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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1987

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1987

Although Clayton has some small problems of selfishness among businessmen, he did not grow up in Mediania after all, and he was educated like a devil in Liberty.

But in time, as long as he is carefully trained, Clayton will definitely become an excellent patriotic young entrepreneur!

Nicole chuckled twice, pulling Clayton to stand up: “Okay, don’t go on. Let’s go on, Dad needs to give a speech.”

Floyd glared at her, his eyes swept across the pile of gifts at the door.

He hurriedly greeted Butler: “Go and send the thing back, you can’t have this thing.”

Butler responded and turned to go.

Nicole paused: “Wait a minute, let’s wait for the news and then go back. If you go back now, the people of the Lindstrom family will not feel at ease.”

Floyd nodded silently: “Okay, just as she said, Let’s do it!”

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In the hotel.

When Liliana got the news, he threw everything in the room angrily.

“What do you mean by not being successfully bombed? Are there so many ammunition in the arsenal that they are all fake? Didn’t the people who sent them say to find out the location?”

“Boss, maybe the bomb was in the wrong place. The stock in the library is either ammunition or a pile of abandoned empty shells. I don’t know if it was temporarily replaced.”

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” Then let’s blow it up again, no matter what, Clayton must be let down. The thing is bombed, I see what he will deliver to others!”


Liliana’s face was extremely ugly, and he held back his anger. He took out the phone, found a number, and after a while, the other party picked up: “Sister, when are you coming to Mediania, only when you come here will Eric listen to us completely, Clayton is almost covering the sky with one hand here. Eric didn’t do things for me wholeheartedly at all!” The other party hung up without knowing what to say.

Looking at the darkened mobile phone, Liliana threw it to the ground angrily.

The next day.

Stanton Corporation.

When Nicole went to work in the company, besides Luca, there were two more plainclothes bodyguards beside him, so Logan was not surprised.

The morning meeting was over.

After reading the plan report for the next quarter, Nicole also passed several projects, and her performance was the same as before.

Grant was very satisfied to let her pay attention to her body and go home early to rest.

Nicole responded with a smile, and then called Logan into the office.

Logan: “Ms. Stanton, don’t look at me and laugh, just say what you have to say!”

He knew that Nicole was a little dangerous recently.

But it did not affect the normal operation of the company at all.

Nicole restrained her smile and looked out the window: “Let’s find out which hotel Liliana is staying at?”

Her voice was very thin and cold.

Have a meal in the building.

How sensitive this name is, he heard Grant mention it several times. He is the greatest source of danger.

“Ms. Stanton, why are you asking him, isn’t he a dangerous person?”

Logan’s expression changed.

Not only dangerous elements, drug lords, terrorists, and one of the best scum in the world, it is too late for others to hide.

Nicole looked at him and smiled: “Know yourself and the enemy, I just want to know about it and take precautions.”

Logan felt an indescribable feeling of helplessness.

Why does he think it’s not so simple?

“You don’t need to take action, I heard that you almost suffered a loss in his hands twice, I think you should just walk around…”

Nicole’s eyes sank slightly, looking at him:

“Let you check, where did all the nonsense come from?”

Logan paused, “Yes.”

“Don’t let others know.”

Logan was taken aback.

Even Grant and Clayton were not allowed to say what she meant.

Things seemed to be more serious than he thought.

But what Nicole ordered had to be done. She has never regretted the decision she made.

Logan nodded and went out.

It didn’t take long, before getting off work, I found out where the hotel was.

Liliana has a strange relationship with Eric, of course he will be in a hotel under the Ferguson Corporation.

The one closest to the Ferguson Corporation is the one, you can find out after a little inquiries.

Nicole looked at the name of the hotel, squinted and smiled at him:

“You did a good job.”

Logan groaned in his heart:

“Ms. Stanton, you don’t want to go to him, do you?”

That’s a wolf’s den!

Nicole raised her eyebrows and clicked her tongue: “Logan, you really smart.”

Logan almost killed himself with a brick.

“Ms. Stanton, don’t think too much. People like them are unreasonable. It’s useless for you to negotiate any conditions with him. If you are really angry, when the police catch his evidence, we can testify in court. But you absolutely can’t send it to the door in person!”

Nicole gave him a blank look, not surprised by Logan’s reaction.

“I give it away? Am I that kind of person?”

“Mr. Stanton, why don’t you discuss with the chairman and Grant, or you can discuss with the president of the business…”

Logan almost burst into tears.

Nicole took a deep breath: “I won’t be impulsive, there are so many bodyguards behind me, nothing can happen, and the countdown starts from now. After an hour, if I don’t call you, you can contact other people.”

Nicole said, then she stood up with her phone and bag in hand. Before leaving, she didn’t forget to warn Logan: “Remember, it’s an hour later.”

Logan watched her leave with a pale face.

Nicole got into the car directly and Luca drove.


Luca nodded and looked back at Nicole: “Ready, miss, I will put all the self-defense things in your bag. If there is danger, there is a button at the bottom of the shoulder strap of your bag, and I will rush to it as soon as possible. I don’t know if we will go there. Find him, so he won’t prepare the trap in advance. If it goes well, you can negotiate within ten minutes.”

Nicole hooked the corner of her lips, and looked out the window, the traffic was busy, but it was extremely cold.

She can’t sit still.

If Grant and Clayton were told, they would definitely not agree to take risks on their own.

But she must never let the lingering threaten the people around her again.

The last time could be Julie and Kai.

Next time, it can be talking about and Floyd.

She’s not one to sit still.

Isn’t that a sc*mbag?

She used the method of stinking hooligans to deal with him.


She was sitting in the lobby below the hotel, choosing a position near the window, with a bright and open view.

She didn’t need to contact him in advance, because Liliana wouldn’t be hiding in the room all the time.

15 minutes later.

Liliana, who was planning to go to the clubhouse for a relaxing time, led his men downstairs struttingly.

He saw Nicole sitting there at a glance, her profile was as delicate as a picture, her brows were gentle and amazing, it was hard to take her eyes off.

He walked up immediately, and his men also surrounded the exit.

Staring at Nicole with shining eyes, Liliana looked greedily: “Ms. Stanton, what a coincidence, I thought Clayton wouldn’t let you out…”

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