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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1994

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1994

Clayton hugged her lying on the bed and kissed her on the forehead After they kissed, the two of them were about to go on fire in a chaotic manner…

Nicole suddenly came to his senses and pushed him away:

“I know what to buy!”


“Take me The donated antiques are all my dad’s!”

Clayton snorted and touched his chin: “Yes, this is very important.”

Later, Floyd will know!

Nicole happily regained her interest in online shopping. After a few hours on the trend, it was taken offline. Because she only appeared for a while and did not break her own record.

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Everyone is disappointed with the “rich baby”.

Early the next morning.

Nicole saw many missed calls on the phone. She frowned, familiar with the number, and called back directly.

“Ms. Stanton, Liliana ran away during the delivery last night…”

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Nicole was shocked and suddenly remembered that it was the call from Mr. Jenson.


“Yes, he jumped out of the car. We chased to the seaside, he disappeared after jumping into the sea, our people searched all night, but no one was found! It is very likely that this person has escaped our sight. He finally knows that you are the one who harmed him. You have to be very careful. “

Listening to Mr. Jenson’s cold warning, Nicole only felt that she was chilling all over.

What’s going on?

She was so happy that she was called back in less than a night?

The call was hung up, and Nicole’s face had already changed pale.

Clayton came in from the outside with milk in his hand. His eyes were gentle and soft: “Awake? Quickly drink a glass of milk and say that the children wake up earlier than you…”

Nicole paused, a little helpless and panic in her eyes.

Clayton finally realized something: “What’s the matter? “

“Mr. Jenson just said, Liliana ran away.”

The room was silent.

“Don’t worry, I will increase the number of people to guard here. You should not go out these days.”

His proposal is the same as Mr. Jenson.

Although Clayton has a bit of coldness in his eyes, he still walks over as if nothing had happened. He reached out and touched her head, with a touch of comfort: “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, you’ve done a good job, it’s just an accident, the rest will be left to me.”

Nicole blinked, she was really panicked just now. After all, what she did will definitely make Liliana hate herself.

Yes, as long as she doesn’t do anything, Liliana will not find a chance.

She took a deep breath and clicked Nodding. She stretched out her hand to hug his shoulder. Her voice was a little lost: “I’ve caused you trouble, I thought I did it perfectly, but I didn’t expect this result.”

Clayton clapped her hand with a smile, and squeezed it lightly: “You’ve done it flawlessly, it’s just too cunning.”

Nicole sniffed, raised her head, and frowned slightly: “But how could the police lose such an important prisoner so carelessly? Dozens of people Can’t you see a stinger?”

There was silence for a few seconds.

Clayton’s eyes deepened a little, and he smiled: “Accidents can happen, don’t pursue this. Just take advantage of these few days to rest and recuperate. If you want to go shopping, let them in the store. Bring all the clothes of the current season to save you fatigue. The company’s affairs can be handled online, and if you can’t handle it, let the big brother go.”

He thought really unusually meticulous. But he thought too much.

“You are not someone who can’t sit still.”

Especially in the face of danger, she would not do things like sneaking out to find death by herself.

She simply nodded, turned her head and thought: “How about I go to the island I bought before and live for a while?”

Wouldn’t it be safer to live on the island?

Clayton paused and looked at her: “Then what should I do?”

“Come with me!”

Clayton looked at her for a long time, feeling that she didn’t seem to be joking, and immediately pursed his lips: “If we leave, Liliana will definitely let everyone know that we escaped. I think we should not do this. We can better protect ourselves within the sphere of influence we are familiar with.”

Nicole didn’t respond. Oh… Then she hugged his waist again and sighed.

Her mind is in chaos now, and she just wants to throw the mess to Clayton, what he says is right!

The big deal is to be a tortoise with its head shrinking for a few days, and it’s nothing.

Seeing her being so obedient, Clayton couldn’t believe it for a while.

Clayton lowered his head to study her expression carefully, groaning unhappily, it seemed that he was really hit.


His heart hurts.

He didn’t want to see Nicole, who was so assertive and confident, become depressed at all.

It’s all tortuous!

He will definitely make him pay for it.

His eyes were a little deep, and he raised her chin and lowered his head to kiss her gently. The soft touch made him want to comfort him and become lingering.

Nicole tightened her arms, hooked the man’s waist, raised her head and entangled with his lips.

It seems that he can draw a sense of security from him to clean up the irritability and anxiety caused by the grinding.

The warm, quiet and cold fragrance on her body made her resistance less and less, and Nicole squeezed deeper into his arms.

Then, for some unknown reason, the two of them rolled onto the bed, their clothes were loose, and no one wanted to stop…

Two hours later.

Clayton came out of the bathroom, refreshed and not at all tired.

Nicole moved her head and stuck her head out of the quilt, not even wanting to move his fingers.

You shouldn’t be indulging in male sex on such a beautiful morning, why can’t you hold it back?

Tired but can’t sleep.

Clayton picked her up from the bed and took her to the bathroom, where the water had already been filled.

He didn’t act like it was the first time he did it.

Nicole murmured in a low voice.

Clayton thought she fell asleep and was woken up again, so he pinched her face: “After washing, sleep better. I’ll help you or do it yourself?”

It was the first time that Nicole was so awake with him like this Be honest in the situation.

She felt a little uncomfortable, her heart skipped a beat, she pursed her lips, and the tips of her ears turned a little red: “I’ll do it myself, you go down quickly.”

Clayton licked his lips and seemed a little regretful, but he knew that she was thin-skinned, did not continue: “Okay, everyone was waiting for you to eat just now, I’ll go down and explain.”

Nicole was slightly shocked and raised his head.

Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

With a smile in his face, Clayton looked at her amusingly: “Don’t worry, I’ll ‘explain’ it well.”

As soon as he left, Nicole didn’t have the mood to continue soaking.

She quickly and simply cleaned it, and went downstairs in less than 20 minutes.

It’s like being a thief with a guilty conscience.

Floyd had already taken the talker kid to go out to play with Levi.

Only Kai, Clayton and Butler were left at home.

Nicole went down the stairs, Kai was already neatly dressed and was playing tricks with Tigger.

Clayton was talking to Butler, and Butler nodded solemnly.

Seeing her go downstairs, Butler smiled casually: “Good morning, miss, I’ll leave you breakfast.”

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