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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2011

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2011

The doctor comes three times a day, but Clayton’s face is getting better every day, so Nicole felt that she was getting better soon.

A week has passed.

The slight tingling in the rib has also disappeared.

Her intermittent coughing had also stopped.

Clayton could carry her to the wheelchair and push her.

The two stick together almost every day, inseparable.

She was able to push a wheelchair by herself, and occasionally heard loud noises in the hospital.

Somewhat hysterical.

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Especially at night.

But it seems like a hallucination.

It disappeared quickly.

Listen again, there is absolutely no, it is an illusion.

Nicole was sitting on the balcony of the ward admiring the moon, while Clayton was handling business affairs with a computer in the room.

While she admired the moon, she admired Clayton.

Clayton seemed to be able to sense her gaze, without raising his eyes, he chuckled lightly: “Have you seen enough?”

Nicole blushed, and immediately retracted her gaze and hid. But after thinking about it, if you have a certificate, you can watch it if you want.

She looked back at him with a smile: “Mr. Sloan, you are prettier than the moon.”

Clayton was accustomed to her occasional rainbow fart. He smiled lightly, rubbed his brows helplessly, and looked up at her: “Would you like to sleep?”

Nicole was still immersed in the shyness just now, and when she heard it, she thought crooked.

“I hate it, people are still sick!”

Clayton paused. He frowned and laughed: “It’s ten o’clock, I just asked you if you want to take a beauty sleep, where did you think?”

Nicole took a deep breath.

Don’t go too far.

As long as she is not embarrassed, it is others who are embarrassed.

But right now, Clayton is not embarrassed, the only one who is so embarrassed is himself!

Nicole really wanted to continue admiring the moon as if nothing had happened, but Clayton didn’t want to reveal the topic very much, so he walked over and stood behind her, pushed the wheelchair in, and whispered in her ear: “Why don’t you do this now? Try it later?”

Nicole absolutely doubted that his face was the same color as a cooked crab.

She took a deep breath, and in order to ensure that she had no distractions, she immediately and firmly rejected him: “No, I said ‘sleep’ has no second meaning!”

Clayton raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Nicole felt that she was at a disadvantage, so she glanced at him unwillingly:”Absolutely not!”

Clayton raised his eyebrows, seeing through and not saying anything: “Oh? If you don’t have it, then I can do it?”

Nicole rubbed the side of her cheek, and the warm, quiet and cold fragrance enveloped her, as if she had fallen into a comfortable dream.

His eyes were entangled, and his kisses came overwhelmingly. He supported the armrests on both sides of her with his hands, bent over, the collar of his shirt was slightly open, and his eyes were dyed a little dark, as if he could swallow her in one bite.

Nicole gently put her shoulders on him, and just as Clayton was about to pick her up further, he suddenly heard a rush of movement below.

The hysterical female voice shouted again, hoarse and desperate.

At night, it was terrifying and frightening. Completely mixed the good interest of the two people.

Nicole pushed him away abruptly, frowned, and muttered dissatisfiedly: “Is this a hospital or a mental hospital?”

Clayton didn’t answer, but his eyes dimmed a little, his thumb rubbed against his lips, bringing Kind of wicked and cold.

“It’s okay, I’ll go take a look?”

Nicole frowned, took her hand, and hesitated.

That bad feeling suddenly flashed past.

She didn’t want him to leave.

Clayton paused and touched her head: “Okay, let’s go down together?”

He seemed to know what was going on with the people shouting below?

If it is an ordinary patient, is it worth him to take her down to see it in person?

Nicole nodded with some doubts in her heart.

Clayton picked up the blanket on the side and put it lightly on her, afraid of freezing. She clung to it, and it was much warmer.

Clayton gently pushed her wheelchair and turned it in a different direction, then went out.

Seeing the people inside come out, Sergio quickly lowered his head, “Mr. Sloan, ma’am.”

Clayton nodded and introduced to Nicole: “This is the person who jumped into the sea to save you. It’s called Sergio.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows, her eyes lit up: “Sergio, Thank you for saving me.”

Sergio nodded, “It was the order of Mr. Sloan to Protecting you and Mr. Sloan is what we should do, as long as the madam is fine.”

Sergio was only in his early twenties, but he looked cold and resolute, as if he had been tempered by life.

It is different from the feeling of Luca. Luca is a professional champion. Later, he followed Floyd and Nicole and completely integrated himself into their safety.

He will give Nicole an idea, and will also express his own opinion. But Sergio in front of him gave the impression that he was loyal to someone, and he would go all the way, no matter right or wrong.

It’s good that he can meet such a person. If it is the enemy, it is a big trouble.

In just a few seconds, Nicole’s mind turned a few corners. She smiled and looked at Sergio: “Anyway, thank you very much.”

She looked up at Clayton.

Clayton raised his eyebrows and nodded: “Yes, promotion and salary increase are not enough. Go back and bring your family to Mediania and work hard.”

Sergio’s eyes lit up, and his face finally had some emotion. It can be seen that the conditions given by Clayton are really dreamy.

“Thank you, Mr. Sloan, thank you madam.”

Clayton smiled and pushed Nicole onto the elevator.

The reward that should have been granted a long time ago has to wait for Nicole to speak, isn’t it just to make him appreciate Nicole?

Nicole naturally knew what he was thinking, smiled, and then watched him press the elevator on the second floor.

The lights below are very dim, and there is a kind of gloomy feeling.

Passing through a long corridor, to an open flat floor, there are dozens of tall and sturdy foreigners inside and out.

When they saw Clayton, they immediately stood up and stood there respectfully.

Nicole was so shocked by this battle that his whole body was tense.

Clayton noticed it, patted her on the shoulder lightly, and explained in a low voice: “These are the bodyguards I hired temporarily to protect us. I think I should learn from the Kai. Don’t be afraid of danger, and you can do it without danger. Self-defense.”

Originally, Nicole was still very nervous, but after Clayton explained it like this, she was relieved.

The corners of her lips twitched, and she glanced at the group of people in black clothes in front of her, with an aura that made people scared at first glance!

Well worth it!

She nodded: “Yes, go out on this scale in the future!”

She was really scared.

Clayton: “…”

Everyone makes way for them.

The innermost room was closed, and the sound of someone screaming came from inside.

A familiar man came out.

When Clayton got closer, it was the captain.

The captain walked over quickly, looked at Nicole and nodded, then looked at Clayton again: “She almost ran out just now, but she was caught and locked.”

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