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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1990

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1990

Seeing that Clayton wanted to continue to ask, Nicole coughed and asked. She waved: “Come here and let me kiss first.”

Clayton paused, looking at her deeply, but the tips of his ears turned red unconsciously.

He walked over obediently, his eyes darkened, and he didn’t say any nonsense.

Nicole held his face and gently touched his lips. When he wanted to let go, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist, making her stick tightly to his body.

From a kiss to an endless kiss…

Just after the first kiss, the two of them were panting, their faces flushed, and they braked in time.

After all, this is Stanton’s house, so it shouldn’t be too much.

Fortunately, neither Floyd nor Butler came out to destroy it, otherwise, They really don’t know how to meet people.

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Nicole opened her eyes to look at him. Her eyes seemed to contain a layer of water, the mist was hazy, bright and charming.

For Clayton, the test was too great. Just when he was about to say something, his body suddenly froze.

His eyes moved slowly, his throat moved, his voice was hoarse, but coaxed:

“Tell me about the Lil Chatty, what are you peeking at?”

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Nicole also froze, and quickly looked over.

Talk about the child standing there leaning against the wall, staring at him with big eyes, watching motionlessly.

I don’t know how long I watched, but my eyes were innocent and curious.

Clayton straightened Nicole’s hair before walking over.

Nicole felt a little guilty, so she followed: “Tell me, baby, why are you walking without a sound?”

Clayton glanced at her: “She didn’t wear shoes, and she crawled over.”


Talk about Lil Chatty Pointing at Clayton’s face, and at Nicole’s face.

Finally, her little finger pointed to her own face: “Boom…”

She looked at the two excitedly and wanted to participate.

Clayton pursed his lips and squeezed lightly on her cheek.

Really just pinch it.

He smiled and stood up and left.

Said that Lil Chatty turned to look at him in disappointment, and finally looked at Nicole with anticipation, and pointed to his own face: “Boom…”

Nicole couldn’t bear it anymore, so she hugged her heavily gave a big kiss.

Talking about Lil Chatty, shehe shook her legs with satisfaction and smiled.

Clayton came out of the kitchen not long after, and brought a cup of sour plum soup.

Said that the children’s eyes widened in surprise, but it was a pity that Clayton handed it to Nicole.

“Try it, Kai just taught me to make it.”

Nicole twitched the corners of her mouth and wanted to say something, but she took a sip first and nodded in affirmation.

Then she looked at him seriously and said,

“Next time, let the Kai, Kai, do it himself, he taught you because he was too lazy.”

Clayton frowned slightly, thinking about Kai’s purpose?

Kai came out of the kitchen and pinched her waist: “Don’t think I can’t hear. Nicole, do you dare to speculate on your brother’s good intentions?”

Nicole raised an eyebrow and said with a smile: “Kai, Kai, are you feeling better today? Are you still having nightmares?”

Kai was in a hurry, turned his head and left.

Can’t be bothered.

Nicole smiled and looked at Clayton: “Don’t be fooled by him, he is a chicken thief!”

Clayton took his cup and smiled casually: “Kai is kind, don’t you like it? I can make it for you to drink when I learn it, not to mention I enjoy the process of cooking.”

His voice was warm and pleasant, not in a hurry.

Inexplicably felt reassuring.

Floyd took Levi to study, and it was a headache.

Still sighing at the dinner table, it is really difficult for children to learn now.

He looked again at the heartless talking about Lil Chatty, thinking about the grand plan he made for her, and thinking about giving it up for the time being!

Everyone finished eating.

Levi said that he was taken to play in the room, and Nicole and Floyd were talking downstairs.

Just as he was talking, the butler came in.

“Chairman, the people from the Lindstrom family are here again.”

Floyd frowned slightly and glanced at Clayton who was talking about the project with Kai.

Clayton immediately understood and walked over: “I had news about Samuel before. I was afraid that they would be in a hurry, so I sent someone a letter to them, but they haven’t come back yet. I don’t know why they are here?”

Floyd frowned slightly, “Any news?”

Clayton nodded, and went over to pour a cup of tea lightly: “Being locked in prison under a different name, it is more difficult to find out, but it went well.”

He was locked in prison after changing his name.

No wonder the people from the Lindstrom family couldn’t find it.

Simply looking for a needle in a haystack!

But in Clayton’s place, is it so easy?

Compared to Floyd’s astonishment, Nicole was still calm.

Anyway, people live a long time, they can see everything.

She smiled and looked at Clayton, “Are you alright?”

Clayton frowned slightly, and he was a little speechless: “The conditions are tough and I am ill, but when I come back, I should be able to get medical treatment.”

Nicole nodded, originally in South Africa and do not expect a healthy return.

Floyd restrained his emotions and sighed: “Let the people from the Lindstrom family come in. My son has been lost, and it was hard to find it. It’s normal to be anxious.”


After a while.

Mr. Lindstrom and Mrs. Lindstrom came in again with a cartload of things.

“Old master Stanton, Mr. Sloan, thank you so much. Mr. Sloan, you actually found out the news of Samuel for us. We really can’t sit still. We have to come to the door to thank you!”

Mrs. Lindstrom nodded with eyes: “Yes, Thank you, Mr. Sloan. Thank you Ms. Stanton. Thank you Chairman Stanton. Your family is our great benefactor.”

Floyd waved his hand, “What are you talking about?”

After a few greetings.

Floyd asked them to sit down and talk.

Mr. Lindstrom rubbed his hands together, looked at Clayton awkwardly, and said, “Mr. Sloan, how many days will it take for Samuel to come back?”

Clayton paused, “At least two months.”

“So long?” Mrs. Lindstrom exclaimed, “Can you bring the person back sooner? I’m really worried about his health…”

Clayton smiled: “If you follow normal channels, it’s only a matter of two or three days for him to fly. But he can’t come back through the normal channel, there are countless eyes staring at him, and he will die as soon as he comes forward. I arranged for Young master Lindstrom to come back and take a special channel. It’s already the most time-saving.”

Mrs. Lindstrom’s face turned pale in shock.

Mr. Lindstrom hurriedly grabbed her: “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. Mr. Sloan has helped you, he must have tried his best.”

Mr. Lindstrom smiled and looked at Clayton: “I understand, the situation abroad is complicated, and it doesn’t matter for two or three months as long as he can survive. But the message you sent said that he was ill, and I was worried that he would not be able to survive…”

Clayton hesitated for a few seconds before he spoke meaningfully: “The cruise ship is There is an accompanying doctor. As far as I know, his disease is a very common disease in South Africa and can be treated, so this is why we let you prepare medical aid in advance.”

Mr. Lindstrom nodded and breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay.”

Mrs. Lindstrom couldn’t help but hesitated, “Actually, if we sent a helicopter, wouldn’t it save a lot of time?”

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