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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2005

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2005

The captain was constantly doing first aid, without a moment’s slack.

Finally, Nicole moved. She coughed heavily, spitting out the fluid in her abdomen.

The captain heaved a sigh of relief and fell to the side.

Clayton glanced at him, his eyes darkened: “Thank you so much.”

He didn’t say more, and put all his attention on Nicole. “Baby, wake up. It’s fine… it’s fine, I’m here…”

He said, gently pressing against her face as if touching some rare treasure.

That kind of cautious, let people see it is heartbreaking.

The captain turned his face away.

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Having known him for so long, this “thank you” in front of me is the most sincere.

Clayton never regarded them as friends, just his subordinates.

For the first time, he received Clayton’s heartfelt thanks.

Clayton lowered his head, leaned over, and lay on Nicole’s shoulder.

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He did not notice. Tears in his eyes fell into Nicole’s neck. piping hot.

“Let me in, let me in and see…”

Eric’s movement came from outside.

It’s a pity that Clayton’s people stopped him.

The captain glanced at him.

The anger in Clayton’s eyes rekindled, he glanced gloomily at the door: “Those who are here today, don’t even want to leave.” The captain nodded, and then walked out with people.

Soon, the people outside stopped moving.

The captain turned back.

Looking at Clayton holding Nicole and not letting go, he ordered: “Go back to the shore immediately, you have to go to the hospital.”

The captain nodded, knowing that it was urgent.

The stagnant water spit out, but no one can guarantee that there will be sequelae.

Nicole fell into a coma again in the second half.

In less than half an hour, the boat docked.

They went to a nearby private hospital.

Go straight in for first aid.

Clayton was waiting outside, his face gloomy.

The captain sniffed the cigarette by the side.

A bodyguard came over with a change of clothes, “Mr. Sloan.”

Clayton slowly raised his head and recognized that this person was the water ghost who rescued Nicole.

The corners of his lips moved: “What’s your name?”


Clayton nodded: “Very good, thanks to you.”

He clenched his fists. Almost, he will lose her.

Sergio nodded slightly and pursed his lips: “It was you who asked me to dive under Eric’s boat and followed him all the time. At first I didn’t expect Madam to fall into the sea, but luckily it was too late, but Madam was tied with her hands and struggled in the sea. There’s no chance…”

Clayton’s eyes flickered slightly, and there was a thick haze at the bottom of his eyes, and his eyebrows cooled: “Yeah, there’s no chance to even struggle, she can’t even survive.”

He almost gritted his teeth. The words that come out.

A monstrous anger ignited in his heart.

Can’t wait to swallow all the emotions.

He couldn’t imagine that picture.

When Nicole came, she was still very happy to wear beautiful jewelry.

As soon as he turned his head, he was unable to struggle in the sea.

She must be in pain.

The light was dim, and the man’s eyes were extremely sharp and dangerous.

He was like a wild beast that was off the reins, he just wanted to kill all those who bullied her.

A long time.

He looked up at Sergio again: “Madam really jumped off by herself?”

Sergio paused, his eyes darkened: “No.”

Clayton narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth, “Speak clearly.”

Sergio: “At that time, Madam was on deck watching Eric negotiating with Angie, and I was below the deck. As a result, Angie took the person to the stern, and there were many people on the other side, so I didn’t show up. But when I looked over from the side, Angie’s subordinates did not show up. Not to save her, but to push her on her back. Mr. Sloan, I can be sure that Madam didn’t jump off by herself.”

The voice fell.

The door to the emergency room was silent.

Deadly still.

Can’t even hear breathing long time.

Clayton’s inner darkness that had been suppressed for a long time seemed to be revealed and released with force.

His bloodthirsty numbness took over all his emotions again.

Anger shouted cruelty, and he wanted to kill those people cleanly.

Nicole didn’t jump off herself.

How could she have jumped on her own?

Nicole was so afraid of death that she would complain for days if she was accidentally burned, and she would not die calmly. She knew that she would never give up looking for him.

Even if it’s just hope, she won’t. It turns out that someone really hurt her!

Clayton’s silent look is like a dormant beast.

The captain patted Sergio’s shoulder and looked back at Clayton: “Mr. Sloan, over there, we have already mixed half of his efforts, should we continue?”

Clayton raised his head with scarlet eyes and bloodthirsty:”Continue.”

“Then Eric and Angie…”

“Lock up.”

He spat out a few words softly, Extremely indifferent.

The captain understood what he meant, patted him on the shoulder, and said in a low voice: “Don’t forget the plan you participated in, Eric can’t die, once he dies, the military of Mediania will soon follow you. The gain is not worth the loss, fortunately Madam is alright, just let it out.”

Clayton did not respond indifferently.

The captain straightened up, glanced at him, and said nothing. He turned to look at Sergio: “Are you still feeling sick?”

Sergio pursed his lips and stood up straight: “No.”

The captain nodded and looked at Clayton: “How about having him by your side?”

Clayton glanced at him: “Okay.”

Sergio’s face was obviously a little happy.

He is Libertarian and his parents are also Libertarian, but they died in a foreign war.

He made a living abroad, and he had no success.

Just be a mercenary.

He followed Clayton at the military base a few years ago, but the people who can follow Clayton with him are all excellent people.

They are not qualified.

The military base was abandoned, and he drifted with the captain.

When he was young, he didn’t want to be like this for the rest of his life.

He needs a chance, a chance to get ahead.

So when Clayton was looking for someone who was familiar with water, strong endurance and loyal, he did not hesitate to recommend himself.

Finally, he succeeded.

Nicole was sent out and sent directly to the observation room.

The doctor took off the mask: “Although her life is not in danger, she choked into a large amount of seawater, her lungs were infected, and her ribs were slightly fractured due to the pressure of gravity. Now she must be well cultivated and observed.”

Clayton’s eyes, There was silence for a few seconds.

Only then did he slowly nod his head, with a bit of emotion on his face: “Okay, thank you.”

At least, his baby didn’t leave.

Watching Nicole was sent to the intensive care unit, he stood outside and not daring to blink.

The captain brought his mobile phone, and it happened that a call came: “A person surnamed Stanton? Is it your wife’s family?”

Clayton glanced.

It’s Grant.

Clayton was silent and answered the phone and responded. “Big brother.”

Grant said: “Is there something wrong? I heard that several sites of Liliana were taken over for no reason. He is looking for revenge everywhere. You bring Nicole, be careful.”

The bottom line is still worried about Nicole.

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