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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 25-26

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of people to do this.

The actual …… a little bit afraid of this aunt, when she was a child, she was too strong a halo of a scholarly family, she did not dare to talk to her, to grow up, they Wen family dragged her down, she felt guilty and self-conscious, more afraid to look at her.

Wen Shuxu eventually left with her two children and moved to the house she had temporarily found there.

After she left, the two who stayed in the courtyard looked out and had a conversation.

“Abei, are you …… still blaming her? Abei, she really didn’t know any better back then, she ……”

“Xiaojun is coming back, you want no peace at home?”

Liu Bei coldly gave her husband in the wheelchair this sentence, then she turned around and went inside.

Xiaojun, Wen Shuxu’s cousin, was also the one who hated Wen Shuxu so much back then.

Wen Xuoxu soon moved with her two children to the new house she had found, also in the old town, but near a kindergarten here.

“MoMo, RuoRuo, mommy has already helped you register at the kindergarten over here, we’ll go to kindergarten tomorrow, okay?”

“Huh? Mommy, we’re going to kindergarten here? Are we not going back?”

As soon as Baby Ruoruo heard this, she immediately showed a very shocked little expression as she held the long-eared rabbit doll in her hand there.

This little girl is still quite nostalgic, in her original kindergarten, she had several children who played very well with her, as well as Little Flower teacher who was also very good to her.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“Okay then, Ruo Ruo will go to the new kindergarten tomorrow.”

When RuoRuo heard this, she said yes to mummy.

Mo Bao was also busy, he was looking up information about Huo’s group and the big bad guy on his ipad, he thought, he had to go and meet the big bad guy himself, to see what he was all about?

This guy, too bad, he definitely can’t let him bully mummy again.

But when he found out about the big bad guy this time and opened the high resolution photo on the internet in China, he suddenly froze in his tracks.

What was going on? Why did the big bad guy look even more like him?

He looked just like him!

Could he be his daddy?

This popped into Mo Bao’s little head, and his little crescent moon eyes went wide.

“MoMo, what are you doing? Can you come over and help Mummy for a minute? Mommy needs a hand here.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“Mummy, you said earlier that my sister and I’s daddy was dead, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

Wen Shuxu was busy and sweating, and once she heard this she didn’t half stutter.

She did tell the two children so, those five years abroad, she was a woman living with two children, it was inevitable that people would ask about the father of the children, and the children were old enough to ask.

So she told them all that the children’s father was dead, dead through and through.

But isn’t he just dead? The dog man!

But today this son was a bit strange, after hearing her say that daddy was dead, he was moping there, not knowing what he was thinking, and halfway through the day he heard him ask again, “So how did he die, huh?”

“Huh?” Wen Shuxu froze for a moment, “Hit by a …… car?”

Mo Bao: “……”

What kind of person says their husband died and still puts a question mark? This is clearly a lie, stupid mommy!

So the big bad guy is really his daddy?

Mo Bao was going to be so angry that he finally decided to go after the big bad guy, he had to find out what was going on. Why was he bullying Mummy?

Also, why did he not even want his two babies?

Wen Shuxu didn’t know what was going on in her son’s mind, she was just tidying up her house, she had to go back to that shitty flat later.

The new mobile phone that she put on the desktop suddenly rang.


“Ma’am, it’s me, Lin.”

Speak of the devil, speak of the devil, this dog man’s assistant has called.

Wen Shuxu heard and hurriedly explained over the phone, “Sorry ha Xiaolin, I haven’t seen my aunt and uncle for a long time, they wouldn’t let me go, they had to keep me for dinner, I ……”

“Ma’am don’t be nervous, I’m not urging you to come back, I’m calling you because I want to discuss something with you.”

“Huh? What is it?” Wen Shuxu was a bit taken aback.

As far as her status was concerned, she could still come to discuss matters with her? That dog man of their family, ever since he caught her, didn’t he always just take her by force?

Chapter 26

“Here’s the thing, don’t you want to meet young master Huo Yin? Now there is a chance for you to meet him, are you willing to do so?”

“Ah? What you’re saying is true?!”

Wen Shuxu was so shocked that she couldn’t believe her ears.

But this assistant nodded over the phone, “Yes, as long as you can cure our president’s illness, I can I guarantee that you can see him every day.”

“Your president’s illness?”

