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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1988

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1988

Nicole smiled, her eyes lightened, covering all her emotions. “Why should I hide, what’s so scary?”

Liliana became interested and sat directly opposite her: “Aren’t you afraid of me? I arrested your friends last time, but Clayton didn’t tell you about me? “

He seemed to be asking Nicole if he was afraid of him, but every sentence mentioned Clayton.

Nicole smiled and pretended not to understand: “This is a country ruled by law. These bluffing subordinates you brought are no threat to me. You are doing it secretly, and you dare to touch me?”

Liliana was stunned for a moment, then smiled deeply, Meaningfully.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re really just like the legend. You’ve a really straightforward temper. How can that sc*mbag Clayton coax you into his hands? Apart from being a little white face, he can deceive women, but he is actually very insidious behind the scenes!”

Nicole snorted lightly and shook her head.

If Clayton heard this, 80% would be angry.

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However, Nicole still sighed: “It’s all good to look good.”

Liliana’s smile froze, and his eyes were a bit cold: “If you follow me, I will share half of my everything with you, I am better than that insidious and cunning person. The villain is much more generous!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows, “Is that how you coaxed Ingrid?”

“Eric’s younger sister, Ingrid, has a very simple mind, she will believe anything she says if she says something nice.”

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Liliana chuckled complacently.

Nicole gradually suppressed her smile: “Where is Ingrid now?”

Liliana: “Why are you asking this?”

“I’m just curious, she’s dead set on you. If she knew you were here to provoke me, she would go crazy. Besides, you and Isn’t Eric’s cooperation based on Ingrid?”

Liliana squinted at her: “You know a lot.”

“Actually, this time, I came to you on purpose.” Nicole looked at him , The other party looks unassuming, but the kind of ruthlessness that is inadvertently revealed in the bones is easy to feel.

He is placed in ordinary people, it is different.

Secretly, she suppressed the tension and turbulence in her heart and calmed herself down.

The voice was also somewhat casually calm.

“Looking for me? You figured it out, you want to be my woman?”

There was an undisguised possessiveness in his sharp eyes, the kind of greed that made people feel like a poisonous snake wrapped around his neck.

Her cold and icy letter is swaying in front of him.

Nicole lowered her eyes for a moment, then looked at him with a smile, her eyes were sincere: “I have a batch of goods that were shipped to Southeast Asia, but unfortunately the wind has been too tight recently, because of you, I have been targeted by people from all walks of life, and I can’t ship it out. I want to cooperate with you to transport this batch of goods out, and you will take 10% of the goods, how about that?”

Liliana’s face froze, the lust in his eyes faded, and a bit of vigilance and playfulness appeared: “Goods? What goods do you have in your hands? Does the Stanton Corporation’s business still need my help?”

Nicole calmly took out her mobile phone and found the geographic coordinates: “It’s not from the Stanton Corporation, it’s from me, just a batch of antiques that can’t be shipped out. You know, last time I was kidnapped. It was a snakehead who rescued me. I, my life-saving grace, she asked me to do a little favor, but I didn’t agree to it, this was going well, but it ended up in my hands.”

When Liliana heard the name “Snake Head”, the corners of his mouth twitched . He twitched slightly, his face was a little solemn, and he squinted at her.

Smuggling antiques?

The atmosphere gradually changed from relaxed to solemn.

Nicole truly realized that negotiating with such desperados and negotiating with those in the business field are completely two different feelings.

The former relies on acting, the latter relies on strength.

“Why, Clayton asked you to come, he wants to dig a hole for me?”

Liliana’s tone was not good, and he stared at Nicole, trying to find flaws in her face.

Nicole frowned slightly, with a bit of impatience: “Of course Clayton doesn’t know about this, he hates women to do this the most.”

Liliana chuckled: “That’s right, he likes you so much, this kind of thing Why would I let you do it?”

Nicole smiled, “I just earn some pocket money, and I work hard to talk about the project, but I can’t earn half of this batch of goods. Wouldn’t it be a pity if I didn’t do such a simple business? Is it?”

Liliana looked at her and narrowed his eyes, his eyes pondering deeply. He obviously still didn’t believe Nicole.

All of this feels more like a trap.

Nicole sighed and said with a smile: “Liliana, the location of the warehouse is on my geographical coordinates just now. If you agree, I will have someone bring the key to the warehouse. You will send it to me overnight, and the money will be given to you immediately. If you don’t believe it, then forget it, I’ll let the snakehead find a way to get it.”

While speaking, she stood up, looking like she didn’t want to say more.

“Wait, Ms. Stanton, how do you know I can go out? Your customs inspection is so strict, I am also difficult…”

Nicole chuckled: “A terrorist is swaggering here, I don’t believe you have no way out. “

“How much?”

“The two warehouses have been sealed with wax, so water can’t get in, so it’s best to go by water.” Nicole’s tone was cold, almost really making an equal deal.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will swallow it all?” Liliana asked back.

Nicole twitched the corners of his mouth, disdainfully: “Every bag has a timing device inside, you know, if you dare to swallow it, I’ll detonate it, and you won’t be able to live. ” Her voice was calm, but ruthless. She was silent for a second.

“You are really ruthless!” He is weighing whether the deal is worth it.

It is indeed a waste of time here, it is better to do something practical. Eric needs time, and Clayton cannot sit still.

When Clayton brings it back, Eric will be obedient.

How much is Nicole’s deceit?

He pondered for a few seconds before negotiating in an unruly tone: “I want to take 20%.”

“Really greedy.” Nicole scolded.

Instead, Liliana was happy.

“Because everyone knows that they are guarding me, but you come to me to cooperate, no one will doubt our cooperation. This is the safest and there is no risk. Ms. Stanton, this is called darkness under the lights.”

Nicole twitched the corners of her mouth, “Whatever…”

Nicole stood up, her voice indifferent: “Besides, if you dare to betray me, your sister Angie, Don’t want to step into the territory of Mediania again in this life.”

Liliana’s face sank, and he suddenly looked up at her.

Nicole chuckled, “Do you think you’re the only one who threatens people?”

She said word by word, took her things, turned around and left.

But Liliana’s bodyguards were still there to stop her and did not let go.

Nicole secretly put her hand on the shoulder strap of the bag, looked at the person in front of him, and turned her head calmly.

After being silent, she sneered: “I finally know how Clayton is willing to give up the great future of Liberty for you, you are really fascinating…”

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