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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1996

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1996

There was a little silence in the office.

“Okay, then put this account on Clayton’s head.”

Liliana gritted his teeth, “That b*stard emptied the arms base, I have to find out where his core base was transferred to before I know him. Where are those weapons. For example, I took the opportunity to arrest everyone in the Stanton family and asked to kill one, and if I didn’t say anything, I would kill all the people around him!”

Eric looked at him coldly.

“Did the dog jump off the wall in a hurry?”

His voice was low and cold, unceremonious.

Liliana’s face became ugly: “How dare you speak for him? You forgot whose hands your mother and your sister are in?”

Eric’s face softened a little, and the anger between his eyebrows was suppressed:”I mean, do you think Clayton didn’t expect you to do it?

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If you do it now, you will fall into his full set, and when you show up, you won’t even know how to die!”

The corner of Liliana’s mouth twitched, “The big deal is that the fish will die and the net will be broken!”

“If you want to court death, you can do whatever you want.”

Eric lowered his eyes and looked at the report again.

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Liliana refused to accept it, but at present he could only rely on Eric’s power to settle here.

The atmosphere is a little slow.

“Brother-in-law, something happened to my sister. I wanted to find her first, but the arms are more important. You send someone to find out what’s going on. I will continue to stare at Clayton. I must get the arms!”

Eric eyes sank: “I don’t have time to pay attention to people who don’t matter.”

“Then I’m a younger sister. She gave birth to your child, so it doesn’t matter!”

Eric’s face was cold and ugly. With patience, he twitched the corner of his mouth evilly:

“What’s more, I’m your brother-in-law too!”

Eric’s eyes flashed a little coldly.

The conversation fell apart.

Liliana confirmed that in order not to reveal the secret, Clayton didn’t even know where the arms went.

He is directly accountable to the people below to do it.

This made Liliana’s liver hurt a little, and after staring at it for several days, he couldn’t even leave the door!

But there was no news from Angie.

His subordinates came over to report: “Clayton’s cargo ship went from South Africa to Southeast Asia. I don’t know if there will be any clues.”

Hearing this, he couldn’t sit still.

Clayton knew him too well, and he waited quietly for Liliana to be caught, and Liliana didn’t dare to confront him here.

Can only go to Southeast Asia to find his arms, and then find Angie.

He went to Eric and told him to go to South Africa!

He didn’t need anyone else to arrange for him, and even Eric could not have imagined the path ahead.

The next day he disappeared.

When the news from Southeast Asia came, the figure of Liliana had already appeared in Angie’s house.

Eric breathed a sigh of relief.

The tense spirit that was visible to the naked eye instantly relaxed.

Mitchell said: “As soon as he leaves, the project is easier to operate, but the trader sent by Liliana is not easy, he may have noticed our actions.”

Eric’s eyes turned cold, and it was a little cold:”Go, check his background and ask him if he wants life or money.”


After Nicole swam two laps in the swimming pool in the back garden, she went ashore and lay down comfortably, making a mask.

She was wearing a bikini, shaking her legs comfortably.

When there was no one at home, she often let herself go like this.

After Clayton finished talking, he went to find her.

Hearing his footsteps, Nicole opened her eyes: “Do you want to swim too?”

Clayton frowned, looking at her wearing a bikini here, frowning slightly, took a blanket from another chair and gently covered it on her.

Nicole opened it casually: “I’m sunbathing!”

Clayton looked at the glass top that was automatically adjusted to the shading mode, frowned slightly, and was very puzzled: “Where’s the sun?”

Nicole took off the mask and glanced at him and said, “I’m afraid of getting tanned, so I just feel it.”

Clayton obviously didn’t understand why Nicole’s brain circuits were so contradictory, so he smiled and habitually praised: “You look good even if you are tanned.”

“Do you think the charcoal is better than me when you hold me, who is white and tender, and hold a piece of black charcoal?”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him, and the man didn’t have a backache just standing and talking.

Clayton touched his nose and wisely did not continue to struggle with this topic. “There is good news, do you want to go out to sea fishing?”

Nicole immediately regained her spirits, she sat up from the reclining chair: “Can I go out? That b*stard ran away?”

Clayton nodded with a smile.

Nicole’s sullen face instantly became refreshed:”It’s great, if you hold it any longer, I’ll really die!”

She immediately ran to the bedroom, and ran back excitedly: “Why are you going to the sea for Fishing? Do you have any other plans? I want to go on vacation…”

Clayton let out a low laugh: “Let’s put aside the vacation thing first, sea fishing is because the young master of the Lindstrom family is coming back, I want to go over there. Next time, the friend who is escorting the boat also has to check.”

Nicole nodded immediately.

Now as long as she can go out, she is willing to go to the Sea!

Kai knew this and was happier than her. He ran out as if he was happy.

Clayton was very puzzled and shook his head: “Kai is a little too careful. He is not the target of Liliana. He doesn’t need to do this. Dad goes out to drink tea with friends every day, and it’s fine.”

Nicole smiled, “Kai is timid, but it’s a good thing to be timid, knowing that he cherishes his life!”

“That’s true.”

Clayton agreed very much, and Kai was the one who cherished his life the most in the entire Stanton family.

After all, it’s been almost a week since Nicole went out again.

Nicole was dressed up brightly.

When she got in the car, she realized that the ferry did not call at the port in Liberty.

Nicole was distressed, “If I knew I would go abroad, I would change my clothes.”

Clayton raised his eyebrows, “It’s very beautiful.”

Although she looks a bit extravagant, especially when she wears two diamond bracelets on her hands, and her necklace It is a set, exquisite and gorgeous.

Nicole frowned: “My dad said, keep a low profile when you go out, otherwise people will easily stare at you.”

Clayton smiled: “It’s okay, I’m here.”

Nicole took her arm loose. She breathed sticky and leaned against him: “Finally, I can breathe free air, but why did Liliana run away?”

Clayton said: “He is hiding here, and he can’t miss a chance to attack, and My sister is gone, I should go to Southeast Asia to find someone.”

“Angie is gone?”

Clayton nodded, his eyes were cold, and he said casually: “Well.”

“Where did she go?”

“How would I know?” Clayton said casually.

“You didn’t do it?” Nicole asked back.

Clayton glanced at her sincere eyes and pursed his lips: “I’m a serious businessman, how could I do such a thing?”

Nicole choked.

Can’t speak.

Serious businessman, hehehe…

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