiled faintly.

“Mr. Ferguson, everything has been arranged. Miss Ferguson needs to rest and take her to Madam. She just happens to be well taken care of.”

Eric raised his eyebrows and responded.

It looks very satisfied.

The doctor hesitated, afraid that Eric still didn’t understand the situation: “Mr. Ferguson, because Miss Ferguson’s miscarriage is serious this time. She will have difficulty conceiving in the future, and she may not have given to a child in future…”

Eric’s eyes were indifferent. He looked over and said, “Well, I see.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Mitchell patted the doctor on the shoulder, “Don’t let Miss Ferguson know about this matter, otherwise it will affect her confinement recovery.”


Mitchell looked at the people in the ward and breathed a sigh of relief.

On the way back.

Eric sat in the back and looked at the mail.

Mitchell suddenly received a call.

What the other party said made his face change slightly.

He Paused, thanked him and hung up.

“Mr. Ferguson, the news from the hospital, the results of the paternity test for you and that child have come out. He… is indeed your biological son.”

In an instant, The atmosphere in the car dropped to freezing point.

Eric raised his head coldly and looked at him: “Can’t be wrong?”


Mitchell took a deep breath, feeling the pressure of death in the air. It was suffocating.

Eric pursed his lips, narrowed his eyes, and reached out to rub his eyebrows.

He was trying his best to suppress his irritability.

“Where’s the person?”

Mitchell paused, “Who?”

“That child.”

“In the company’s dormitory, I asked my colleagues in the secretary department to help take care of me.”

He said in a low voice. Before the result came out, he couldn’t arrange the child privately.

But Eric had no intention of intervening.

It is easy to find an aunt temporarily, but if it spreads out, it will not affect Eric well.

Eric knew the severity, so he didn’t dare to make his own decisions.

Eric did not speak with a sullen face.

Thinking of the conditions with Angie again, she raised her child like this, and wanted to stuff her by his side.

Disgusting enough.

“Mr. Ferguson, it’s okay to be like this, why don’t you take it back and find an aunt?”

Mitchell asked tentatively, “Or leave it to the lady to watch?”

Eric looked out with dark eyes. His face was gloomy and his tone was cold: “No need, send him to school for boarding.”

He didn’t want to see that child for a moment. The appearance of that child will only remind him of his humiliating past.

Mitchell hesitated, but seeing Eric’s expression, he could only nod his head.

The child is so young, how can he lives in boarding?

Eric obviously didn’t like the child and I’m afraid he wouldn’t even find a doctor.


“Okay Mr. Ferguson, I will contact a good school.”

Mitchell took a deep breath.

Back to the company.

At the same time, He had to go to work, so he naturally brought his children with me.

Just let him play by himself in an empty conference room.

The little ones were a little overwhelmed by everyone’s enthusiasm.

He looked as white and tender as a porcelain doll, and he looked so similar to Eric. Needless to say, he knows it has something to do with him.

Everyone did not dare to neglect.

There were Toys, snacks on the table. The child just sat there obediently. His eyes twinkling, looking at the gift in front of him.


He was nervous and careful. He looked uneasy, not half of Eric’s domineering and cold-hearted, and apart from his appearance, his personality didn’t resemble him at all.

Maybe no one will believe it. No one likes him so much, not even Mommy likes him very much.

Mommy said that Daddy liked him very much, so he asked her to come to Daddy.

Daddy’s colleagues are all very nice.

The child sat there a little embarrassed, and his colleagues outside took turns to come in to feed.

It may be because of the growing environment. When others are not there, The child will not move the things and snacks on the table.

He just sat there, sensible and distressing.

A female colleague coaxed him for a while and asked him to drink some milk and some snacks before sighing: “This child is really pitiful, his eyes are cautious, as if he grew up watching people’s faces since he was a child, let him sigh. It hurts to death!

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