“Yes, and I won’t hide it from you, the reason why the president didn’t take you back to the Huo family today is because after he argued with you on the boat, his blood pressure in his brain rose and then he passed out again, and he’s all still in the hospital. So, if you really have the ability to make him sleep well, he will let you see young master Huo Yin without me saying so, don’t you think? Ma’am?”

Xiao Lin finally made his intentions clear, and, in order to get Wen Shuxu to agree, he also told her without hiding the fact that Huo Sijiu had passed out on the boat in the morning.

The words fell, and Wen Shuxu really froze for a moment.

That dog man had actually been hospitalized?

No wonder she didn’t see Yin Yin when she came down at that time, nor did she see him, it turned out that something had happened.

Wen Shuxu couldn’t help but gloat a little: “I naturally have this ability, in a case like his, it’s already good that he didn’t hang up on the spot.”

Xiao Lin: “……”

It was only after a long time that he smiled helplessly, “Yes, so isn’t that why I’m here to find Mrs.? Don’t worry, as long as you can treat his illness, everything is fine, the president he now says he won’t let you see young master Huo Yin, but you are always his mommy, when you go to the president’s home and meet the young master, once mother and son cultivate their relationship, he can’t stop it even if he wants to ah.”

This last sentence is the key, almost instantly, Wen Shuxu heard it and moved.

The only thing she and YinYin lack now is a chance to spend time together, without a chance, how can she make it up to him? How to ask for his forgiveness for her?

Wen Shuxu finally agreed, however, she still made a request of her own.

“I can’t be locked up by you guys, I have to stay at my aunt and uncle’s house, otherwise, they will worry about me, and when it comes to the Huo family, it won’t look good.”

“Yes, this is no problem, you only need to let the president sleep peacefully at night, we don’t restrict your personal freedom, and you can arrange your own time, but you must remember that the prerequisite is that you must be able to cure the president’s illness!”

“Don’t worry, I know!”

Wen Shuxu agreed readily.

What she wanted was freedom of time, so that she could take care of the two babies, sending them to go to kindergarten during the day and picking them up at night, the same pattern as before in foreign countries.

As for treating the dog man’s illness, she really never doubted herself.

So the two of them agreed that they would start this evening, and Xiao Lin would go over to the flat later to pick her up and try it out first, to make sure it really worked, and then this agreement of theirs would be official.

Come later?

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get back to your house in a hurry.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Ruo Ruo baby is simple-minded and did not say anything, but Mo Bao listened and lifted his little head from his ipad: “Where is Mommy going? Are you coming back tonight?”

“Of course I’ll be back, mommy will just go out for a bit, probably in an hour or two, baby don’t worry haha.”

Wen Shuxu reassured her son while calling Aunt Lan.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

So Wen Xuoxu finally went out the door with relief.

Baby Ruoruo: “Brother, what are you doing? Why do you keep staring at mommy?”

The little girl looked at her brother’s back as he ran to the balcony to catch a glimpse of mommy, and also followed the little arms and legs to run over, following squatting beside her brother, with a pair of big curious eyes looking down.

Mo Bao squatted there looking at the back of the big idiot downstairs, his little eyebrows furrowed, “Stupid Mommy must have gone to the big bad guy again.”


Ruo Ruo baby heard and was instantly shocked: “Big bad? Then …… is Mommy in danger? Should we go and save mummy?”

She was about to cry from the fear of her brother.

Luckily, her brother shook his little head, “No need for now, I’ll go find the big bad guy tomorrow!”

Ruo Ruo’s eyes widened all of a sudden, “Go find the big bad guy? That …… then Ruo Ruo will go too, Ruo Ruo doesn’t like big bad guys who bully mummy either.”

“You don’t go yet, you cover for me in the nursery first, when I find the big bad guy tomorrow, I’ll come back and tell you what we should do next?”


The two siblings quickly came to an agreement.

When Wen Shuxu returned to her flat, sure enough, she didn’t have to wait long for Xiao Lin to arrive in his car.

Seeing this, she took the needle bag she had already prepared and the person came down from upstairs.

“Where to? To the hospital?”

“No, to Repulse Bay, the president has already gone home.”

Unexpectedly, after Wen Shuxu got into the car, she originally thought that she was going to the hospital, but this assistant who came to pick her up, told her that she was not going to the hospital, but to the Repulse Bay.

So sudden?

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