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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

What did she do?

What had happened here?

Everyone was dumbfounded, and it wasn’t until after Chen’s mother stopped twitching on the floor and everyone looked again and fixed their eyes on her neck that they finally understood when they found a long, shiny silver needle.

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y G

ver, was scared to the point that she didn’t look half

e you gone mad? How dare you kill someo

at the servant who had fallen to the ground wi

, she’s r

an animal, she was killing her so casually, was she

jiu felt so angry that

at her, she just stared at him and smiled coldly: “What’s wrong? Scared?

ords word by word, she turned around

: “

remembered to stop her, until she left the front door, her figure wa

meone, how can we just let her go?

d decent person, with that resentful and fierce look in her

sh of hers was not

nt fell to the ground Chen Ma, only to hear her t

Gu, I finally …… finall

nally petrified


, he was accompanying his sister in the living room watching anime, he didn’t

e and he went o


ck yet?” The first thing Mo Bao s


wo siblings were left and frowned, “No, wh

ce instantly becam

cretly hidden away in that place again to cry, when she was abroad in the past, if she was aggrieved outside, for fear

home immediately and go

hall we cha

rd this, “Switch back? Now? Didn’t

, wanting to spend more time with mommy an

angry over the phone, “No, I can’t stay, Huo


? Why does daddy still pretend he can’t see when she’s acting so poorly? Why does

hint of disgust, only spoke in a cold voic

e instantly became even uglier: “So …… she

maybe, but I don’t like her, and

is attitude

is, his mood fina

found out who we were, I wanted to set up daddy and mommy, but the ones I saw today, I really want to

nce, and, as a son, he also used t

had been affected by th

Chapter 44

y stopped sa

one thing in front of daddy and another behind his back. How

t temper he kn

n his attitude towards Mummy

after he coaxed his sister down to buy her something delicious, as Mo

Yin quietly sneaked into his room, and the two twins, w

lly do loo

amation Mo Bao made

ng, this brother, who was enthusiastic by nature,


ust a moment, he felt a wa

back.” After cuddling for a while, Mo Bao was worried about

ssed: “So …… when can we still see each ot

ounded so serious that he was worried that

you alone, she will definitely come to see you again, you just need to rememb

ely nodded,

wo brothers

an Wen Shuxu had left, his son had also thrown a huge tantrum at him, and for


re knocking on the door outside: “Huo Yin, it’

mmediately hugged the pillo

hat Mo Bao said is true, then he is really too

s little head i

o Yin

lready as

ame out of the room impatiently, causing the co

he become so bold? He h

without asking his son’s permission again, h

o Yin

r you want without asking others’ opinions

very angry child’s voice inside roared over, the

stunned fo

this child would still thr

you, that’s why he came in without permission, Huo Yin


ace became even more indignant:

or aunt, but daddy needs to tell you that she is a stranger and your aunt Gu, on the other hand,


” Huo Siji answered his son’s question indifferently, casua

lly stoppe

ommy, could not feel so strongly the hurt tha

s side for the past five years, he had

, then Auntie Doctor doesn’t belong to you anymore, s

only say thi

id you

d, and for a moment, he actual


not belonging to him? She was born a member of the Huo famil

e didn’t notice that a

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