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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1992

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1992

Nicole raised her eyes and looked at the sky. It was evening. The stars were twinkling, and the weather was fine.

She hooked her lips and said coldly: “Okay, the plan begins.”

Nicole hung up the phone, squatted down in a good mood, and kissed Lil Chatty who talked about it.

“My dear baby, wait for Mommy at home. When Mommy comes back, you can play with Mommy everywhere!” She said that Lil Chatty didn’t understand at all, but it didn’t prevent her from making trouble everywhere.

She stepped directly on Nicole’s feet and staggered in the past, and began to find another target…

Nicole: “…”

She sighed and went straight to go out with her clothes.

Clayton stopped her suddenly, his voice was slightly heavy:

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“Where are you going?”

Nicole paused for a while, and immediately put on a relaxed expression:

“Go out, I’ll be right back.”

Clayton looked at her with deep eyes: “It’s so late, let me accompany you.”

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Nicole: “…”

Clayton: “Not willing?”

“Yes.” Nicole smiled reluctantly, not wanting to waste too much words.

She can’t wait to run over to see how bad luck is!

With a smile on his lips, Clayton took his clothes and went out:

“Let’s go baby, don’t worry, it’s our date.”

Nicole smiled silently.


Such a date, I’m afraid it can scare people to death!

After Nicole got in the car, Clayton got in the car.

Luca glanced at it and was stunned for a few seconds before starting the car.

The car went farther and farther, and Clayton had long felt that something was wrong.

When he was far away from the Calienter, he finally couldn’t help it and didn’t turn his head to look at her.


The ship has been transformed to avoid the tracking of the coast guard of the Mediania within the sea area of ​​the Mediania, and use its own special equipment to locate and navigate.

These things are already used to, so he is not unfamiliar at all.

But when they were out of breath after carrying the boxes, they were about to set sail.

Suddenly, the lights on the shore lit up, and the street lights pulled the light and shadow for a long time.

That moment.

Countless special police officers came out from countless corners, armed with guns and weapons, and surrounded the ship.

Seeing this, Liliana’s subordinates panicked for a moment.


Liliana calculated inside, he and Snakehead couldn’t get along in the first place, so why would he be black after delivery?

Hearing the people outside screaming, he was furious: “I told you not to shout because I’m afraid others won’t know that we are going to smuggle?”

He went out while scolding.

Looking at the police on the shore, guns were aimed at themselves.

For a moment.

The face of Liliana changed instantly.

He realized immediately that he had been fooled.

And it’s still a woman’s trick.

He despised beautiful women the most. Beautiful women have no brains. He always felt that Nicole was the same.

But at this moment, when he had nowhere to go, all he wanted to do was cut that woman and Clayton into pieces!

This is clearly a game!

Antiques are real, so they dare to use them as bait!

Liliana scolded, turned his head and ran in, and the boat roared away.

What’s the use of the police on shore?

Put a few empty guns at most.

Even if he breaks, he will never be caught!

But the boat was less than 200 meters away when he stopped.

Because of the boundless sea.

I don’t know when, so many coast guard ships appeared, the dazzling white light flickered, and it was cold.

He has been surrounded by circles, and he has not even a chance for a gap.

His subordinates broke in with a pale face: “Boss…”

The siren from outside rang through the sea.

He never dreamed that he would be folded here!

Cold handcuffs wrapped around his hands, and the police escorted them back to shore.

Then the box they had worked so hard to move in was moved out again.

“There are sixteen boxes in total, and none of them are missing.” The police went over to make a report.

Liliana’s eyes stared at them coldly.

The international police can’t do anything about him, what is this group?

The leading police officer walked over with a cold voice: “According to the police, the Stanton Corporation warehouse has lost 16 boxes of antiques that are going to be donated to the museum, and now you are officially arrested in the name of illegal theft and smuggling. We will determine the actual value of this batch of antiques. I’ll convict you.”

His chest heaved up and down.

actual value!

“It’s f*cking worthless, what’s the real value to talk about!”

He couldn’t help but yelled: “It’s clearly that woman who framed me, and she asked me to smuggle it. You go and investigate, and I’ll be innocent!”

Well, he was really mad.

Wrongful and angry!

I feel like I’ve never been so foolish in my life!

Nicole, this d*mn woman!

The policeman gave him a calm look: “You will listen to her? Heh…”

With an expression like You are idiots.

Liliana was even more angry and could not wait to find a vent, the anger was stuck in his chest, and he almost suffocated himself!

“Otherwise, how could I get the key, it’s her, that sly woman!”

He would even pull the woman on his back!

Policeman: “The Stanton Corporation has called the police three days ago. The warehouse key is lost. You stole it, right?”

Liliana: “D*mn!”

Just as he was about to say something, he watched a luxury car parked in a low-key manner. not far away.

Nicole lowered the car window and watched the scene with a small smile on the corner of her mouth.

Enjoy your plan.

It was just right, and she looked at Liliana’s sullen eyes. She raised her eyebrows, nothing to be afraid of now.

Even the most vicious criminals have to be afraid of the police!

Clayton also saw this step and instantly understood all this.

He glanced at Nicole meaningfully. It can’t say it’s not shocking.

It was he who kept her behind him subconsciously all the time, so that she would have less trouble.

But he ignored that Nicole was not an ordinary eldest lady.

There is no eldest lady who can manage the group at a young age, and no eldest lady can be so perfect in arresting Liliana.

Even if he wasn’t stingy, it would be easy for her to take revenge.

While he was still racking his brains to protect her, Nicole was already preparing to fight back.

And, quite beautiful!

Looking at the unwilling look of Liliana, you can see how much she hates her.

Nicole, how can you impress him like this?

If he hadn’t insisted on following today, would he never have known about it?

Clayton didn’t dare to think that her ability was far beyond his imagination.

Once again, there was a small wave in his heart.

Cheers for what she has done!

Nicole’s side face is bright and bright, and it is reflected in the car in half-light and half-darkness, but his eyes are quietly admiring the tragic state of being caught.

She is calm and calm, cold and alert, this is the real her.

Clayton smiled softly, he almost forgot.

Wasn’t it because of her fearlessness that she was attracted to her in the first place? Only later, he was completely fascinated by her tenderness.

The policeman walked to the side of the car and handed over the key in the transparent bag: “Ms. Stanton, please take a look, is this the lost key from the warehouse?”

Nicole smiled and nodded sincerely and gratefully:”Yes.. Thank you, comrade police, for restoring such a huge loss for the country!”

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