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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1997

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1997

The first class cabin is very spacious, Nicole is so excited that she can’t sleep, and turns to go Look outside.

She knew earlier that she should come out with the talking children!

As soon as she turned her head, the foreign flight attendant came over with a blanket.

Instead of looking at Nicole on the left, she knelt in front of Clayton on the right and gently covered him.

Nicole looked over with a funny look.

Clayton didn’t fall asleep, just closed his eyes and rested.

When the flight attendant’s hand came close to him, she smelled an unfamiliar fragrance, which pungently asked him to plan.

He opened his eyes suddenly and waved his hand coldly.

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The thing in the flight attendant’s hand fell to the ground all of a sudden, and said repeatedly,


Clayton rubbed his eyebrows, and instantly knew the flight attendant’s intention.

He subconsciously looked up to the left.

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Nicole watched this scene with a smile, her eyes full of jokes.

Clayton was sullen, but was fine. Not only was he not angry, but he was watching a good show?

The foreign flight attendant looked at Clayton with an affectionate expression:

“I’m sorry, guest, I’ll pour you a glass of red wine?”

Clayton frowned slightly, and his tone was cold:

“No need.” What else did the flight attendant want to say, Clayton raised his chin, looking at Nicole: “please get my wife a blanket.”

The flight attendant froze slightly and looked at Nicole who was smiling.

Suddenly, he lowered his head in a panic, and responded.

When he took the blanket over, Nicole smiled and looked at him sideways: “When did I become your wife? Boss, didn’t we hide from your wife? Are you going to divorce and marry me?”

The flight attendant’s hand froze slightly.

As soon as Nicole’s words entered his ears, the stewardess looked at Clayton with a more cordial and warm look than before when she raised her head again.

Clayton frowned, expressing helplessness to Nicole.

However, he still raised his eyebrows: “Look at your performance!”

Nicole snorted seriously: “When your sixty-year-old wife dies, I can correct it?”

Clayton choked.

Well, the script was reversed too fast, and he couldn’t keep up.

Just close your eyes and say nothing.

The flight attendant heard clearly, her enthusiastic eyes disappeared, and her gaze towards Clayton was cold, even with a bit of contempt!

The second half was finally quiet.

The plane lands.

Nicole smelled the air of freedom.

Although all the people coming and going are foreign countries, with a high nose bridge and yellow hair, she is free and kind to everyone.

Clayton followed in her footsteps unhurriedly.

As soon as they left the airport, more than a dozen bodyguards followed.

Nicole stopped and went, very interested.

Clayton also followed patiently, bought some gadgets, and listened to a cello on the street before he got into the car.

“Go fishing now?”

Nicole looked at him and smiled.

Clayton paused and patted her head: “Wait until the evening before the boat arrives.”

The car was driving on the wide road by the sea, seabirds swept overhead, and the sea breeze brought the salty air, burst after burst, Refreshing.

The two walked on the beach, clasping their fingers.

It is rare to enjoy such a pleasant evening time.

It’s almost time.

A bodyguard drove the yacht over, and Clayton helped Nicole up: “It will be there soon.”

Nicole nodded. The port where the cruise ship stopped was not the coast, but she was a little aware of the importance of Clayton’s personal trip.

But she didn’t ask, her inner joy overcame all doubts.

There were many people on the cruise, and tourists came and went talking and laughing.

No one noticed a speedboat approaching.

Clayton pulled Nicole up, and the people on the boat seemed to be ready.

The group took them in and went directly to the deck on the second floor.

No one is on this deck and the view is the best.

Nicole was wearing a black dress, which was blown up by the wind. The skirt fluttered and moved with the wind. The sea was glistening in the sunset. She stood in front of the railing and looked back at Clayton with a smile: “It’s so beautiful here.. ….”

Clayton walked over slowly with a smile: “Yeah, it’s very beautiful.”

The beauty behind her is not as good as hers.

The lower deck was crowded and the atmosphere was certainly not as good as the one above.

The two were tired and crooked for a while, and a foreigner in captain’s clothes came over.

Clayton squinted when he saw it. He quickly lost the enthusiasm in his eyes and touched Nicole’s hair: “Wait for me here for a while, I’ll do something.”

Nicole nodded.

Seeing that Clayton didn’t go far, she had a few words with the foreign captain in the E language, and the man handed an item to Clayton.

Clayton quickly put it into his pocket.

He turned back and took Nicole’s hand: “There is a dance at night, the boat will stop at seven o’clock tomorrow morning, do you want to stay here for one night?”

Nicole nodded.

Clayton took her hand and kissed her lips lightly, and smiled: “Then don’t go far, there are many people at night.”

“Where’s Samuel?”

“I’ll disembark with us tomorrow morning.”

Nicole ordered nod.

The dance at night was more lively than expected.

After many days of tension, she relaxes here.

Clayton’s people are here, very safe.

So she drank two cups and went back to rest with Clayton.

The suite is close to the deck, and the sea breeze blows and the waves hit the rocks, like a lullaby.

Before she knew it, she fell asleep.

In the early morning, she vaguely heard some noise outside.

She turned over, changed her position, and continued to sleep in Clayton’s arms.

Clayton patted her on the shoulder and stuffed her with a quilt.

Suddenly, Clayton’s phone vibrated.

In order not to disturb Nicole, he went out to answer the phone.

After a while, he came back.

He patted Nicole on the shoulder and said in a warm voice, “Baby, something happened down below, do you want to come and see it with me?”

Nicole muttered, but didn’t hear what he said at all.

She just feel like she can’t control herself and want to sleep.

Clayton was helpless, “You sleep here, I’ll come back after I’ve dealt with it, don’t leave this room, you know?”

Nicole responded subconsciously.

Don’t leave the room, she knows.

Clayton quietly left.

The night is cold as water.

Looking around, the cruise ship is quietly integrated with the sea.

The light was quietly shining with a faint light, which outlined the outline of the entire cruise ship.

But at the bottom of the boat was the source of the noise just now.

As soon as Clayton went out, he looked at the captain he had seen in the daytime: “What’s the matter?”

The captain’s face was solemn:

“Something happened just now, someone broke into Mr. Liliana’s room, I suspect it was someone who was chasing him, why don’t we take advantage of it? Now, take him out on a speedboat, it will be better now than tomorrow.”

Clayton’s face was cold, he pondered for a moment, then nodded:


The captain was relieved and immediately asked someone to prepare.

“Will Mr. Sloan go together?”

Clayton shook his head and immediately refused: “No, my wife is still here.”

As he said, he suddenly remembered something, his face changed fiercely, he raised his feet and ran out.

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