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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

But when did she become like this?

Did their Wen family go bankrupt? Did she, Wen Xuxu, have to live in their Du family that year? Also, did she then let the Huo family’s old man still let her marry his grandson even though her family was bankrupt?

Wen Xuxu wasn’t sure, but she remembered that she had treated her extremely badly after she had come back from the dead.

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u feeling? Is it m

, Shuxu, you should go ba

r continued not to stop, and wanted to let her

tly packed up her needl

in? I found out that you really can’t change your mind, you’ve died o

arcasm again, and this time, it was even harder to say,

of anger, “Xiaojun, can you not speak so harshly? When di

ven at night you sometimes have to ask Aunt Lan to watch your kids. Is this climbing into his bed again? You


finally turned

npleasant words, when did she become so mean and v

ed, but for the sake of her uncle’s fac

here to see my son, don’t you press s

do you take me

re not going to stop, are you? If you don’t want

re and sat up straight from his chai

t’s nest, and Du Rujun a

ly stalked to marry that man back then, and was swept out of the house with a big belly less than a year after her marria

, her scarlet eyes staring at Wen Shuxu with the kind

denly went

s her

what she did was, now she has more guilt towards them, and it is be

s fingers were pinch

her aunt upstairs heard the com

ll at Daddy like that?” She gave a stern scolding, and the w

hand, and only then

ie …

s nothing to do in the future, thi

: “

d, she agreed, not darin

he was originally owed guilt, so no matter what

this aunt to follow u

once, so you should learn your lesson and not go back to that man named Huo, to err once

bbed by something fierce, and the fingers that h

him is because he has a child with

s eyes

the aggr

e, but rather to wait until you get out of the courtyard an

ed down, the tears

Chapter 66

s bus stop until the thin, dense rain overhead suddenl

d day and raining so hard, why are you

e slowly raise her head from her

acket, on the edges of which, you can see the pilling, and yo

also be the mother,

head and said,

ss you, did you not catch the bus ah? I’m telling you,

still squatting there still not move,

ickly waved her hand again:

g, always encounter some hurdles, but you just step over, it’s o

ee what was going on and si

u was s

o was waiti

ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. T

ream, and immediately, she st

hank you,

to know, so hurry

he too carried the bag in her hand and flew off, look

ours, are a bit purple lips, finally, also

o hurry to her eldest son’s

t was d

t it, sitting in the car, Wen Shuxu feels the chill seeping in, so she has to wrap her clothes tighter, feeling the wetness on her hea

nd, so

wonder if Yin

ed at the darker and darker window, the bot

is already very late, the way is very smooth, which is more

it’s h

nd wealthy villa area, and he couldn’t help but

in a bit of a mess, but even she had been rummaging

ot out of

t far away had all gone dark, except for a few dim street lamps in the

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mbrella for a moment a

er in the evening, and she was worried that he would do what he did that night, wh

that waiti


treet, and finally, when she was sure that there was

n? Dr.

ice calling out to her su


looked at the person in surprise: “Sister

aiting for you, bu

, but when she saw Wen Xuoxu coming, she had a sm

Yin Yin is real

ve the heart to ask again, she to

n found that the lights in the hall downstairs were on, but

s the

maid: “Sister Wang,

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