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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1989

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1989

I just thought Nicole was pretty. Later, I felt that her personality was bright and she was not afraid of anything.

Now, I feel that she is simple but bad, and a little shrewd, and the bad people can’t put it down.

How could Eric let go of such a woman?

If he was, he would have to be tied to his bed.

He still waved his hand, and the bodyguard immediately gave way.

Nicole stepped on high heels and left in disdain.

It seems that I don’t want to have a dime relationship with a scum like him!

His subordinates stepped forward in confusion: “Boss, be careful of cheating!”

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Liliana rolled his eyes at him, smiled, shook his head, and said with certainty, “No, Clayton won’t let her come out to dig a hole for me. Clayton protects this woman tightly. Maybe he doesn’t know that this woman has a private connection with Snake Head!”

“But how can we be sure that what she said is true?”

Liliana sneered, the corners of his mouth twitched: “Go Check that address to see if there is anything in it, don’t you know?” The subordinate nodded.

Liliana smiled: “That’s fine. When I look back, I put a green hat on Clayton. I can’t wait to see his reaction. It’s really interesting!”

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So this shipment was just an opportunity for Nicole to cooperate with him.

He raised his head: “Go prepare the cruise, don’t let Eric know about it, and let the top student from abroad come over quickly to follow up on Eric’s project, I don’t believe him.”

“Yes.” The subordinate replied.

Nicole walked to the side of the street and got into the car, sighed, picked up the water next to her and took a big gulp, and let out a slow breath.

Luca kept following the news inside, and when he saw Nicole coming out, he was relieved: “Miss, did he believe it?”

“Have half believed it.”

“What should I do then?”

Nicole smiled, ” As long as I have the goods in hand, he will trust the other half, and I will let people put the things in.”

She took out her mobile phone and sent a text message.

The other party replied: “ok.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Luca breathed a sigh of relief: “Should I tell my family about this?”

“No, the more people who know, the more Liliana will notice, and we have to keep quiet.”

Nicole smiled. “Then give him a fatal blow!”

Luca nodded, feeling that what Nicole said made sense.

“Let’s go.”

The car was about to start. Suddenly someone knocked on the glass outside.

Nicole looked over and frowned slightly.

She’s not going to drop the windows. But the other party continued to knock perseveringly, and there were people in front of her.

She could only fall halfway down, and her eyes looked coldly outside: “Mr. Ferguson, is something wrong?”

Eric’s stern and unwavering face appeared in front of her.

It’s a pity that Nicole didn’t really want to see him.

Eric’s brows were cold, his face was tense, his eyes were deep and turbulent, and he suppressed his emotions:”Hav e you gone to find Liliana?”

Nicole’s eyes flashed, and he looked away:

“What did you say? Who is Liliana? “

Don’t play stupid with me, that’s my hotel. People in my hotel saw it with their own eyes, and there are surveillance cameras. What did you tell him?”

Eric lowered his voice and asked. There was a bit of urgency and worry in his deep eyes.

Nicole was extremely disgusted with his tone, and always had a high-level attitude, thinking that he could control everything.

She smiled, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Eric’s face showed a bit of anger, and he gritted his teeth: “Nicole, you’d better not provoke him, this kind of person is not something you can provoke.”

Nicole Looking at him lightly, her eyes were distant and indifferent: “I didn’t mess with him, he messed with me first. Eric, I don’t want to know what deal you have with him, you’d better be with him. Don’t interfere.”

Eric sneered: “Sure enough, there is something! Clayton knows about it? He asked you to come? Did he let you take risks as bait?”

His voice was low and cold, and he hated Clayton when he mentioned it terribly.

Nicole frowned slightly: “You are quite imaginative, just like I’m a puppet?”

“Nicole, I’m not kidding you.” Eric’s expression was solemn.

Nicole also looked back coldly: “I’m not joking with you. Don’t worry about me, you still worry about where your sister and your mother are going.”

Nicole said that she was about to close the car window, but she was about to completely When it was closed, it was a little unbearable.

She looked out at him and met those shocked, complicated and hurt eyes: “I tell you, I asked a question just now, and I suspect your sister is not in his hands.”

After speaking, Nicole raised the window directly, wearing a Putting on her sunglasses and looked at Luca: “Drive.”

Luca responded, and then started the car.

Eric was left far behind.

It wasn’t until he could no longer be seen that Luca asked, “Mr. Ferguson won’t tell others about your meeting, right?”

Nicole opened her eyes slightly, and her eyes flashed a little coldly. She pondered for a moment before opening her mouth: “It shouldn’t be, he is also controlled by others, not on the same line as Liliana, and he doesn’t have that much energy to manage me.”

Nor will he devote his energy to managing her.

Nicole could feel that Eric’s aura was not as free and easy as before.

He has been under too much pressure recently. It is estimated that his sister and mother are in the hands of others. It is estimated that he has nowhere to go.

The battle of the trapped beasts refers to the current Eric.

She sighed and closed her eyes. She was not in the mood to think about anything else, nor did she want to join forces with Eric. She just wanted to solve the problem in her own way.

The phone suddenly rang.

It was Logan.

She was stunned, and quickly picked up.

Logan came over with a cautious and worried voice: “Ms. Stanton, is that you?”

Nicole paused, “It’s me, Assistant Logan, I just forgot, I’ve come out safely, don’t worry Oh!”

Logan’s tone was trembling in his body.

Now I can finally swallow it: “Ms. Stanton, if there is another time, don’t tell me, I have had a heart attack since I was a child!”

Nicole: “…”

No promise!

She hung up the phone and went directly back to Stanton’s house.

Unexpectedly, Clayton came back early. Obviously he was more busy!

Clayton came up to him, took her coat and hung it up, and looked at her with a warm smile: “Baby, you got off work so late today?”

Nicole froze when Clayton asked this question. She suddenly became nervous. What a common question, but she has a guilty conscience!

Nicole paused for a while, and tried her best to pull out a smile: “Is it too late? It’s not too late, my brother hasn’t come back yet!”

Clayton smiled, “Big brother called back just now, but he couldn’t say that he was here for dinner.”

Nicole stiffened: “What else did he say?”

Clayton said, “He asked me to pick up Levi, but I didn’t reply to his message, so he called me directly. Fortunately, I went to pick it up.”

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