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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1993

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1993

“should be.” The police said, and left.

Liliana was unwilling to break free from the shackles and stumbled towards this side. As he ran, he scolded: “Stinky woman, you dare to play with me, you and Clayton are the same raccoon dog. D*mn, I will never let you go, you wait to die!”

Nicole smiled and looked at him with nothing to do. She said in a cold voice of fear: “D*mn it is you, no matter who you are, don’t even think about running away. Just like you, you still want to bully my family and friends. Did I warn you that this is my territory?”

The police didn’t hear those words, but Liliana could hear them clearly. He was so angry that he saw Clayton in the car. He was even more mad: “You wait for me, I will never let you go like this!”

Clayton glanced at him, his eyes extremely dark. From the beginning, he has remained silent.

Liliana was dragged away by the police, and Nicole directly asked Luca to drive away.

Nicole was very satisfied.

On the way back, Luca played a piece of music she liked very well.

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Nicole squinted and listened for a while. Suddenly remembered something.

She almost forgot that there was someone sitting next to her!


“I…I also heard that there was an arrest operation tonight to watch the fun, what a coincidence…”

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She subconsciously made an excuse for herself.

Mr. Sloan pursed his lips and laughed lightly: “Yes, the coincidence is all related to the Stanton Corporation, how can my wife be so smart?”

He looked at her with a meaningful smile, his eyebrows were warm and there was no blame. and strange.

On the contrary, it was with some admiration and admiration.

Nicole paused.

“You see it all?”

“Is it difficult?”

She raised her eyebrows: “I’ve been thinking about this plan for a long time, and it’s foolproof.”

Clayton sighed, “I originally planned to make some noise abroad and let him leave by himself, but I didn’t expect you to do it first.”

Nicole was puzzled: “Why can he leave on his own?”

Clayton smiled, and his voice was light: “Perhaps, my brothers and sisters are gone?”

Nicole frowned, “How could it be, it’s too risky!”

Those were the brothers and sisters of Liliana.

Without Caleb and Liliana, Angie is also the leader of the exclusive party.

Say no, it’s not that easy.

“Although the trick I think is a bit of a loss, it depends on who is right. He has only harmed people in his life, and he should also taste the taste of prison.”

Nicole couldn’t help but feel complacent. If she didn’t, she would worry all day about family and friends being implicated.

In this way, once and for all, she will be able to sleep well!

Clayton couldn’t help bending the corner of his lower lip when he saw how she couldn’t help but be excited. “It’s because I started too slow and put you under pressure.”

“It doesn’t matter, I can solve it.” Nicole said with a relaxed smile.

Clayton didn’t say anything until he reached Stanton mansion.

Floyd didn’t expect the people who went out to come back so quickly, and was stunned for a moment. “Didn’t you guys go on a date? Come back so soon?”

Nicole was stunned for a moment, hesitatingly trying to fool him.

Floyd was suspicious.

Clayton walked over and smiled, knowing that Nicole didn’t want to worry Floyd, so she didn’t say it.

“Going to the beach, the wind was a little strong, so I came back.”

Floyd believed Clayton’s words and nodded: “Yes, the temperature has dropped recently, so we should go to a better place for our next date!”

Nicole: “…Oh.”

Nicole changed her shoes and was about to go upstairs: “Dad, did you talk about sleeping?”

“Sleep, go to bed early!”

Nicole went directly to Kai’s room and knocked on the door.

She can’t help but share this good news with Kai!

Kai came out with a blindfold and sighed: “Sister, I don’t understand that they are all strong women, why are they different from you? If you can be lazy, you can be lazy, and if she can give, she will give. The leave you asked for yesterday has become today’s overtime…”

Nicole ignored his complaints and raised her chin with a smile:

“Kai, I’m telling you good news! “

Kai chuckled lightly: ” Okay, say it.”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him.

It’s so promising!

“I’ve put Liliana in jail, so you can go out with confidence! “

Kai was about to go in without a word. It was swift. His body froze and he turned around slowly, his pupils dilated: “What did you say? “

“You heard that right, is this good news?”

Kai was excited and questioned: “You can’t lie to me!”

Clayton happened to come upstairs, and Kai ran out and grabbed his arm: “Brother-in-law, is Liliana really caught?”

Clayton paused and nodded with a smile: ” It’s all Nicole’s idea, very clever!”

After hearing what Clayton said, Kai completely believed it! He suddenly ran over and hugged Nicole and turned around, and then threw himself into Clayton’s arms.

“Great, this is my good sister and reconciliation. Brother-in-law, don’t say anything, I’ll change clothes and go out to pick up my wife! “

Nicole twitched the corners of his mouth, dare he not go out at night?

He rushed into the room suddenly, and quickly came out. He put a card in Nicole’s hand: “Hey, just spend the pocket money that brother gave you as a reward!”

He waved his hand in a big way, and happily went in again.

Nicole looked at the card in his hand and smiled slowly. “Thank you brother…”

She smiled sweetly, what a surprise!

Clayton raised his eyebrows, and Nicole quickly took him back: “I’ll go back to online shopping, or Kai will regret it when he wakes up…”

Clayton said, “Is this the love and killing of rich brothers and sisters? “

She didn’t disappoint Kai’s good intentions at all, especially spending other people’s money online shopping, especially without pressure.


“Rich baby” came to the live broadcast room again and was instantly swept away by everyone.

At the beginning, her feat of throwing hundreds of millions of dollars is still praised by people.

Now that she appeared again, countless people flooded into the live broadcast room instantly, and everyone was going crazy.

But Nicole glanced at it, then withdrew and paddled away.

She don’t like this live broadcast room, change to the next one, then the next one…

Everyone follows her footsteps, just like following the little brothers of the gods!

She watched a few in a row and didn’t like it very much.

Nicole backed out.

How to do?

She couldn’t spend the money, and she felt a strong sense of loss in her heart.


Clayton looked at her lying on the bed in low interest, his eyes darkened, and his hair was still wet after taking a shower. He picked up the hairdryer and sat down beside her, gently massaging her and blowing her hair slowly.

Nicole enjoyed lying on his lap, closed her eyes, and pursed her lips.

Clayton massaged her head for a while before putting down the hair dryer: “Don’t you want to buy something? Why are you unhappy?”

Nicole muttered: “I don’t know what to buy…”

Clayton: “… “

Can a woman have such troubles?

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