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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1869

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1869

This time, it’s my turn to go to you

“Wow, little aunt, you are so capable. After that, in our little nest, we will not only eat the taste of sixteen, but also what you make, little aunt.

” Disgusted?”

Someone began to be dissatisfied.

The little girl hurried over to coax people: “No, no, why would I despise you? My sixteen’s cooking is the best, let’s go for a walk, let’s wash our face and brush our teeth.”

This little girl is really showing off, the more and more Thick-skinned.

Lan Shanshan blushed.

After a while, Huo Yin and Lian Xiling also came out. Seeing such a hearty breakfast, Lian Xiling was also very surprised.

“God, little aunt, you are amazing, you can make so many delicious food.”

“No, just a little home-cooked snack.” Lan Shanshan quickly and modestly shook her head.

But as soon as she finished speaking, this girl named Lian Xiling began to pick up these breakfasts.

“Yinyin should like sandwiches and milk, then I’ll get you some condensed milk.”

After she finished, she went to the refrigerator to get condensed milk.

When Lan Shanshan saw it, she brought the pot of meat porridge that had been boiled until it became sticky from the kitchen, and put it in front of Huo Yin, who had just come to the dining table and sat down.

“He doesn’t eat that, he likes to drink the porridge I boiled, Yinyin, eat it, it’s all you like, and I made you a basket of xiaolongbao.”

She brought it all up with a smile.

Lian Xiling, who was in front of the refrigerator, was stunned, and she looked back at all this.

And Huo Yin, after frowning at these things, he opened his mouth: “I like to eat this?”

Lan Shanshan: “Yeah, when we went to school together at T University, you liked to drink my pot. I have this porridge, and every day I boil it, you will drink several bowls.”

Huo Yin: “…”

Lian Xiling: “…”

Even Lu Jin and Ruoruo, who had just come out of the room upstairs, looked down here.

In the end, Huo Yin still ate with a spoon.

However, after everyone saw that he only took a few bites, he did not continue, but brought the milk and sandwiches that Lian Xiling prepared for him.

The living room fell silent.

“Little aunt, do you remember it wrong? We lived here with Yinyin for half a year, and he never let me prepare these things. What he likes to eat is Western-style breakfast.”

Lian Xiling questioned again.

Lan Shanshan stopped talking.

She stared blankly at this young man who was eating breakfast as if no one else was there. Suddenly, something seemed to have awakened, and the overwhelming regret and sadness overwhelmed her whole body.

Yeah, what’s he like or dislike?

During that time, he always ate whatever she did. As long as it was made by Lan Shanshan, he never picked it and ate it clean.

This led her to think he liked it.

But in fact, it was Huo Yin who had been accommodating her all the time. He was so picky, and he had been such a person with fine clothes and food from the bottom up.

Lan Shanshan went back to the kitchen and didn’t come out for a long, long time.

“Brother, what are you doing? Why don’t you appreciate the things that my little aunt carefully prepared for you early in the morning? If you don’t like it, you have to eat it.”

Ruoruo, who saw this scene in her eyes, said, After coming down, he taught his brother angrily.

Ke Lian Xiling disagrees with this point of view.

“But Ruoruo, if you don’t like it, how can you swallow it?”


“Okay, put it away, I’ll eat it in the morning.”

When the two girls were arguing, Huo Yin, who was sitting next to them, interrupted them. He frowned and asked them to put away the porridge. Afterwards, he got up and went back to his room.

Ruoruo immediately went to the kitchen with the porridge happily.

“Little aunt, you don’t have to be sad. I taught my brother a lesson. Look, he said to eat at noon.”


Lan Shanshan looked at this little girl who was still protecting herself, and couldn’t forgive herself even more.

what did she do.

That morning, when Lan Shanshan went to the supermarket, she made an international call to Guanhaitai on purpose.

“Aunt Wen, I’m Shanshan, I want to ask, what does Yinyin usually like to eat? And Ruoruo? I want to cook some food for them. They said they haven’t eaten for a long time, and they are all ordering takeout. “

That’s it, okay, I’ll tell you right away.”

Wen Xuxu over there was very happy when she heard it.

Immediately, this morning, Wen Xuxu carefully made a document with several pages in the country, all about what her children like to eat, and then sent it over.

“Husband, look how sensible this child is, Shanshan. As soon as she arrives at their place, she is busy cooking for them.”


Huo Sijue was reading the newspaper in his hand. , he sat with his long legs crossed and responded lightly.

Wen Xuxu: “Yes, yes, they asked me for a list of their favorites just now.”

Huo Sijue: “Didn’t the Lianjia’s daughter ask you for it?”


As soon as these words were said, Wen Xuxu, who had just finished his work, was stunned.

That’s right, she forgot about this, Miss Lianjia, but the old man specially found the other half for their Yinyin, this Lian Xiling’s grandfather was the old man’s comrade-in-arms before.

I heard that this girl is not bad, and she has been getting along well with Yinyin for half a year.

“She didn’t ask me for it, but I heard Ruoruo say that she also takes care of Yinyin.”

“Well, what are your plans?”

Huo Sijue suddenly asked.

In a family like theirs, when an average boy becomes an adult, if he is a suitable candidate, he can set up a relationship with the other party. Huo Yin is 19 years old this year, and the old man has this meaning for a long time.

Wen Xuxu had no other opinion after listening.

“If there is no problem with both parties, and Yinyin agrees, then it’s settled.”


Huo Sijue didn’t say anything…

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