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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2006

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2006

Clayton’s hand tightened on his mobile phone. He answered in a low voice.

Grant heard something was wrong, and immediately said, “Is she next to you? Let her answer the phone.”

Clayton was silent for a second, his eyes surging fiercely. Silent for a few seconds. He pursed his lips and said, “She can’t answer the phone temporarily, brother, we are in the hospital.”

Clayton paused and took a deep breath. Actually Clayton wanted to hide it, but couldn’t. He said everthing briefly.

Unless he takes Nicole far away to a place that the Stanton family can’t touch.

Otherwise, this matter will be known sooner or later.

If he deliberately concealed it, the fact that he was finally accepted by the Stanton family would be ruined.

Nicole loves them, so Clayton can’t do it. In any case, it was his fault.

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Grant’s voice was low and indifferent: “So, she almost died there?”

Clayton was silent.

Grant said: “I’ll send someone to pick you up right away.”

“Brother, we’re staying here for the time being, it’s very safe, and you can’t touch it here.” Clayton rubbed his eyebrows and said in a deep tone.

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“Besides, as long as things are not over, they will keep staring at Nicole.”

For a long time.

Grant probably knew what he meant, but neither of them broke it.

Grant: “Take care of my sister.”

“Okay.” Clayton replied.

A few seconds passed.

Grant spoke again, and he should have calmed down:

“Don’t ruin your future because of one person, Eric’s identity is eye-catching. He can’t have an accident in your hands, otherwise you and Nicole can’t escape the relationship.”

Clayton didn’t answer.

It was only after a full minute that he responded.

Grant breathed a sigh of relief and hung up the phone. He could feel the gritted hatred of Clayton when he mentioned Eric. If he was more ruthless, maybe everyone would be dead now. He also hated Eric. Most of the things Eric brought to Nicole and the Stanton family were unfortunate.

But morally speaking, there was nothing terribly wrong with him.

He shouldn’t die in Clayton’s hands.

Emotions are immoral.

hung up the phone.

Grant called Mr. Jenson directly: “Did you let Liliana go on purpose?”

Mr. Jenson paused, “Mr. Stanton, let’s make an appointment to talk?”

Grant said: “No, because Liliana was let go, My sister is in danger, how will this account be calculated?”

People in the shopping malls have always been in awe of those in the officialdom.

The Stanton family is no exception.

The friendship that has been continued through the years of achievements is not shallow, but if it really threatens the interests of one party, they will not share weal and woe with each other.

Mr. Jenson was silent for a moment before speaking: “We also knew that the person who was sent to stare at Lianli didn’t meet Nicole. We thought it was all right, but we didn’t expect this kind of accident to happen.”

Grant’s tone was extremely cold with a bit of gloom in the bottom of his eyes: “Mr. Jenson, give my sister a breath, no problem?”

“Of course no problem.”

At the private hospital.

The bodyguards have surrounded the place.

When Nicole woke up, she only felt discomfort in her throat, as if something was itchy in her lungs. She just wanted to cough, but when she coughed, her chest hurt terribly.

Hear movement.

The person sitting next to him suddenly stood up, walked over, and asked her softly, “Awake? What else is uncomfortable?”

Nicole squinted, looking at the person in front of her, the warm and familiar face, Let her heart tremble slightly.

After all, it’s not Angie’s face.

Does this mean that she is saved?

Suddenly, she was excited to get up to see clearly, but there was a sharp pain in her chest.

Her face turned pale.

The cold sweat on her forehead instantly came out.

Clayton’s face was ugly, he immediately rang the bell to call the doctor, and slowly helped Nicole to lie down, “Don’t move, lie down and don’t move, the sea water is poured into the lungs, it must be very painful, two ribs are cracked. Luckily, I got your life back.”

Nicole heard this, lay down and slowed down for a while before opening her eyes again.

Clayton’s eyes looked at her without blinking, and Nicole could clearly see the scarlet bloodshot in Clayton eyes, which was tired and cold.

Suddenly, Nicole raised her hand slightly.

Clayton grabbed it immediately and whispered softly, for fear of scaring her: “What do you want, speak slowly.”

Nicole paused, pursed his lips, and his voice was dry and hoarse: “How long have you been asleep?”

Nicole Lost for three days, Clayton did not sleep for three days.

In the middle of it, he couldn’t hold on for a while, but he was soon awakened by a nightmare.

In the dream, she was screaming for help.

Poor as hell.

How could he sleep?

But Clayton couldn’t tell the truth, so he pulled the corner of his mouth reluctantly and comforted her: “I just didn’t sleep well. How could I sleep without you?”

He was telling the truth, even when Nicole was in a coma, he couldn’t help but shut up. Eyes closed, but soon woke up.

She lowered her head, put her face in her palm, and rubbed lightly.

Nicole’s fragrance came over, which made him feel at ease instantly.

The panic that was almost lost, slowly settled down.

That feeling, as if it could grab his neck and choke his breath.

At the beginning, he survived under the threat of merchants, and he knew this feeling well.

Since he has the ability to break away from the threat of merchants.

For a long time, he didn’t have this sense of crisis.

Nicole was sluggish for a moment before he wanted to laugh: “Fancy words.”

Clayton smiled, and the two looked at each other without saying a word.

The doctor brought people in.

They were all foreign doctors, and Nicole realized that he had not returned to Liberty.

She was nervous for a moment.

But Clayton had been standing there looking at her all the time, and his gentle and dignified appearance made her relax slowly.

The doctor checked it again, and it took less than twenty minutes.

They watched Clayton talk about Nicole’s situation in E language.

Clayton just lowered his eyes and listened carefully, nodding from time to time.

But fortunately, there was no terrible sadness on his face.

This proves that her situation is not that bad.

Doctors filed out.

The room was quiet again.

Clayton sat back, looked at her, and smiled: “Grant and Kai want to see you, I will tell them the address later.”

He thought that Nicole had just woken up and must have wanted to see her family.

Nicole shook her head, and she pursed her lips: “Don’t let them come, it’s dangerous here, Kai is timid, and the Grant is very busy.”

Hearing what he said, Nicole knew that she didn’t tell Floyd that she was in danger.

She was still relieved.

Clayton’s expression was tense for a moment, and he looked at her: “Then let’s go back and make a video call with them?”

Nicole nodded.

Quiet for a moment.

Only then did Clayton summon up the courage to ask her, “Did that woman beat you?”

When he asked, his voice was hoarse and deep, with a bit of gloom in his eyes.

Although there was no trauma on her body, he knew very well that there were many ways for this kind of person to torture people.

If he dares to use it on Nicole, even if it is one, he will not let it go easily!

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